To make this process easier, try and find two measurements that are somewhat equal, like the length-wise aluminum framing from the bulkhead to the tailgate.

When we started doing research, we found many options, including several off-grid emergency systems created by expert, Steven Harris. Cut a strip of loop (soft) and hook (rough)-sided industrial strength VELCRO about 5” long. We connected the ends to the clamp bolts on the battery terminals. I have also included the video of me making this from my YouTube channel. Have someone help you flip the truck cap right side up and carefully place it onto the pickup truck bed. Note for the Fenders, only cut out the outline of the fender. TAC 4.25" Side Steps Fit 2015-2021 Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon Crew Cab Truck Pickup Oval Bend Black PNC Side Steps Nerf Bars Running Boards Exterior Accessories (2PCS Running Boards) 4.8 out of 5 stars 57. Remember: reclaimed wood option with a peel-and-stick backing, A post shared by Wild We Wander (@wildwewander), If you are looking to convert your truck into a sleeping space, If you want a camping space that is more like a bedroom (with off-grid electricity! Be sure to unplug the speaker before setting it aside. Every shelter needs to have a comfortable space (or, at least it should). This is because you’ll be installing industrial strength VELCRO for the bulkhead curtain. Spread the stripping out on the lower part of the truck cap and the sides, no more than 5” apart. Now get you some Spray adhesive, as shown in the pictures. We removed the step plate inside each door and rolled back the carpet. We learn this the more we go camping. It’s built for function, not style.

Remove your plastic tailgate liner. We’ll show you how to complete each project step-by-step. We located the sliding T-nuts and lined them up with the corresponding grooves in both arms. Enjoy the process of each step as you perform it. Remember: Even when you finish your truck camper conversion, the project is never really done. Note: To save yourself time with the next project, make sure to flip the tie down on the back driver-side of the truck bed. Because we are constantly thinking of the next idea, we have a few projects that we’re already thinking of to take George to the next level. We all have obstacles that make us pivot and adjust to reach our end goal. In our case we needed some single diodes.

Open the tailgate to your pickup truck. A piece of plywood, about 24" x 18" x 3/8", Craft Paint, White, Black, Silver, Green, yellow. However, if you want the job done right, the first time, then you need a steady, caring touch and a lot of patience. Step 1: Remove current bed liner (if necessary), Step 5: Place BedRug in its position in the truck, Step 6: Apply velcro to BedRug and truck bed, Step 2: Outline bulkhead with stripping adhesive, Step 1: Measure the interior of the truck bed, Step 3: Clean the interior of the truck cap, Step 4: Cut the VELCRO strips and install in truck cap, Step 5: Cut blankets and apply VELCRO strips, Step 3: Ensure SwingCase locks in closed position, Step 4: Finish screwing in mounting bolts. If you’re a true DIYer and you want additional assistance outside of this ebook, then YouTube is a great resource to find helpful tutorials.

We had a Rugged Bed Liner which came with our truck when we purchased it. Of all the projects to help transform our f250 into a truck camper, the ceiling cover and curtains process was by far the most tedious, yet rewarding. Based on the pattern, cut 1" VELCRO strips that measure the border of the screen. This beaut is exactly what we were looking for, and more. Attach the hook-sided VELCRO to a flat surface under the cigarette lighter port; attach the loop-sided VELCRO to the flat side of the power inverter. Because we’ve never had a truck before, we didn’t know it would need to be weatherized; you live and learn. If you do live close to other people and do not have a driveway, you’ll have to learn to be stealthy. Currently, the toolbox is outfitted with a hodgepodge of tools and supplies. In this epic post, we share the steps needed to build a food truck or trailer all by yourself. We found that the openings in the terminal ends weren’t large enough so we drilled them out. Remember, practice patience and make sure your VELCRO is good and bonded to your blankets. FREE Shipping. Here's what you'll learn to DIY a truck camper of your own: 8 steps. If you don’t have any of the tools listed, then we recommend heading to or your local hardware store. This is what that side will look like. The Rugged Bed Liner is a bit rigid--it’s made from a solid piece of plastic–and was installed without any bolts. On my truck, the distance between the bed rails was 62 3/8" (to provide some clearance I cut mine at 62"). Screw the mounting brackets together, making a capital “T” shape on its side. We have a 6.5’ short bed, so we were almost able to cover the entire area twice. The operation of the steps is just cool. Excited to learn more, we talked to them about the reclaimed wood product and they explained that Maine Heritage offers many different varieties, including a thin reclaimed wood option with a peel-and-stick backing for easier installation–this is exactly what we’re looking for. Life is too short not to spend it doing something you love. If you want further assistance on how to do this, then head to YouTube and type in “wiring truck cap tail light”.

