It might be a scam, but more likely it's a mis-scan by the carrier, or the 3rd parcel was shipped a little later than the first 2. I want to put my two weeks in at Walmart do I have to be present at the store to do that or can I call them over the phone and do it? Forum contains unread posts different address. The $10 will not help at all because now I have to get presents at the stores at much higher prices (because they are mostly more expensive electronic products). Get your answers by asking now. Orders. We are not allow to deny shipping to a state as an individual seller. The fulfillment logic doesn't look at prime/non-prime at all. © 1999-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. And a lot of my items require special packing and not just tossing them into a box stuffed with some air packets like Amazon would do with their orders. Like every other business under the sun they sometimes have items on back order. I know that but I am saying they cannot even please me and I am a buyer too. buyer or Amazon Customer Services has contacted you through the Amazon I am in Hawaii by the way. not appear in either the Orders report This may cause a delay. Don't wait. I am just one Amazon customer, how many customers did they upset this season because they could not receive their orders in time for Christmas (and they might have placed their orders in the first 2 weeks of December)? But as of now, it is stuck somewhere in CA. Is this the seller's fault or Amazon's? I told them I doubt it, but ok.. He’d rather buy from eBay or private websites. Manage orders / Yes, I'm pissed, BUT I did figure it out.. just under 1% of my orders from Amazon (prime) have issues.. My husband canceled his buying account with them a year ago because of dissatisfaction and he has not bought from them since. Glad to hear that someone else was hit with this issue for the first time. I will not continue Prime with them, so they will be losing me as a customer. buyer with the estimated delivery date, Sends an order notification to I am doing a Trial Prime Service with them. About Missing Tracking Information. Note: Some shipments, such as standard international shipments not fulfilled by Amazon Global, are not trackable. However, Walmart’s employees were helpful and told me about the 4-in-1 holiday bundle deal, so I bought cool keyboard, gaming mouse, large mouse pad plus their headset w/mic for just $99. Otherwise, buy from third-party sellers. Is this because of the hurricane? One week before the 30 day cutoff, you I buy only from third party sellers; swore off of anything involving Amazon about a year ago. Loading the box into the truck, to be delivered to shipping company (a)Changing from Preparing for shipment to In transit *Probably some means other than email, but basic idea is correct. Payment verification is successful. Totally agreed! The ones at Walmart are more expensive, like 3x more expensive because Amazon offers more selections and brands and you can get cheaper brands (with good product reviews). I’ve had them upgrade to next day on things like this if I whine enought. I just called UPS and the UPS rep told me UPS has NOT physically received the package from Amazon, even though they said it was sent Wednesday. Sign in to use the tool and get personalized help (desktop browser required). Thanks for the advice. Click Track Package next to your order (if shipped separately). I immediately call and all they can do is apologize and say they can't make it get here faster. Both Prime and sold by Amazon.. One package said 4-5 days (it is pretty big) and the other said normal 2 day shipping.. First one (smaller one) ships on Monday like it should have.. 2nd one hasn't shipped (still preparing) by Tuesday afternoon..

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