help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. 19:34 USER[beautiful07]: just eating my medicine and shit 19:35 USER[amy_roses]: oh u feeling under the weather… 19:35 USER[beautiful07]: yup :((( 19:35 USER[amy_roses]: so u wanna meet up sometime soon?

Symbol that represents a person peeking up over a wall, hand on each side of head, grasping the wall.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Yhtye julkaisi 25.11.2004 nuottikirjan ja DVD:n tuotoksistaan. This subreddit is about both sharing your theories, and laughing at the stupid ones. Kate yup wiki. I thought alot about this, so... how is it possible that the kidnappers would not review the videos too see if Kate is not doing anything suspicious that could compromise him? Jarkko Martikainen, laulu, kitara In one of her videos she uses morse code to spell I need help, She uses capital letters to spell sos and help, She is bruised, has a bad lip, is blind folded and covers her wrists. Yhtyeen jäseniä kutsutaan joskus Puoskareiksi.YUP ilmoitti kotisivuillaan vuoden 2009 alussa jäävänsä määrittelemättömän pituiselle tauolle. 1 year ago. Yhtyeen jäseniä kutsutaan joskus Puoskareiksi. Just realized there is a pretty clear reflection the griddle itself. 19:32 USER[beautiful07]: not much you 19:33 USER[amy_roses]: just chilling wat u doing right now? She puts up messages regarding the food being eaten, possibly containing secret messages. At 9:14 you can hear creaking like someone moving around on wood flooring. This is a work in progress as I watch the video. Petri Tiainen, koskettimet Loppuvuodesta 2007 yhtye aloitti uuden albuminsa äänitykset. Vuonna 1990 julkaistun Turpasauna-ep:n myötä kieli muuttui suomeksi ja musiikillinen ilmaisu mutkistui. Capitalized letters Oooso, Gonna go eat and take a little break before rewatching a few more times please help out with stuff you find. Siitä julkaistiin myös minilevy Maailmannäyttely. A subreddit to help see what is going on with the youtube channel Kate Yup if you've seen her videos, or saw a conspiracy video and have a idea, please join us, this could be very harmful or indeed a ARG. Looked into this a bit and watched all of her videos, some comments said that she isn’t wearing a blindfold but rather a mask of sorts because she claims to have a “nose deformity”.

YUP (Yhdistyneet Urbaanit Puoskarit, alun perin Y.U.P., Young Urban Perverts) on suomalainen Savonlinnassa vuonna 1987 perustettu rockmusiikkia soittava yhtye. oOoIMGal341: I'm here! Join. So basically there is this YouTuber called Kate yup she films mukbang asmr videos but something fishy is going on. There's like a billion pictures there. Dont know how far that will get though. Weird how she calls it her own sauce when she provides a link to the recipe in the description. Or maybe oOo in itself doesnt mean anything, and I'm on the wrong track. Cookies help us deliver our Services. On her latest video where she loses her tooth there is something on her upper right (right side for her) arm, has anyone else noticed this, you see it at the very start of the video, and then it pops in and out of frame during the rest of the video. o/". I think it's a new arg and they can be slow to startup. 613. Investigate or call the cops bit nothing will change sadly, Like come on they are making it so obvious she's in "danger" so painfully obvious something is wrong when in reality anyone forcing her to do this would have strict access to editing and her YouTube so any caption screaming for help is basically staged. YUP ilmoitti kotisivuillaan vuoden 2009 alussa jäävänsä määrittelemättömän pituiselle tauolle. The whole things is simply... strange. YUP (Yhdistyneet Urbaanit Puoskarit, alun perin Y.U.P., Young Urban Perverts[1]) on suomalainen Savonlinnassa vuonna 1987 perustettu rockmusiikkia soittava yhtye. I'm not from English speaking country, so I may make mistakes on grammar. Idk though. Press J to jump to the feed. [2] Piakkoin yhtyeeseen liittyi myös neljäs jäsen, kosketinsoittaja Tommi Kärkkäinen, sillä Puoskareiden moninaisten ideoitten toteuttamiseen vaadittiin useampia soittajia. 5. Yhtye on tullut tunnetuksi paitsi omaperäisen musiikkinsa, myös sanoitustensa osalta. But for the "oOo" format, I only found that. Press J to jump to the feed. You can also hear a knock at the door or something just before 4:12 and the video shakes. Yhtyeen musiikissa ominaisia piirteitä ovat muun muassa laulaja Jarkko Martikaisen omaleimainen ääni, sanoitukset ja soitannan muuttuminen nopeasti esimerkiksi hardcoresta kansanlaulutasolle.

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