(244) You heard the lady. (567) Come on, get up, nigger. In his moment of death, he strikes a deal with a demon: his soul, in exchange for revenge. (1637) I ain't starting it, I just don't know what kind of name that is. (249) He drives me crazy. (672) during the inauguration ceremony, to move the old president out. Oh, you can be killed. (163) Crazy white folks down South. Did you read Hoover's last memo on that? (786) When I got off the bus, a man came up to me. (1580) I just want to be the one to tell you first, that's all. (1534) That's why we feel so comfortable in letting you know. (322) Why don't you shake the man's hand first. (785) I didn't know if my boy was dead or alive. (605) Get up! (488) Let me ask you something, in all candor. (124) Gentlemen, this here is different. [16], In July 2008, it was announced that an anime adaption of Black Butler, directed by Toshiya Shinohara and produced by A-1 Pictures. Working late again? (397) Do they go to an all-colored school? (681) Thank you. Get some ice cream. (1500) Everyone says you're the man that got them raises and promotions. (1143) but the white people's best friend is dead. (1145) the once in a four or five-hundred year leader. (56) I don't think God meant for people to not have a family. (1517) the President and First Lady of the United States. Get on down here! Here, you want some coffee? (140) I got to pee. ". I don't recall. (890) that no American in 1963 should have to endure, but many do. (753) You just want me to put my head on your shoulder. (1106) Young brother, the black domestic defy racial stereotypes. Funimation released the series on Blu-ray and DVD on April 19, 2016. (339) Sir, if the federal government doesn't enforce Brown, then who will? (1298) It's time we take a stand against these injustices. (953) Who do you think pays the goddamned bills around here? (1037) He was saying all that stuff about house Negroes. [36] In addition, a two-part original video animation (OVA) titled the Book of Murder, an adaptation of the Phantomhive Manor Murders arc, was screened in Japanese theatres on October 25, and November 15, 2014. (559) sitting at that lunch counter, blowing their mind. (263) I don't know how many stories you gonna hear. (632) What are you talking about? Most of the cast reprised their roles from the re-run of The Most Beautiful Death in the World although Fukuzaki Nayuta replaced Taketo Tanaka as Ciel Phantomhive and Yuka Terasaki replaced Saki Matsuda as Mey-Rin. (1654) I think I left it in the bathroom. Come on, come on, come on. What? (1330) may represent a national campaign by police to wipe out the Panthers... (1331) ...the criminal reaction of the occupants in shooting. Written and illustrated by Yana Toboso, the chapters of Black Butler have been serialized in the shōnen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy since its debut in the October 2006 issue, published on September 16, 2006. He ain't doing nothing right. (595) Pay attention. (1016) You sorry sap asses got to realize. (1084) How many kids did you kill today?! You're a nigger lover now? (1529) Well, Mr. President, we feel that that would be a major mistake. (401) Faubus promised me the guards would escort the kids in. (391) Did you ever complete school, Cecil? (879) where legal remedies are not at hand. (947) A hundred twenty-five pairs of shoes? In addition to the volumes, the comics anthology Rainbow Butler ranked seventeenth during the week of March 31 to April 6 selling 41,083 copies after ranking thirty-third the previous week. Well, sound like somebody talking. (1422) Every gray hair I have is 'cause of that boy. Little happy birthday present. (64) You know what can happen to you, son? I'll tell you one thing. Now, don't start that again. (506) Girl, please. (1455) And then he told me I was the best mother. He was 14 at the time. I'm sorry, Mr. Butler. Why do your parents support it? I wish I could take credit for that. (537) and then their weapons are weapons. (57) Outside the cotton fields was even worse than I thought it would be. A fourth Black Butler musical, based on the Noah's Ark Circus arc of the manga, ran between November–December 2016. (1199) He's breaking down barriers for all of us. (1201) Sidney Poitier is nothing but a rich Uncle Tom. (1182) We... provide free breakfast for children. [45] A re-run of the third Black Butler musical "Lycoris that Blazes the Earth" was scheduled to perform in November–December 2015. Look at me! What's her name, honey? In Victorian-era London lives a thirteen-year-old earl named Ciel Phantomhive, who acquired this position after the events of December 14, 1885 (Ciel's 10th birthday), when the Phantomhive manor was attacked by unidentified perpetrators and was set ablaze. (558) A whole 'nother wave of Negro students. (3) OK, no problem,... (1) Senor O'Conner, senor O'Conner! (858) We need each other. (1302) We just need to make sure that Nixon black power. (1247) You need to take all this Black Panther shit somewhere else. (637) I brought you into this world, I can take you out of it. (1250) Yes, sir. What's your party called? (3) You're going to be a great father, Brian. (1183) free medical clinics, free clothing, self-defense classes. (834) What's wrong with me is this. (30) Who wants to go next?! (1593) But I'm trying not to be so scared anymore. (1192) Lord, Sidney Poitier. That was wrong. (282) I don't know. (3) Now, you know cotton is ready when the bud splits. (1685) This is a moment that a lot of people have been waiting for... (1688) And CNN can now project that Barack Obama, 47 years old. (867) I'm guessing he's pretty beat up, but based on his record. In Spain, the series has been published in Norma Editorial since November 2011 under the title Black Butler. [14], On August 10, 2007, a drama CD was released by Frontier Works. (1063) ...marchers were treated for tear gas burns. (839) Why do you think God brought us next to each other each day? It happened down South. (620) Bailiff, get these niggers out of here. You know better than that. (186) He oversees operations for the entire White House. (1494) Ronnie has to meet with them face to face. I was a nigger. (1363) Now, look at us. (1627) It's that sweet corn. (950) I will fire every sorry son of a bitch in this house. (443) I can't protect him down South. (1158) There's been a division. (937) I care about what goes on in this house. (795) We spent two weeks in jail there, now we're in Mississippi. No. (1117) I believe that our salaries should reflect our service, sir. (445) The South ain't what it was when you was there. (732) Polls show the US does not support civil rights. They upstairs in the back room. (853) But then when you align things properly. (388) I have your chicken soup, Mr. President. (77) You done broke our window, you done stole our food. (1504) Not as a... Not as a butler, Cecil. (371) Take your butt home before your mama come up in here. (1482) There are black housemen who should be engineers by now. What are you doing here? It was released in Japan on January 21, 2017. (1261) Charlie, don't do this. Get up! (1584) Well, not just for me, I'm sure I speak for all the presidents. (364) It's too scary. Yeah. (508) Now, come on, tell me what happened. (103) I'm too old to be leaving North Carolina. (704) Did you take Charlie to the dentist today? (505) After all these guys that come after you? (338) Ever. (1273) and I want it on the table right now. Right this way, Mr. President. (1108) He slowly tears down racial hatred. Tell me? Kids down...? I need to see your face now! I'm so proud of you. (157) even though it was three years ago. (122) Nigger boys in school with white girls. (330) Cut the shit and let's get to work. (675) I just need to get my butt home to Gloria. (1086) It is to Vietnamese what old Boston is to Americans. [8] The publisher released the first volume in January 2010. (1548) Get up and do the dishes 'fore I shoot your little ass. They coming to get us. (652) I don't understand. (708) Now you gonna act like you gonna take Charlie to the dentist? (326) Welcome. (550) This is unprecedented, what we're talking about. (1489) He told me to tell you to take this up with him, personally.

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