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Posted On October 26, 2020 By Jane Mathis. This was the perfume to have. I couldn't restock, even if I wanted to. Tabu is one of my favorite fragrances, and has been since I discovered it in 1962 - yes, I even remember the year! This is definately among one of my favourites of all time. Three hours on and it had settled into a softly spiced creamy powder. If you looking for tabu perfume set then you are right place. Suddenly Youth Dew, Opium and Coco made perfect sense---they were descendants of Tabu. Warm and sultry in a way that still--just barely--remained ladylike. Read about this perfume in other … In 1940, it relocated to … It involves as its protagonist... [1]Susan Irvine in the Perfume Guide, 2000. I absolutely adore it. I have loved Tabu for years and always get complimented when I use it. I had an ah-ha moment when I tried vintage Tabu for the first time. I would love to try the vintage Tabu. It seems to just grab your skin spread out and send its message.

Oh for the good old days. Tabu is a warm spicy soft oriental. Or maybe nutmeggy sex. I love Tabu and don't own any at the moment. Lovely bottle, more bottle than perfume, but I must say it is a very lovely, light scent. lol. With its distinguishable black, white and red bottle and the matching talcum powder in its box not far away, this is one inexpensive fragrance many seem to avoid. True only unto herself, she continued to have a strange life. I tried the pure parfum and it turned this fragrance into a rich intoxicating, incensy, civet floral. For me, this is very similar to Timeless by Avon, but this is much stronger and deeper.

I love vintage perfumes. I pop in when I am in the area, as I did today, and we spend some time shooting the breeze and testing frags :o). Tabu by Dana Perfume. One of the truly great perfumes and while clearly not for everybody, for those it suited, it became a hallmark. The Tom Ford Private Blend has always been a "niche" sub-line within a brand, exclusives with a high price tag and an invested in... How many times have you heard that line in one variation or another? She used to drench herself in the stuff, so he was really, really rabidly anti-Tabu for a loooooong time. Anyway, the beauty of the first stages deserves a thumbs up. The word "Tabu" in French is spelled "Tabou." I'm sure this lady would have loads to say. Is it the Civet? It has all the smolder you'd want from this style, which means it isn’t subtle. Oh my gosh! Since the 1980's I have always had a bottle of Tabu on hand. A woman from the vehicle in front of me came over to ask what I was wearing as it smelt delicious. I’ve avoided this for years, for various reasons, largely because of my husband, as it has bad associations for him. Thank you for such insightful posts, and thank you for the draw!

I remember being a little afraid to wear it back in the day. I would love to be entered in the drawing. "Dana thus exploited the awakened sensuality which lift the lid in the two decades between the two World Wars and the wanderlust therein not dormant anymore." If you want to try a perfume or cologne but don’t want to spring for a full-size bottle, ask for a sample. Tabu is so beautiful to me. She only enjoyed things that were tainted with tragedy or sadness. At any rate, please throw my name in the hat! Let's just describe it in style or literary terms: it's not the … I was given a bottle of Tabu (cologne, probably from the 70s) by my husband's ex-mother-in-law. Many stores are happy to oblige.

I'm curious about this perfume, thanks for offering the vintage version!

Hummm.....wonder what that says about me? When I was eleven, my mother came across Tabu in the local pharmacy and bought it for me, despite me not really much enjoying spicy, wood scents (I'd always preferred floral), and I used it till the bottle was empty. Good price tag too. My mother wore Tabu in the 50s and 60s before she moved on to Tailspin and Youth Dew. Tabu, Have been excited about this little gem for a while. Get sample sizes. Ask any aspiring perfumista about aldehydes and you will hear that they are synthetic materials first used in Chanel No.5 , that thanks to t... "Exclusive to Fresh retail stores, The Fragrance Bar features nostalgic favorites brought back by consumer-request. Her writing has been twice shortlisted in FIFI Editorial Excellence Awards and is extensively quoted by authors.

It's that special. wow, a great opportunity indeed! How does it speak to the name, the context, the concept? I expected something similar to obsession, vintage shalimar, or kouros. This is all musky spice on me – I get a lot of clove from this, but thankfully it’s not as burny on my skin as some other scents that contain clove can be on me. would love to be included in this drawHappy Holidays to all. Another reader for "chemistry" ~ once more into the draw, friends!Lili Bitmore. Thank you for this opportunity! I wear it because I love it but it will never suit me the way it did her. I loved it so much, my husband … This one holds a great many memories, not all of them fond. Thank you for the generous giveaway and for introducing me to Tabu which sounds like a very sexy perfume. Her writing has been twice shortlisted in FIFI Editorial Excellence Awards and is extensively quoted by authors. I can’t quite figure out why Tabu gets such a bad rap here in Australia, but it does. My experience with Tabu is limited to the following story: My mother took a young girl under her wing when this poor orphan had lost her own mother in a very sudden and tragic accident.

Very diligently she made inquiries to find the previous tenant, who had been evicted, and never succeeded. This smell like a light and glamorous version of an incense stick. So curious to smell a vintage! :-). Plus, apodyopsis is a great vocab word!

