With the .357, I can shoot those same loads comfortably.

I prefer the speed strips for the reload. Weight: 17.2 ounces Lo and behold my money path and desire for a revolver in an auto cartridge crossed paths and I left the happy owner of a Ruger LCR 9mm.

On runs, it goes in a small cross body bag.

Editor’s Handgun Review. The LCR has a much lighter (to me) trigger return spring than Smith or Colt snubs. I’d give 3.5-4.5 stars to most of the guns I own.

I love my LCRs and, depending where I’m going and who I with, carry two. Yes. Since that time, I’ve been doing some additional shooting with the .38 Special version of the LCR, and I’m nearing the 350 round mark. Glad to be rid of it. I don’t carry this one often, but when I do it’s cause I’m lazy or going for a run.

As such, I thought it was time for me to share some of my latest observations on this innovative snubby. For example, the much more robust trigger return on an SP101 or your average S&W (with factory springs) can help to mask this kind of operator error, by forcing the trigger forward against the shooter’s best effort to restrain it. So, if you’re in the market for an LCR, I’d really encourage you to look at the .357 Magnum one, absent a compelling reason to go with another caliber. That’s a load I sure wish would takeoff to drive down prices.

In fact, it weighs .1 ounce more than the .357 Magnum variant. Those 5 bad bullets do make me doubt it as a primary defence gun.

That’s a bit better than minute of bad guy and is perfectly acceptable in my opinion. Good gun, but I traded mine for the 38 special version. I don’t worry about local police, if they stop me it’s just they have probably never seen a “pretty gun” before. As posted above, the ballistics of the 9mm far outpace a 38 special +P (maybe not Buffalo Bore). To the point where it’s not even ugly, but kinda sleek. Nope, .361.

I hope you found the Night Cobra article, too.

Somewhere out there, is a RevolverGuy who’s talking to his computer screen about the .327 Federal Magnum LCR being even better, because it has a sixth round. And I love moon clips, so convenient. I work at the local range and have access to rental guns.

Sounds like it would work pretty fine, a bit inaccurate but usable. Love the moon clips. Colts, like all revolvers, should be allowed to let the trigger have a full return for best reliability. Winchester 127g +P+ RA9TA: 1175 fps. Pulling together a number of street-proven loads, I headed to the range to test the snubby. Thank you Sir! It’s now also available chambered in .357 Magnum, 9mm, .22 WMR and .22 LR. Second, and most importantly, some people are letting their autopistol habits bleed over when trying to shoot revolvers, and it creates problems because revolvers require a different manual of arms.

), where 9mm/127 grain loads show much smaller charge weights (6 to 9 grains; with the smaller case, the 9mm CAN be more efficient; again, depending on the load).

As you’d imagine a lightweight revolver is going to have some recoil. I’ve actually always wanted one, but times I’d find one and the money I had were never in line with each other. Just as the .45 auto rim was a duplicate of the .45 acp with a rimmed case.

In fairness, I’d say that about any lightweight snub, so that’s not a hit on the LCR, just a general observation about the type.

J-Frames have a larger variety of grips available, so I’ve had better experience there. Is that smaller than .355?

I consider the grip being short subjective because of my large hands.

She brought a box of Winchester White Box 147 grain jacketed hollow points. I acquired an LCR .38 for my wife a few years ago but she didn’t like the recoil so I got her the heavier Night Cobra.

Speaking of groups, I used two street-proven loads—bench-rested at 50 feet—to see just how tight a group the LCR could shoot. Holster wear won’t be a worry because it’s already ugly. Small frame revolvers have always been a compromise game, where you have to carefully balance pros and cons. SP101’s are marvelous. It would depend on the weight of the powder charge in each cartridge. It really is a pleasant gun to shoot and carry. Bullet diameter is not the only concern, it’s also the pressure difference. Going from anything semi-auto to an LCR trigger is problematic. Required fields are marked *. Revolvers require you to let the trigger move fully forward before you pull them again, for best reliability, and when you get someone whose trigger finger is used to riding the sear, they often short stroke a revolver trigger. When this article first appeared, the LCR was available only in .38 Special +P. Additionally, my experience is that .327 Fed Mag ammo is still much harder to come by than .38 Special or .357 Magnum loads, and usually more expensive, too. This is also the only time it’s fired 147-grain rounds. .38Spl: 868 fps. The revolver is lightweight, but it’s a heavy lightweight if that makes any sense. I don’t know about Remingtons offering. This feels dishonest and slightly unfair. That should help. I love the trigger and shooting a snubby is always a fun challenge. Those same .38+P loads in the LCR are a different story. What I really hated was three hundred rounds in that little white rectangle on the front sight popped off and disappeared as I rapid fired the gun. The push button cylinder release is excellent, and the trigger rocks. A harder push, but not for as long. Plus steel and aluminum ammo is off limits as well. It’s because the 9mm LCR uses the same steel frame as the .357 version – both cartridges have similar high pressures, and the aluminum frame of the .38 Special models can’t handle the higher pressure. I found the .38 LCR with any of the three Hogue grip options really liked to inflict pain on the web of my hand.

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