Seems to directly be related to the tire hitting bumps on the front right side. Rattle in right front area of car when driving at highway speed. The noise it produced can be described as a loud motorboat sound that got louder with more speed. It just depends on what exactly it is that isn’t working inside the bearing is all. It could be a sign that pads are so worn that metal is touching metal—a serious problem that could affect braking efficiency. “Rattling” isn’t usually the description we hear here when the problem is a bad wheel bearing. What it means: If you hear a squealing noise, your brake pads or shoes might be nearing the end of their service life and must be replaced. I also notice that it seems to diminish and/or go away entirely when I drive in the rain. It’s driving me crazy. Spent several hours under the car but nothing obvious appears to be wrong. If you’re ever stranded on the road, having Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) could get you out of trouble ASAP. Please make sure you include your cars year, model, mileage, any pertaining information to what is going on as well as anything you may have tried to remedy the situation. Still haven't figured out what it is but it has 175k miles on it now. Whether gas prices are high or low, it's always a good idea to conserve gas and make it last. When they swell-up, the noise can diminish. Y problem is when I crank and going down the road sounds like a jet engine with reverse thruster. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Re: Knocking/rattle from front end when driving slow does anyone have any info on if the anti roll bar bushes could be a problem, ive changed both link arms, i really dont think its the top mounts because there is no noise when turning full lock both ways, the noise is coming from under the car at the front. There is a grey button (+ New Topic) in the top right corner of the home page that takes you to the page where you create a new post. It never changes pitch, speed, or anything like that. Uh oh, you hit a pothole! A guy with new car had car with a Knock or clunk underneath every time he braked, took it to Garage to complain and after 10mins they gave him Tin of beans that was rolling around under front seat This is what you would be looking for. Modern engineering has made driving a car easier on the ears than ever. Modern engineering has made driving a car easier on the ears than ever. Did you guys figure it out regarding your own situations? There could be a lot of different problems causing the shaking of your vehicle. Take it to an independent shop for a second opinion. I took it to the dealer and they said I need a new right front wheel bearing/hub. Get to a mechanic ASAP. Unfortunately, if you hear a rattling when you’re driving it can be difficult to pin down the problem as it can mean any number of things depending on where the sound is coming from. Thanks! Anyone had rattling here before that might have a suggestion of what it is? But which ones? I took it to the dealer and they said I need a new right front wheel bearing/hub. If they grind or growl, get your brakes checked out immediately. This information and possible solutions/suggestions are welcomed, especially to us females who are generally not inclined to the mechanical and/or electrical knowledge of vehicles. Maybe caused by wind. This noise only seems to occur at highway speeds, and it’s a slight thin rattling sound that seems to come from the right front quadrant of the car. What should you do when your car overheats? Have a clunking noise under the front end when driving and hitting small bumps. I appreciate the tips. Close. Email(Your email address will not be published). ), but the news from the shop that I needed a right front bearing made me think that’s what it was - but it clearly wasn’t the cause. I’m having the same issue and don’t know what it is…, I would suggest that you open your own thread from the main page using the New Topic button so you’re only receiving advice applicable to your situation. Reasons why your car is shaking while driving. it’s really frustrating. Please let us know the outcome! If you find that the bearing/hub replacement didn’t remedy the situation, then I would suggest that you have an independent shop specializing in front-end repairs check the car. Some ideas. With newer cars, it may point to the serpentine belt, which drives multiple accessories at once, and is relatively easy and cheap to fix. Here’s how to help keep it working smoothly. Unfortunately I’ve already gone ahead and had them order the part, and just dropped the thing off to them. They do it all the time. Every once in a while, roll down the windows and start listening for “any sound that is odd,” says Mike Peth, director of technical training at Ohio Technical College in Cleveland. A pebble rattling around, trapped in the wheel or brakes. Hi did you figure out what it was, because I’m kind of having the same issue.

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