Features a shorter barrel, shorter overall profile and redesigned action. The SG 551 series rifles have a 466 mm (18.3 in) long sight radius.

Once inside the gas cylinder, propellant gases pass through an L-shaped channel machined in the piston head and are directed forward towards the gas valve. The full-sized SG 550/551 will accept SIG's 40 mm GL 5040/5140 grenade launcher (Swiss military designation: 40 mm Gewehraufsatz 97), which is mounted under the barrel via an eccentric latch and replaces the lower handguard.

The shoulder stock was skeletal (another weight-saving measure) and designed to fold over the side of the receiver without impeding the functionality of the rifle.

Both the rifle and carbine come standard with a spare magazine, sling, cleaning kit and a loading aid for rapid magazine filling. The SG 550 was designed as an "soldier's weapon" and special care was taken in produce the most lightweight and inexpensive rifle yet one that was utterly reliable and worthy of frontline service. Features a Hensoldt optic and a detachable cheek riser. Number built The manually adjustable gas valve has two settings, one for normal operation, and the second setting for use in the presence of heavy fouling or icing.
SIG 556 Classic: Features slimmer profile handguards and hooded front sight. Production began
A version of the rifle with an integral receiver-mounted Picatinny rail is also offered; in this configuration the weapon is fitted with flip-up emergency battle sights—a rear aperture sight which folds down into a recess in the rail and a folding front blade. The SG 551 series rifles have a 466 mm (18.3 in) long sight radius. Random new rifles out of production were tested on a machine rest. Variants exist: Sub-caliber sporting rifle version styled after the SG 551. The trigger is enclosed in a pivoting trigger guard which can be folded down to the left or right side allowing for unhindered operation with winter gloves. The sights are similar to those on some Heckler & Koch weapons, such as the HK G3 or HK MP5. Shortened version of the SG 550 featuring the same length handguard but a 14.3 in (36 cm) barrel and a shorter gas tube and gas piston. Both designs were initially tested with the 6.45mm GP 80 cartridge and the 5.6x45mm GP 90 cartridge (the latter essentially the Swiss version of the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge) with the 5.6x45 winning out. The barrel's twist rate is 178 mm (1:7 in).[9].

Standard tritium iron sights were fitted for low-level light work though optics could be affixed across the top of the receiver as required. Argentina; Brazil; Egypt; France; Germany; India; Indonesia; Macau; Malaysia; Malta; Pakistan; Philippines; Poland; Serbia; Slovakia; Spain; Switzerland; Turkey; United States, - Close Quarters Battle (CQB) / Personal Security, 2,989 feet-per-second (911 meters-per-second). The rotary bolt locking mechanism consists of two steel locking lugs that engage locking recesses in the breech, and is identical to that used in the SG 540. The weapon features a side-folding skeletonized buttstock which locks into a stud on the handguard; some versions feature a folding bipod made of an aluminum alloy which folds into grooves in the lower handguard. SG 552-A1: SG 552 converted to SG 553 standard. An emphasis on modularity and weight reduction was placed, with the weapon family supposed to include a number of variations on the original design, such as a full-length assault rifle and a carbine used to mount rear-echelon troops.[2]. The SIG556 is designed to meet these requirements. A bolt hold-open device locks the bolt carrier assembly open after expending the last cartridge from the magazine and is released by lifting the bolt catch lever located on the left side of the receiver. Action This caused outrage amongst owners and lobbyists, who felt that the RCMP exceeded their authority, and that such policy changes should be enacted by legislation. Based on the previous SG 540, the SG 550 is the current service rifle of Switzerland. Most parts of the weapon are made of steel while the handguard, stock and pistol grip are made of a high-strength polymer; the gas system's components are made of stainless steel. In 1981, the experimental 6.45mm GP 80 cartridge was rejected in favor of the more conventional 5.6×45mm GP 90 round (with a 4.1 g, tombac-jacketed, lead core projectile) that is the Swiss equivalent to NATO's standard 5.56×45mm cartridge. [14] Variants of the SG 553 exist: Semi-automatic version of the SG 550 series partially made in the United States due to import restrictions. [5], The weapon is hammer-fired and features a four position fire selector; safe, single fire, three-round burst and fully automatic. The gas block integrates an adjustable gas regulator, the front sight with a flip-up night sight post, and the bayonet lug on the flash suppressor. The SG 550 is a selective-fire 5.56×45mm NATO assault rifle firing from a closed bolt. The hinged stock is firmly locked in the folded position by a socket in the butt which clips into a plastic stud on the handguard; a firm pull will release the stock which is then swung into the closed position and locked by a button catch. [7] Full-length rifles can be fitted with the SIG GL 5040 or 5140 underbarrel grenade launchers, while carbine-length rifles can be fitted with the compact GL 5340 grenade launcher.

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