This will allow you to connect the power inverter to the truck and easily remove when parked. When we moved apartments in Boston after our first downsize, we were able to fit our entire apartment in the back of the truck. Use the Fabri-Tac to glue your seams. And there you have it. Plus, the serape blanket ceiling will cover this up anyway. Step 2: Fix Up the Truck .

Share it with us! Make sure to measure all truck cap elements that will impact the screen cutout. Check out your local hardware store for the the bolts, washers, and nuts and go to for a free sample and quote. In the words of the great Red Auerbach, “be quick, but don’t hurry.” Say this to yourself whenever you’re up against a deadline and you’re feeling it slip away from you. Before installing each plank, make note of the holes in the wood and place the circular black stickers that come with the wood in these spots to cover the white of the toolbox. Then you can peel the paper off. When we started this conversion project, we were novice construction workers. We learned this through troubleshooting during the next project. DCU utility truck cap is outfitted with 1” aluminum framing, so we measured the length and width of each aluminum rail. A gear cover/gasket is sandwiched between the motor and linkage and held together with three hex-head bolts. Once placed, add Fabri-Tac glue around the sides of the VELCRO. Cut two small holes for the screws in each location, then re-install the VELCRO so the BedRug is in its secured position and screw in each tie down. So I designed this Truck hauling a Christmas tree. No one likes waking up in a damp area. Positive energy is a strong motivator, one that will keep you moving forward towards your goals. Next, install the ceiling cover. When he woke up the next morning, everything in the truck was wet because he had to leave the side access-door open for air circulation. DCU truck cap, we didn’t have all the materials to seal or secure it to our f250, George. Love the truck! Then either wipe or blow off with a air hose. Enter AMP Research with a brilliant solution: the Power Step. This helps realign the bracket, so once you secure it to the side of the truck bed, it’ll be straighter. Hold the screen in your hand as you do this. Find the page that is specific to your truck and look for any additional kits required. There’s always something that can be added, tweaked, or improved. DO NOT skimp on the above step when applying the VELCRO to the blankets.
A post shared by Wild We Wander (@wildwewander) on May 31, 2018 at 10:58am PDT. We used a Dremel for this, as the reclaimed wood is about 1/8” thick and we wanted to treat the wood with care. The roof rack can hold up to about 500 pounds. We thought wrong. Installing an electrical system gives us the ability to access power when we need it. Be careful to fish the light fixture out of the back before setting the door panel aside. Pull the BedRug into its secured position. Remember, the VELCRO strips are 2” wide, but the the aluminum framing sizing varies. We have a 6.5’ bed, so if yours is longer then you may want to drill a fourth hole. The components fit very well to the stock mounting points, the wiring harness was the right size for the crew cab, and the kit included some nice details such as butt connectors, cable ties and connecting wires. Whether your truck cap is used or new, clean the area where you’re going to apply the VELCRO strips.

This will strengthen the bond between the blanket and VELCRO. And there you have it. in your truck camper while keeping the bugs out. Attach hanging hardware. The glue seemed to dry fast enough, so we thought It would be okay. I hope everyone enjoyed this Instructable, and if you make one yourself, please upload the picture, I would love to see what you came up with. Let dry according to your paint, before continuing. Use the measurements from your pattern to cut precise VELCRO strips.

Enter e-mail address to subscribe and get latest updates and info. Add a little paint, of your choice, I used Red, because of Christmas. There may already be holes in your truck cap, but don’t be afraid to drill new ones if you need to. This may sound make-shift, but it works. When you open any door, the step on that side deploys very quickly so you don’t miss a step getting in. You may want to add a few layers of tape to the bulkhead to ensure nothing gets in or out. Step 3: Build a Frame for the Deck .

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