All rights reserved. For an alternative, I would rather have Quickstep or Double time instead because there is also projectile travel time with Startling Strain and BR/SP relies on trip rather than Snare into nothing. Your email address will not be published. Enjoy. From here out we are going to go over what are some mandatory maxes for highest damage potential in a fight, and what are some liberties to take as utility. The set is fun to mess around with. Every class has up to 5 levels in bonuses specific to their class. There is 1 more variant, but not applicable to Éclair. This is for nuke stacking with UL-Calibur, EX-Caliber, Blade Dance, and even your Major A2 nuke. 200% attack speed as as high as you can go until there is no difference in speeds. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts all of the gear is basically identical, what makes the gear strong is the ability to augment special skill effects onto each piece. I assume optimal because of song. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The obvious answer is mythic gear, but we do not have the armor sets currently that will tilt the scales and power up the other imprint sets to their full potential yet. As stated previously, our current SP leaves a lot of room to use most skills, but later SP will be much tighter. The skill itself can be influenced directionally, so you can dance in and out of large enemy groups. It should also be noted that in some cases, having too much attack speed can cause odd behaviors with skills, such as Spiral Chopper Extra Sword teleporting you well passed your enemy or some skills completely missing a target or passing through them. Blade Trigger is the most satisfying cosmetic effect-skill in the kit. You want the high variants for the highest boost to the skill. When you hit level milestones, you will automatically gain at least 1 level of your skill, so it feels like constant growth. Your one-stop shop for all things Eclair! Éclair like many other classes have skills that have a natural damage typing. In a perfect world you will cap all your stats that have a limit, and will roll 5 slashing on your arti. When farming mobs or leveling that crit chance can save you a lot of time but in longer combat situations where you can't spare the global cooldown or once your gear is well leveled and you have enough crit chance without it that skill & passive have less value. And Random Fire. 3. If you are maxed on crit (3000 critical points for 100% critical rate in dungeon), you go critical damage, which has a cap believed to be 600% (will update when we confirm it is still this value). whats the leveling like? A lot of your other skills stay basically the same. This is a solid arena set if you have trouble avoiding mechanics of fights. If focusing on filling overedge meter, LMB is the best option. Eclair becomes very path oriented, and requires you to choose a blade build specific to a skill called blade dance, or a couple all around blade builds, or gun builds. And Random Fire. Not to mention you have 1 escape with drop back. I have played all the way to 70 now and I have seen no mention of a "Special Combo" I can equip. Fire! This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Not only that, but the most important change that is not stated is, landing extra sword attacks on a target extends the duration of your Heaven’s Gate. Skill and Random Fire to dance freely in and out of even the most dangerous situations since these skills work similar to animation cancels. In order to retain your Heaven’s Gate, you need to land extra sword slashes. If you pair this imprint with evolved Liberation armor, you can get 2 XL-calibers, 2 instant blade dances as well as an 18% damage increase, an extra shot on Random Fire, and increased damage to it. Random Fire at level 1 provides you mobbing power and mid-aoe damage. This is GM Ruka of Kritika:REBOOT. It has it’s uses for PVP, but I cannot in good faith recommend putting any points into this skill. can u do a raid run and show us how the skill work? For example with Bladedancer the songcraft skill Deadly Refrain and the 5 point passive Disciplined performance provide a good chunk of crit chance (15%) from just remembering to fit an instant cast in every 20 seconds.

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