Reason for Gathering Hook maxed last as its used primarily as an utility skill to cluster enemies in one location rather than eliminating them. Can work for Binding Darkness but its not like you can bind the boss consecutively unless you switch boss phases. With a Polearm in hand, Aran uses many ice and combination attacks against her foes.
Creates an afterimage that attacks up to 6 enemies with 150% damage 4 times when you use other skills after Smash Swing. Grants immunity to Status effects for 3 sec.

After obtaining Cerberus, the situations you will use this are during void times in boss fights (when you want to kite distance from the boss/boss is invulnerable) for the Hyper Passive: Reinforced Duration or when your 5th job skill Demon Awakening is off cooldown.​, NEVER use this skill. I’ve reached lvl 100 and i completed my 4th job advancement quest. With stable damage, you can judge more accurately the number of hits to knockout your enemies. Combo no longer forfeited if no attack made for a certain time. Cooldown: 20 sec, reduced by 50% when Maha’s Fury is activated. Level 30: Permanently increases Attack by 30. Advanced Combo Ability (MAX) You need advanced combo ability lvl 10 to add 1 point in adrenaline rush. Hi ayumi. 20 Ambition/Willpower in your traits AND gives you 100% regular stance.​, This is your link skill that you can give to other characters (10/15/20% boss at Lv.

If you don't want to bother, consider one of the following alternatives.​, Gives 25 attack at max level. I try to do triple swing + down + attack but final blow doesn’t work. You can refresh this buff whenever the effect disappears by just using lash once. Hi chiayee, try creating a Demon Avenger and you will almost forget about having to repot (hp/mp potion). Without him, I can’t complete “A weapon never leaves its owner” in order to proceed with the job advancement. Adrenaline Rush | Adrenaline Boost
I would generally keep this, but if knockback isn't an issue and you wanted something else that can benefit (say for grinding). Final blow, Combo Barrier and Combo Tempest core books drop at Hilla and RA bosses. Forms a whirlwind around Aran, sucking in all enemies. The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points. Download Quick Guide. Cannoneer is just plain simple, tap the skill button once and it dishes a powerful damage. Creates an afterimage that attacks up to 4 enemies with 100% damage 2 times when you use other skills after Smash Swing. ahh i have a problem with the skill …. Polearm Booster Combo smash need to be maxed? i see. Aran 4th Job Skill Build (255 SP): Everything maxed. Required Level: 150 Beyond Blade Barrage Can i ask which 4th job skill need mastery book to max it all. A piece of equip with godly scrolled hp will provide around +100 hp. The passive +25 all stat at max level is also a nice bonus that is affected by potential.​, The additional critical chance helps with Cerberus Chomp and Dark Metamorphosis to improve your damage a tad. Blizzard Damage: 990% every 3 sec, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Number of Attacks: 5. aymi combo tempest do more damae than judgment or no? 4. DEF ignored 5%. All of Orthrus attacks are 100% crit chance with +50% PDR​, Good standby node for when you are grinding, or doing bosses. Command: Right, Right or press Jump. Finally, max Command Mastery I and Final Attack. Has a 30 minute cooldown so can only be realistically used once per fight.​, Spawns some traps randomly around your character. Hi HikariX, it only add 10 seconds to the Polearm Booster duration where as Combo Smash, you gain +12% damage per level. every time i try to use Storm of Fear it never works… like am not holding keys down right or am i pose to hold one key down or what? take? Also offers a bit more extra stat when enhanced.​, If you have Rope Lift, then do that one first. @All: I have added the Skill Book Requirement to each of Aran 4th Job Skill above. is there a way to put the 2 finishers in a keybind? Combo Kill Blessing | Combo Kill Advantage These guys attack the moment you enter battle stance, and will generally attack from then on at the 2/3 second intervals regardless if there’s an enemy present or not. T_T, In the game, the 3rd job skill, maha blessing is to increase party member’s attack.. but you write it’s to increase weapon n magic attack.. so did the skill increase my weapon n magic attack too or just party member? Final Blow has a more forward attack approach but does not cover enemies at your rear. ​, You want this if you have extended fight with bosses that are capable of physical damage cancellation/damage reflect (Horntail, Pink Bean, Empress, etc.) Third line - 7-8% damage to abnormal status mob (darkness, stun, freeze, bind)/21 attack. I’ve done all the quests up to my level under the “Aran” section in the quest log. Level 10: MP Cost: 13, Attack Power: +20, Magic ATT: +20, Duration: 200 sec. And I have 10 extra SP. 3. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points) Hi. Removes party members’ Abnormal Statuses and restores HP/MP by 20% every second. @Leo: Combo Tempest was removed upon the addition of the Adrenaline System. when he becomes 4th job? You can forgo Soul Eater in this skill allocation, and max it out towards the end with Vengeance.​, Your rush move/horizontal mobility you would use pretty much all the time when moving around.​, Chaos Lock is more applicable for bossing, but its still fun to teleport to the closest mob sometimes, but otherwise just use your up jumps and glides to get around. Your DF cost for Impact decreases to 3 per cast. Polearm Booster (6) The overswing 4th job skill is the old Aran skill! Drain, Swing Studies I, Polearm Mastery (1) thx for replying :).

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