As you look out at the blue speck of Earth in the sky, and see how the stars take up your entire field of view, it becomes apparent how truly far away from your home you are. As spring unfolds, the Shulamite and her beloved shepherd find in each other's love a return to Eden. It is perfect for an INTENSE chase scene in a film.

As you look out at the blue speck of Earth in the sky, and see how the stars take up your entire field of view, it becomes apparent how truly far away from your home you are. More than one version of the Sedna legend exists. A good environment for some lofi music, don't you think? Some things we see are not real, and some sounds... (But this is real). Their leader seems to have drank his fill; and offering you respite... For now. "I know," said the other. As she rests in the peaceful courtyard after a long summer's day, a gentle wind carries the music of the evening ceremony from the temple. Somehow, using their godly powers to cure themselves never comes up as a viable option. Singing Forest 2 • Sleepy winds blow through a forest. Try adjusting one or two of the instrument sliders to evoke different moods. Don't worry, this technician is very careful—he's just going to delicately take a look around up there, do some calibrations, and take very thorough notes for you to keep in your records. I know nothing, it's classified. She was heartbroken. The medicine is working, that's all you need know. Steampunk House • You're an Inventor. The sounds of rain, while a duduk plays in the back with hints of psyfi. Manipura • More fun with chakras: a collection of 3 stems. Eager to avoid getting soaked, you run to an old, abandoned church, somehow standing even after all these years. Sound of Snow • All other sounds are dampened by the snow, and the silence sinks. Earth's first scout probe has just landed on it! It is cold here in the deep. Face to the glass, you peer through the dark blue water. You've studied well; you're prepared for tomorrow's exam. No fate but what we make. It was the last storm on earth to be named--not because it was so bad, but because there's no one left to name anything. Somewhere beyond you in the darkness, waves crash against the shore.

Quiet Tavern (dnd) • Dim torchlight, a glowing mason-work fireplace, the hushed din of curious locals. Enjoy the weightlessness of sleeping at zero gravity, safe in your craft while stars and planets light up the endless darkness through the portal. Both you and your dragon could fall asleep on the nearest roost. The aquarium complex has shut down for the day. 5 AM melancholic suburban spring ambiance inspired by episode 8 of Aku no Hana (Les Fleurs du Mal) and Fukasawa Hideyuki's wonderful track Zankyou no Hana. What could possibly be awaiting your arrival among the eye of the storm? You carefully placed it in the middle of the woods where no one would find.

Sounds like it's raining a bit outside. I can't remember. I think it's relaxing. Deep Space Lullaby • "I set a course just east of Lyra, northwest of Pegasus," as a song like a beacon draws me far, far away from home. Iridescent blue shimmers and rainbow lights dart across the bark and up into the branches. Strings, Wind, Bells • At the sound of the bell, cacophony swells and then recedes. Soft music, thunder and alpha bilateral harmonics to keep you focused AND relaxed. Then grab a lawn chair, make a cheap deli sandwich and enjoy a sound that's sure to make your ears pop.

Rest assured that your ship is safe on it's passage through the rough patch of space.

It radiates "The auditory everything" that is. I have written a short story to the sound of the Twin Lodges on a Pebble Beach. The soundtrack is highly anticipating... Be prepared for a mind-blowing experience! It complements the crackling fire he's built. The Return Of The Return • Here's an earful.

Their hearts accompany their chimes and the birds that reside here. Favourites from Japanese garden, Japanese oase and singing bowls. It's impossible to feel lonely out here. At last, you have found your people. Exploring A Crashed Spaceship • Strange sounds engulf you as your come across a crashed spaceship in the desert. Braced And Facing Space •


Everything you knew before this moment is irrelevant, you are fully consumed by what you hear and every inch of attention is given to these sounds giving you chills. You don't want to back down. A quiet field illuminated by the silvery light of a full moon with only the trickling sounds of water to keep it company and the crickets playing their own song.

The universe is at peace. Is he a saint or a witch-doctor? Orbital Maneuvers • Guided by your ship’s readout, your cousin’s voice over the radio, and long practice, you nudge the ship’s thrusters to gradually match the station’s spin, your eyes on the dock at its hub. The soft leather seating, the gentle hush of the rain outside, and the happy murmur of the patrons around you could lull you off to sleep if your friend isn't here soon.

