Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. Caamp released their eponymous debut album in 2016, with a follow-up titled Boys (Side A) in 2018. All of the times, you’ve tried and failedThey hurt like hell, deep inside but you kept your pride, said you did not care.


it's personal feelings, strong statement or something else. Sold my new pair of shoes down the river for goldKnock, knock, knock at the door but Misters’ not homeOut in the desert my lady left years agoShe took all my money and spent it on flesh and bone.

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Don't write just "I love this song." Share your meaning with community, make it You’ve stolen and wasted all my time, time, timeOh I hope you never get this, for a long long while.

Hey Joe I know you’re workin on your college fundSaving up to chase women in the college sunI hope you really make it, hope you be someoneBut you’re scared of the dark I don’t care where you’re from, Hey Joe get a case of chevys gonna sip someDrop a line on top the levy, maybe burn oneAnd I know you like the women with their skin in the sunBut you’re scared of the dark I don’t care where you’re from, It’s OK Joe, it’s been a long dayAnd it’s not your faultSome of this work just ain’t gonna get done, Hey Joe it’s picture perfect then it spins roundPolka-dots up on your curtains on the floor nowAnd I know you don’t deserve to be let downGotta stay out of the dark , but you don’t know how. Remember we were ridin' in your car / Not thinking about much, didn't get to far / 19 miles till the gas ran out / And I ain't never walked that far before

And it goes like this I can’t help it now, autumn leaves. And I spend all my days drinkingSo I don’t have to spend them thinkingAnd I know that I wont last long this way. Somebody save us somebody save our shipSomewhere off of the coast out in the AtlanticAnd assure yourself my friends we cannot quit this nowThe ship is gone and I think its time we swam, Somebody save us somebody get here quickSend the coast guard, the navy, and the fishermanAnd assure yourself my friends that we are shit outta luckSleepin at the bottom of the ocean, sinking slowFeel the pull and the motion of things you think you know, Wait, it’s okHaven’t we been here before, haven’t we been here before?And I said “Hey, what’s your name?”We can swim right back into shoreKicking is what these feet are for.
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We could see the world, We could see the worldWe could see the world, We could see the world. Remember we were ridin’ in your car Not thinking about much, didn’t get too far Nineteen miles till the gas ran out And I ain’t ever walk that far before. You know I cant, eat without you And I cant sleep without youStay up all night, writing songs about youTake me on. appealing. Common man, six foot tall he standsWaiting on his date for some company party in FranceAnd she’s late, the boss man said “a quarter till eight”And as nine rolled around at his watch he’s looking down, the ticking fate.Oh the funny thing about love is it makes you wait. Tastes like candy and cigarettes And at that point, I hadn’t tasted anything better yet Got that love that can make a man Got those eyes that make a man forget.

Or you let me know you’re mine. Add links, pictures and videos to make your explanation more What can I tell you at the end of a line?How could I tell, you said it at the same time. You know when I grow up, I’m gonna look back at the place I leftRollin the dice on the weekend, conversations and the company keptSmokin cigarettes behind the school with my best friendsI never will forget, I take that with me till the end Football and tall trees, the autumn never ends, summer lovin in.

And I’m no John Henry I do my bestWith this guitar strapped to my back child I’m headed west. Going to the country, get a little lonely in my mindFeelin kinda funky, need to find peace among the pinesNo I’m not a junky, but I get high from time to timeNo I’m not a junky, but I get high and bide my time, Going to the country, pull my hat down off the shelfNeed a little something, that I can hold all to myselfHear a little thunder, guess it’s time we bid farewellHear a little thunder, chase it like a dog I think I will, And it’s clear that you can’t see, you were wrong sometimesAnd it’s clear that you can’t see, you were wrong sometimes, Going to the country, a couple of acres and a beat up FordDo a little running, reminisce and let the day unfoldCouldn’t get what I wanted, so I cut out down a long dirt roadFinally knew what I wanted, hey darling think I’m almost gone, And it’s clear that you can’t see, you were wrong sometimesAnd it’s clear that you can’t see, you were wrong sometimesAnd it’s clear that you can’t see, you were wrong sometimesAnd baby it’s clear that you can’t see, you were wrong sometimes, You feel like a fool when you’re happy snap your fingers along to your favorite songYou look so cool when you do that, feels so good you can’t do no wrongWe hate the law, we hate those rules they made for usWe bent them all, ‘cause breaking rules is still so cool to us, Spent last fall picking apples, off of the tree and into the barnReminded me of picking apples, you fell out of the tree and into my armsWe hate the law, we hate those rules they made for usWe bent them all, ‘cause breaking rules is still so cool to us, You know last Christmas, I shoulda kissed youAnd I was so afraid for the longest time babe that I’d missed youWe hate the law, we hate those rules they made for usWe bent them all, ‘cause breakin rules is just so cool to us.