I think as people age their chemistry changes and I think I would like to try it now, so please enter me in the draw. This sounds incredible! I was very young the first time I caught a whiff of Dana in my best friend's older sister. All kinds of strange things happened to her.

I love it, but have to be in a "Tabu" mood to wear it...and a drop goes a loooooong way! Thanks for the draw. If you're bold, go for Tabu! The bad: a lady with whom he used to work, and whom he loathed (with good reason), tried hitting on him a couple of times. I have the cello bottle EDC from Walmart. After my mother passed away, we remained staunch friends and allies. Great, I'd love to try the original tabu.

A pity, really, all that initial marvellous complexity vanished in a flash. I was already concluding that it must be in the family with Bal a Versailles before I read it ;) I'm pretty much living in modernism right now, so I feel Tabu wouldn't be a bad accompaniment to the endless Billie and Duke ringing through my apartment! I can’t say as I can’t think of a root-beer equivalent here in Australia (ginger beer or sarsaparilla maybe? Bold, for evening only, and slightly tawdry. My bottle is a vintage cologne (handsome bottle) much like the image presented here. 06/01/2020 . Would do so in a heartbeat now! I think layering this with a vanilla scent (such as Reminiscence Vanille) or, as someone suggested elsewhere, a musk (like Jovan), would be rather nice.

I guess I knew that perfume is part and parcel of the history of cultures and societies. Woooowwwww!! Jean Carles, Dana, and the entire context of this perfume is French, so we must assume that the choice of this piquant, cheeky title, now legendary for all the wrong reasons, was then lost on no one, as it appears to be today, which surprises me.
I would love to get a sample of the original TabuSharon Forward9505 Baden AveChatsworth, CA 91311I'm an artist and am painting the image by Rene Francois Xavier Prinet on an unloved blank wall in one of my back bedrooms. I bet an earlier vintage is spectacular.

Take Obsession, remove the vanilla and ADD DIRT. This is great! The first time, she made a sweaty, trembling entrance into my apartment, which is a kind of penthouse on the 8th floor (7th per French standards) and declared herself to have been so traumatized by the journey that she barely left the apartment for her entire sojourn, which, if I recall, was a lengthy one, over the course of which she would sit for hours, entire days, on my rooftop terrace, entertain my dogs, let my canaries out of their cages, scour and clean every inch of the interior, and read. Why try to tame it? The great granddaddy of all amber vanilla patchouly scents, Tabu comes on strong and does not give up. For all the years I knew her, which were many, she only ever wore Tabu, and professed an undying love for it: I would buy her huge, screw-cap bottles of it for Christmas. They always have more pizazz to them. I got this new at a discount store to try it since I had heard it was a classic, my husband said it smells like a bottle of s*&%! Found a modern perfume and lotion at the drugstore for under five dollars and, while great fun, they were wayyyyyy powerful :), I've only tried Toujours Moi from Dana, but I'm certainly interested in trying Tabu, I'm always interested in trying vintage staples.ty. I've love to be entered for this - En Avion is one of my favourites, and I hadn't realised Tabu might have things in common with it. Thank you! Please sign me in :) Thanks for this wonderful Xmas present. ), but I do like it. But the parfum version becomes what it should be. Fleeting the aroma on skin, a pity, Tabu lasts infact not more than forthy minutes on my wrist, fading quickly in to a vague whiff of honeyed-musky boise jasmine and balmy-spicy sandalwood (something in the same clan as Rochas Absolu and CK Obsession).

I've tried and tried, but I just can't abide Tabu.

Carles worked for Roure Bertrand, a company associated with fashion houses such as Nina Ricci, Christian Dior, Elsa Schiaparelli and Cristóbal Balenciaga. Translated Show original Show translation. I would love to win your vintage sample. There is a history behind Tabu perfume that some say is a myth and others hold steadfast to.

The Trail of a Civet Cat in Heat Howling in the Distance. This, like Youth Dew, is just too intense for me. A pity because the dirt note I detect in tabu is what makes this parfume standing out. It's really striking; makes me stop and think. Use caution when applying perfume near clothing because it can discolor or stain delicate fabrics like silk or satin. Vintage Tabu! I don't know the vintage Tabu. Ah, Tabu was one of the first perfumes I ever tried in my early teens. Everything about this girl smelled like incense. xox jean. I never have, and never will. I love it nd as th cheap version works well with my skin I'min heaven and use it liberally.
Home. Thank you!

You are such a naughty Santa! The EDT scent on me is very warm, smooth and rich, and seems to stick very easily and linger on everything, and lasts for a good amount of time. Eight hours on and it's still there, but softer and still lovely. Is it the Musk? The Favourite is the latest fragrance by British brand Penhaligon's and the story behind it is inspiring. I know it's meant to be seductive, spicy and sexy, but it's just too much of a good thing on my skin. And my husband hasn’t commented on it – I deliberately marched past him a bunch of times after I’d re-sprayed from my bottle, and gave him kisses, and he hasn’t spontaneously combusted (phew!

", Tabu, vintage extrait (came in 1/4 oz.

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