"[31] Later that year, Electra was featured on the Charli XCX track "Femmebot" with Mykki Blanco on the mixtape Pop 2. [5], Electra first drew national attention in 2010 with the music video "I'm in Love with Friedrich Hayek",[6] which lauded the philosophy of the Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek and garnered commentary from the modern Austrian theory professor Steven Horwitz. Both were covered by mainstream political media. Choose three sections from the lyrics and write a brief explanation of each. Wait a sec, shorty, that ain’t right, UHM. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. If I’m sellin somethin The Rust Belt Made Trump President. Jo Jorgensen Beating the Trump-Biden Spread in Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, and…Alaska? Massachusetts and Alaska May Join Maine in Letting Voters Rank Their Choices, Kamala Harris Says Equal Outcomes Should Be the Goal of Public Policy. [14], In September 2012, Electra released the music video "Party Milk", which they describe as an attempt to merge common party scene symbolism with something one would never associate with a party, but that everyone is familiar with in another context. Ya get it? LOW Our goods become more scarce become the talk of the town. Say we were forced to keep our price way down. Both were covered by mainstream political media. Queer Film & Arts Fest, TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival, Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival (aGLIFF),[30] Art All Night - Trenton: 6th Annual Film Festival, Desperado LGBT Film Festival, QUEER-Streifen Regensburg, Filmfest homochrom, Flatpack Film Festival, CINEMQ. Yes sir, sir yes, what about a surplus? So they be rushin to da store tramplin one another to DA FLOOR uh. Why Is Donald Trump So Mad at Anthony Fauci? [2][44], (Ravenna Golden featuring Dorian Electra), "The Internet Exploded in Dorian Electra's Video With Rebecca Black", "Get to know Dorian Electra, the Liberace of fantasy pop music", "First Out: New Music From King Princess, Shaed, Rostam and More", "New Hayekian Music/Econ Video: "Roll With the Flow (My Date With Keynes), "Supply and Demand Video Contest Winners", "Speakers at the Futures of Entertainment program", "Forever Young: A Love Song to Ray Kurzweil", "Singularity Futurist Ray Kurzweil Gets 'Forever Young' Cover He Deserves", "This Clitoris Music Video Holds Nothing Back", "This Woman's Art Will Destroy What You Think You Know About a Woman's Vagina", "Premiere: 'Clitopia' Artist Dorian Electra Returns with 'Mind Body Problem' (Watch)", "This 1950s Vibrator Is Downright Bizarre-Looking", "See The Surprising History of High Heels", "This Catchy Song Explores The Fascinating History Of Drag", "A Brief Guide To Every Cameo In This Gloriously Extra Music Video", "Dorian Electra celebrates 2,000 years of drag with a crowd of dazzling Chicagoans", "Dorian Electra's 'Control' Is The Intersectional Feminist Anthem Of Our Dreams", "Watch Queer Pop Visionary Dorian Electra Hit the 'Jackpot' in this New Music Video", "Charli XCX Announces New Mixtape Pop2, Shares New Song: Listen", "Man To Man - Dorian Electra (Official Video)", "Dorian Electra Brawls With Toxic Masculinity in New 'Man to Man' Video: Watch", https://m.facebook.com/DORIANELECTRAofficial/photos/a.1420501064723926/2302687196505304/?type=3&source=54, https://soundazed.com/dorian-electra-announces-2020-flamboyant-tour-dates/, "Dorian Electra and Friends Made a New Bop with Fans", "Dorian Electra Announces New Proect 'My Agenda, "Realtor selling 'filthiest home in Houston' offers limo rides to showings", "Pop sensation Dorian Electra: 'I'm not a woman dressing as a man. We are students at Shimer College and Northwestern University. [41], Electra's father is Paul Gomberg, known as "the Rockstar Realtor" in Houston. Dorian Electra (1,563 words) case mismatch in snippet view article find links to article videos, "Roll with the Flow" and "We Got it 4 Cheap". [18], 2015 saw the release of Electra's video "Forever Young: A Love Song to Ray Kurzweil", a tribute to the futurist Ray Kurzweil. ", Kindly Inquisitors author Jonathan Rauch on the never-ending battle to