Primitive countries cannot have a navy unless they reform. usually armies are what you need the most of, so light ships can help pay for them, which may make light ships the best. Hovering shows the province's percentage contribution (its weight) to the current overextension level along with a break-down of the cost and time modifiers. Macrobuilder view (tab 01 & 02 - template design) Available only with the Art of War DLC or the Cradle of Civilization DLC enabled.

Class-specific modifiers reduce only the cost of one ship class. The chance of avoidance appears to improve with the health of each ship, and decreases with the amount of attrition damage that must be avoided. If you're playing as Italy and sticking with Southern Europe, a massive all-galley fleet would be by far the logical option, particularly given Italy's National Ideas (edit: those being -15% galley cost and 20% increased galley combat ability). Several idea groups can be taken to progressively improve a navy's performance on the battlefield. many countries also have bonuses to galley efficiency, but few have bonuses to heavy ships. I rarely ever drop below 50% light.

This tab gives an overview of provinces whose development can be exploited. This cost in turn is then multiplied by global cost modifiers to obtain the total cost per month for that specific ship. Suggestion. 160 comments. Close. Ship condition and sailors will decrease at 5% per month down to a minimum of 25% while the fleet is mothballed, and will be repaired back to full strength at the normal rate (10% per month by default) when returned to active service, which can be done at any time. Danish idea 5: Reorganize the Klaedekammer, Moluccan idea 6: Alliance with the Papuans, Knights Hospitaller idea 4: Reconquista of the Sea, Quality-Maritime: The Organized Marines Act, Bregenzer idea 7: The Lake Constance Navy, Exploration-Defensive: The Naval Secrecy Act, Religious-Maritime: Chaplains of the Fleet, Naval-Innovative: The Nautical Education Act, Dutch idea 4: Instructie voor de Admiraliteiten, Madyas idea 4: Masters of Maritime Warfare, British idea 7: Britannia Rules the Waves, Maritime-Offensive: Hold the Weather Gauge, Ayutthayan idea 5: Promotion of Trading links, Gujarati Princedom idea 7: Extend Trade Routes to Africa, Gujarat Sultanate idea 2: Jain Connections, Malabari idea 1: Merchants of Southern India, South Indian idea 1: Merchants of Southern India, West Indies idea 4: The American Trade Hub. Provinces in mid-progress display percentage progress. 59. What ratio of heavy ships/light ships/galley/transports works best for you? Make about 10 cogs (so you can transport a decent sized army), and then fill the rest of the spots with light ships for trade. The macro-builder contains some of the more commonly used actions in the game, presenting them with relevant color-coded and sortable information allowing for easier decision making.

Light ships to fill up the rest; I typically ran well into the red on my forcelimit, don't forget to get shipyards to boost. I had the "more boats" mission with 90 heavy ships... won it at 93 though. The section at the bottom details currently defined.

This tab allows recruitment of land units. To use a saved template click on it and choose an area to build in (the units will be built simultaneously in the surrounding provinces). Ships which have sustained damage (i.e. Going over the naval forcelimit will result in higher maintenance cost. I tend to build a shitload of light ships. New ship types are unlocked at several diplomatic technology levels. repairing the ship from its initial 1% condition) is generally faster than simply building a new ship. 4.8k. For the Mediterranean, how many galleys to each light ship? Ship cost can be affected by general and ship type-specific modifiers which are added additively. More posts from the eu4 community. If your a Mediterranean country and plan on being a Mediterranean naval power, then galleys are your best bang for the buck, costing next to nothing and cheap to maintain even well past your force limit. Each country has a naval force limit, largely dependent on the total amount of development in coastal provinces and eventual coastal centers of trade. Just realize your power is confined to the sea zones and in future games, you need to take another look at it. Monthly attrition damage equal to the listed attrition percentage will be applied to all ships in a fleet at the beginning of each month. This tab allows the creation of Army / Navy templates for the easy production of units corresponding to the template. Make army and navy templates shared between campaigns. The templates can be accessed and created in each of the appropriate tabs; they work in the same manner for both army … The repair rate is 6% of ship hull per month, unaffected by modifiers. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. Recruiting regular forces requires an owned, unoccupied province to recruit in, and three resources: manpower, ducats, and time. A fleet of light ships will get shredded by heavy ships. The Production Interface, or as it is more commonly known - the Macro-builder, is a button located under the left side of the country crest at the top-left corner of the in-game screen. While quantity is an important factor in naval warfare, quality could be considered even more crucial. I'm a relatively new player and I have just have a question regarding the best way to build a navy. I often find myself building almost entirely light ships because I think that when not at war they're the most valuable, but then during war I often can't really transport my troops around easily to islands (my current game is as Italy) or they don't seem to fare as well in combat as I would expect. r/eu4. Internal game rules instead limit how far the AI can send their fleet for exploration or combat. Been playing as France, currently 1638, and I'm trying to figure out how to best construct my trade fleets, i.e. 177 comments.

Only contiguous (by land) provinces will be used for unit construction, and only up to the limit set by the template. The basic unit of naval forces is predictably the ship. The only combat difference between the two is that the admiral will get more pips, on average, when he's created. eg: Once you get up to tech ~20 the firepower doesn't keep up (and you were always out hitpointed).

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