You can also use my 5 magic hacks for reaching higher states of consciousness post to make a clear connection with your guides again. No one was ever on the other end of the line. Ground, shield and protect your energy! But, they do get better and ease with time. I hope you aren’t handling your spiritual awakening & ascension symptoms with as much imbalance and drama as I was! How do we let old beliefs, fear, and negativity go? Like Completely Chilled to the Bone Cold and you Can’t Warm Up, 11. Meditation helps you adjust to the new levels of light you are carrying, so ascension symptoms are minimized. This is similar to scuba divers needing to blow air out every 10 feet or so upon ascending to the surface to avoid the bends. Feeling Intense or unusual vibrations; experiencing pulsating or rushing waves of energy, tingling sensations pressure throughout the body or in specific areas (chakra centers). Dizziness. You may begin perceiving things in a profoundly different way than you have in the past; a shift in consciousness is starting to occur. Bizarre or intense dreams; prophetic or precognitive dreams or dreamlike visions occuring more often. Omg …… suffering big time! Pain in the teeth is another huge complaint of the Spiritual Ascension Process! Experiencing a feeling of 'doom and gloom', or sudden impending dread, for no apparent cause. Yes, I was lonely at first. You deserve to become one again, one with your spirit, one with All of creation, so do not be stopped in your tracks by these annyoing little speed bumps trying to set you off course. Thank you for sharing your story! Unusual changes in vision and visual perception. How Does Consciousness Relate To Personal Growth? Cravings for particular foods you may not have liked before, especially healthier, and more natural foods; sudden dislike of particular foods you might have enjoyed in the past, especially aversions to unhealthy foods, and those processed with chemicals and preservatives. Experiencing unusual, intense or wild dreams or visions that can be pleasant, or even frightening; dreams may become more vivid; reoccurring dream themes; experiencing 'deju-vu' in dreams; bizarre abstract dreams that are difficult to explain; prophetic or precognitive dreams; dreams about time travel or 'other worlds'. Feeling unsual vibrations or a vibrating sensation within the body or in certain areas of the body; pulsating or vibrating waves or rushes of energy throughout the body; tingling sensations, ‘pins and needles’, static electricity, jolts or zaps of energy, twitches and muscle spasms; bouts of itching or limbs ‘falling asleep’, particularly the arms, hands, legs or feet,out of the blue. We’re sticking together and talking through the loathing of anything around us that’s not light and like our ‘real home. Amazing healing times and ascension upgrades. We require more rest and can get very dizzy upon standing. Asense of urgency like you are running out of time or that 'something is about to happen'. “This post contains affiliate links. You cannot live in the 5th dimension (5d) while still holding the vibration of angry, or sad, for example. Sudden extreme related anxiety symptoms or having panic attacks unexpectedely or often. I thought I was being haunted or going crazy, and I resisted my spiritual awakening heavily! Certain foods might begin to taste differently. One might experience or suddenly shift to periods where they experience no dream recall at all; Periods of extreme fatigue for no apparent reason that happens out of the blue, or upon awakening although being fully rested; needing to take naps more frequently or just close your eyes for a few moments and the fatigue suddenly passes; times where the opposite occurs, and you feel wide awake and energized despite lack of sleep, or being hyper-focused despite fatigue; periods of laziness or lack of motivation. Again, LOTS and LOTS of self-care are needed during this time! He is probably your overlighting angel and is sent to protect you during this time! – Lightworker issues and how to assist through the Shift. We’re each in our own bubble of inner work… but doing it together. It felt very much like I was in a giant battle against myself, and it was horrible! I became a lot better listener and friend to those closest to me! As you take on more levels of light and begin the long journey to reconnecting with your Soul, you will be confronted with all the horrible fears and negativity that you’ve hidden away, but never processed.

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