Everything warns to go inside: the distant church bell, the panicking gulls, the threatening roil of thunder itself, but still she sings. Oncoming Unease • An uneasy noise for when you're watching on with dread. The perfect transmission space fans.

The ocean's waves grow closer and closer as you wander, and you have never felt so at peace. Swimming through the static and stereophonic sludge. —Once again / Do I behold these steep and lofty cliffs, / That on a wild secluded scene impress / Thoughts of more deep seclusion; and connect / The landscape with the quiet of the sky. It feels like it's straight from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Here and now there's only you, only the water, and only the night.

It's a scorching day on the beach, and while your family is busy throwing the frisbee around , you've headed further down the beach to the rocky pools left by the tide. As it curled around him, that was what Eduardo thought. (Suggested Settings: Deep & Fastest Animation). If you're lucky, you might not bump into the raiders tonight. You thought you were safe. Healing Star Journey • Travel through the cosmos, gently passing by stars and galaxies.

Summer Night Studies • Studying near the bonfire on a warm summer night. Freezing In A Blizzard • Journey. Nothing moves inside the white room. Waters and streams release the build-up of anxiety and tension as they flow through the shishi-odoshi. Tomorrow, when you have left this ghost town, is when to argue for peace without grief. She's lazily hitting keys and chords, wandering through stacks of composition paper to find the right notes. The clank of an approaching terminator, the drums of determination, and the mournful 80's synth come together in this soundscape to help Sarah Connor save humanity. Someone is eating a late dinner. Android Jazz Titanic • The first of the super space stations is nearing the end of it's life. Quiet music for working. No Last Call • It was a slow night. She occasionally walks by isolated ruins of marble structures, broken, but still untouched by age or erosion. The wind whistles through the cracks and gaps in the walls, while below in the distance, the sound of the waves hitting the shore can be heard beneath the thunder. It's very soothing. Leaning up against a tree, you allow yourself a moment to breathe and reflect on the beauty of the world. The Black Mesa Compound is maintained at a pleasant 68 degrees at all times. The arrows on my watch stopped moving.

The soothing ripples of calm water. Animate fast and deep for quick relief.

Right now, there's nothing you'd rather be doing than just sitting here working as the rain pours down, freshening the world outside. A sudden sense of longing for those days creeps back to you. Soft falling snow meets a sparkling white blanket covering treetops and houses. You build a fire just before the rains begin to come down. Xibalba • Travelling through expanding universe, to witness it and be in awe. The Mountain Temple • High in the mountains there is a place where the mist is thick. You feel the tension in the room slowly but surely creep along until it reaches your core. Brighter Days • Rain, embers, electric piano, and a touch of anamnesis build a sonic haven. I am naming them after the show Serial Experiments Lain with each succesive one as a layer since they can be played in a super generator as layers. Flight Of A Crying Dragon • Flight of a Crying Dragon over his ancient family's valley. Noble Truth Shines Through • Deep in meditation we realize that the reason we hold on to our beliefs and hatred. Rain on my face. The two have plenty of catching up to do. I only know it had something to do with time and space. This time you're on a mission, perhaps in combat, with a beat going. The wettest possible composite generator. City Noir • I visit this cafe often to think. This really helps me with my high tinnitus, after a few nights listening to this my sensitivity to high pitch noises begins to fade and my tinnitus decreases. Crash Landed • You were trying to escape enemy space ships and crashed yours into a forest. It's time to take it to the next level, if there is one. The open window lets in the sounds of the forest, and through it you can see the rainy night outside the treehouse window, the rain harmonizing with the sound of one of the other den-izens working on some spells. And so you take one last step forwards, and then plunge into the depths of the unknown. Emotions overwhelm you. The time is 8:47 A.M. Current topside temperature is 93 degrees with an estimated high of one hundred and five. The mission was to be like any other, maintenance and exploration, but no one could have predicted what kind of monsters would be hiding among you. There aren't many students around; definitely not at night. And now the movie is about to start. Writing In A Rainy Space Fire • A little Isochronic base to get the cognitive juices flowing. Soon to be Thanksgiving. Audio jammer tones silence all the real interference and then, white noise to silence the jammers mummers... Whether or not, this sound is the definition.

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