defend free speech, © 2020 Reason Foundation | Privacy Policy | Accessibility | Terms Of Use, Trump Warns Biden Will Destroy Washington Monument, Christmas, Easter, Suburbs, Borders, and the American Dream, Responsible Individuals, Not Lockdowns, Will Beat the Coronavirus, A Federal Judge Just Blocked a Republican Effort To Disqualify 127,000 Votes in Texas. ( Log Out /  [4][11] Emergent Order had previously published "Fear the Boom and Bust", a similar Hayek-oriented rap video. SUPPLY AND DEMAND. OH. ( Log Out /  Comments do not represent the views of Reason.com or Reason Foundation. Two November ballot initiatives would introduce ranked-choice voting in two more states. [38] They began the second leg, Flamboyant: Chapter II, in early 2020. On September 21, 2020, Electra announced their project My Agenda, featuring appearances from Rebecca Black, Faris Badwan, Pussy Riot, Village People, and Dylan Brady among others. That extra cost don’t disappear [4] They attended Shimer College, a Great Books school in Chicago, from 2010 to 2014. In 2017, Electra released the single Jackpot through Grindr's digital publication Into More, a song that "addresses gender fluidity, but in a more subtle, less explicitly educational way. [43] Electra is transgender and genderfluid and uses they/them pronouns. It just shift from here to here, You got dem long long lines? LYRICS: Yo. When you got leftover GOODS on your HANDS Cos the quantity supplied exceeds the quantity demanded, Yo. [39], In 2020, Electra released the single "Thirsty (For Love)", a collaboration with fans. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. OH And we try to understand The laws we all cant help but follow called: SUPPLY AND DEMAND, NEXT: Radley Balko talks HuffPo, Nashville, OWS, & Cory Maye. Because if so, here's a worthy nomination for the next big victim of "Krohn's Syndrome": Dorian "Libertarian Lolita" Gomberg a.k.a. Our goods become more scarce become the talk of the town. In 2011, they released two more videos, "Roll with the Flow" and "We Got it 4 Cheap". Jul 6, 2012 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Ya get it? Editor's Note: We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic. Village People & Pussy Riot) drops this Thursday 10/15. It’s about supply and demand. Yes sir, sir yes, what about a surplus? [15][16], In 2014, Electra released a music video called "What Mary Didn't Know",[17] based on Frank Jackson's philosophical thought experiment of the same name (1986). We got it 4 cheap searching for We Got It 4 Cheap 2 found (12 total) alternate case: we Got It 4 Cheap. To ensure my sales be bumpin Report abuses. Showing their love of classical liberalism through the worlds of the philosopher of the Austrian economist, Electra proceeded to welcome to the scene two additional videos, “Roll with the Flow” and “We Got it 4 Cheap”, winning second place in the Lloyd V. Hackney Endowments “Supply and … The Bet Hasn't Paid Off. Your Location: Edit. Their debut studio album, Flamboyant, was released on July 17, 2019, with their second album My Agenda following on October 16, 2020. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ABOUT US | FAQ | CONTACT US | INTL. OH "[22] In June 2016 Electra released "Mind Body Problem" on Bullett Media, a song and video "about femininity as a performance—when being a 'woman' feels like putting on a costume and the costume doesn't seem to come off with the clothes".[23]. Yes sir, sir yes, what about a surplus? Wait a sec, shorty, that ain't right, UHM. You got to cover your costs Ya tryna make ends meet Amanda Kolson Hurley | 10.31.2020 6:00 AM. [33][34][35][36], In 2019, Electra released their debut album, Flamboyant. [8][9] "We Got it 4 Cheap" came in second in the Lloyd V. Hackley Endowment's "Supply and Demand Video Contest". Lyrics: If I’m sellin somethin Here’s what I got to know To ensure my sales be bumpin If we raise the price, fewer people be buyin If we push that price down low, customers be multiplyin. It's more complex, "flamboyant ~ voice memos by Dorian Electra". Boydton, VA. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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