<> endobj %PDF-1.7 %���� In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many around the nation saw the awful and at times shameful images of the pain and devastation resulting from the storm and a poor governmental response. endobj endobj endobj Modern Masters ethically serves small businesses in metaphysical, paranormal, healing, spirituality, homesteading, acupuncture and other related fields. Some have argued that the use of the federal military to enforce the law during the aftermath of a major natural disaster is a more appropriate response. 3 0 obj Martial Law [Passive] Tier 6 (Hero Level 16) Basic attacks against Stunned, Rooted, or Slowed enemy Heroes deal bonus damage equal to 3% of the Hero's maximum Health. MARTIAL LAW AFTER THE STORM: A Constitutional Analysis of Martial Law and the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Southern University Law Review <> 5 0 obj Built by. Early Results from Florida Are Shocking – One Candidate Is No Doubt Very Happy, New Fast Radio Bursts from Inside the Milky Way May Solve More than One Major Cosmic Mystery, Conservatives Need to Defend High Culture [Protect What’s Objectively Good and Right], BREAKING: Trump Campaign Releases Urgent Statement On Dem Plans To Delegitimize Election Day Results, Marxism: A Breeding Ground for Useful Idiots, Washington, D.C., University Warns Students about Election Riots, Suggests Getting Week of Rations, Figures Don’t Lie, But Liars Figure: Unemployment Figures Dramatically Favor Republican-Led States, Most Americans Have Heard of Biden Family Allegations, More than Half Believe Them, Trump Appears to Be Making Inroads with Latinos as Biden Campaign Struggles with Hispanic Turnout, I Went To A Socially Distanced Drive-In Rave, And It Was A Depressing Dystopian Nightmare. Martial Law In The US: How Likely Is It, & What Will Happen? <> Some might even think martial law to be an appropriate response to a natural disaster of Katrina's magnitude. <> The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina demonstrates why the law of public emergency construct is more appropriate for most situations and is consistent with constitutional principles. <> endobj 2017-08-25T00:33:04Z endobj <>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> This has led many to ponder the question of what would be the appropriate response to future emergencies. endobj 21 0 obj <> <> AppendPDF Pro 5.5 Linux Kernel 2.6 64bit Oct 2 2014 Library 10.1.0 Most people use the term “martial law” in situations where the more appropriate term is the law of “public emergency”. endobj (2007), Selected Works of <>stream endobj �U��]ϡu����7R����p�1�5Qy�'�;z��(ROa�����qD�2�,�Q��A1r��V�9�>�Wb��o�b�����j�y���\Ύ����R��EMR/�R ����){��A+�Bi���BqbX�+&�8v���������)��K�W���|��":!���S8�GW�͐к��Ôh��hp֪Wy b���.��X4���]����!� d��[���/;|�}���cз�#�k���R���&�Z`t�9M���)ݜ��fN���,z�����Ô����T�-=�V� yT9�+���:�Hg��� pG������� G�]�k������g +v�ʚɌ&Ĺc,���h�R�2��.M�@~e�q,f�U'����o:A� ,�aRVm[;'�aR�F\���4x�ֻ�j��r�G|٩9gf_���{��$:"LC68���S�lq��`k�C���D�%�)fxg}�(��+�CJ���RMvsQv���B����TZ�|,��o�h=��!S�����tQ>X;���gNB?6�5�R�}|�jK�����P�zۃUׅQm��B�71�x��4���-�����+�)�]�٨�#5#�9�p�>�ٕ���� z��4�z�jA��3-;s�'�L/c`������D��Z�`�T#̕2 This website wouldn't be the same without the ethical web hosting provided by Modern Masters. uuid:fc2a4378-a692-11b2-0a00-782dad000000 <> 19 0 obj endobj uuid:fc2a4f7c-a692-11b2-0a00-401706d3ff7f MARTIAL LAW AFTER THE STORM: A Constitutional Analysis of Martial Law and the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina �5�1�d�UC�u_�&N����~�q/�c���� ;��T���S|j\�{��~����ly�OަqR�-�f���=^�mU��r�s�����F��)���7�ɟ����Z��<8�c�����h��T(��jh��C����D��@.�g�9 �V��BJH�]93��g� 47 0 obj endobj <>stream 03/22/2020 By Stillness in the Storm Leave a Comment (Zero Hedge) The march towards martial law is something that is often ignored by the general public, often labeled as Quackery or something belonging on conspiracy websites. 60 0 obj x��Z�r�6��W�HF�4 �Ǟ��g���:|���b��j�J=� �� ��Bm;�(����˗��d63�/��=~��g�_��?�E~�R��� l�̺���л�o�ʎcv=����l�o=�M���7]:量��4Yo�j�,�����h����u�X�.���o�Ϣ���[Qy6�eO�A�3|x(ʆF��/Z���ˏ�����Қw���4�i�0�6���5���t}�,��c�56��. endstream 46 0 obj 2017-08-25T00:33:04Z application/pdf Even in spite of a poor federal response, some still argued that only the federal government was capable of dealing with a … Into the Storm (Hosted by Justin Deschamps), Media Archive (Shows, Videos, Presentations), Barbara H Whitfield RT and Charles L Whitfield MD. Martial Law after the Storm 5 Louisiana was up to the task after seeing the awful, and at times shameful, images of not only the storm, but also a poor governmental response. endobj 20 0 obj <>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> 2 0 obj Most people use the term “martial law” in situations where the more appropriate term is the law of “public emergency”.

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