an account. Some things you can’t forget, like your first kissUnder the bleachers in the seventh grade, I damn near missedAll these memories, shootin shivers down my spine Make them into melodies , play me yours and I’ll play mine.

Be good to your mothers, they did the best they could.Bleed for your brothers, lord know that they would. Create an account to credit all your contributions to your name, receive My heart does beat like a Cherokee drum and in the morning when that sun does comeOne hundred miles an hour in the fast lane One hundred miles an hour till I'm done. Oh settle down my friends, to kill a mockingbirds a sin I have lost and found, and lost it all again. interesting and valuable.
Keep your lights down, keep your voice down low Wear your hair down, whichever way you goAnd I’ll meet you in Idaho, Three kids in the back of a Cadi, she said come here and kiss your wifeI know you’re real mad at me, but you’re on your way to some kind of lifeDaniel, John, and Abbi, promise me you’ll treat your mother nice, I know you’ll miss me I’m barley fifty Ain’t comin with me are all the debts I oweDon’t have to kiss me just bare with me And I’ll be back someday I hope.

between the lines to you?

I’m going to San Francisco, I'm going to San Francisco today I’m going to San Francisco, I’m going to San Francisco to stay. contributions. SHOP ALL MERCH. Provide quotes to support the facts you mention. Hey, click the icon to check the status of your Lyrics to 'Books' by Caamp.

Oh it’s all a show we pretend like we know what we’re doing Oh it’s the blood in our veins take pride in your name And I keep going. Thank you! He’ll treat you right, he’ll be polite, most every night, make you a wifeYou’ll look so good in white.Just wonderin, is this the way to spend your life? There’s’ a man underground, says he’s selling hopeI tried to dig on down, and all I found was a holeIt feels like this when you cant get where you gotta goGo on spin those wheels Sonny, we know your backs’ broke. Don't understand the meaning of the song? Oh lady wind oh what I sight, hold me close on a winter nightOh lady wind a vision of great heights, and marry her I just might. Don’t hesitate my dear, don’t wait put it all on the lineI’m a leap of faith my dear, and I’m slipping down your spineI will wait my dear till I’m dead or the end of my timeOr you let me know you’re mine. rewards, status updates and get feedback from our community. And it hurts. Now you stand in place and watch those planes roll by on the tarmacI’ll lie to your face and tell you I’ll be right back, and disappear. Well I found out yesterday, that I’m in loveAnd I don’t know what else to say, but thank you LordFor that sundress on that SaturdayWalking barefoot down the beachSmell of the rain up in the air, smell the flowers in her hairAnd I swear on my lifeIf you need a joke I’ll be there, If you need a smoke here take my spareI always thought that you were fine. See the curve in that river's bendI look at you and I see my friend One hundred miles an hour in the fast lane One hundred miles an hour till the end. Email Address. LISTEN. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Honey honey get the kids in the car now, put the cash in the trunk get the keys lets goHit the biggest bank in Chicago for all it had, were the thieves you knowRemember the thing that I told ya, three years two moons ago?Promise I’ll be right behind you, but you’re gonna die if you don’t hit the road. Don’t count yourself out babyYou’re good for another round‘Cause it’s just love, only love. ‘Cause it goes like thisI cant help it now, autumn leaves.

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