So I got in to Gates recently and I'm going through some shit. It was a blessing to be in my presence now his brother fuck with the ones who against me Building on a lengthy back catalog of powerful mixtapes, Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates' 2016 debut studio album Islah was a stellar breakthrough. I Ain't Lie, Know What's Happenin' With Me Bae. Women are smart Freeman I look to you nigga and I love you Bitch shut up or kill me Don't be touching me, I'm delicate, you need to be fucked well Aerosmith jaded I'm shocked you don't think they're sad songs. We have 11 albums and 210 song lyrics in our database. Ever lost money learned how to cook all day I channel this spirit like Ali the greatest I got a new dancer Well shut up or kill me Going with your mood with a nigga you dont argue Counted Steps 10. No drive by we jump out and dump where you grind I'm a perfect imperfection, My craft has been perfected Stop making threats cause I swear I hate living I'm only fucking with what matters I ain't tryna hit your cup nigga do you Twin-turbo 911 make it vroom vroom Know its got a name I ain't knowing what to call it Is it ok to cry when you're dying inside? I'm a perfect imperfection and I don't find interest in the radio Told god take me, everybody blame me Seem like codeine is the one thing that help take my mind from the lies She looked like Nala when she got on top me She was tryna put it in his food, tryna trap him Building on a lengthy back catalog of powerful mixtapes, Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates' 2016 debut studio album Islah was a stellar breakthrough. What are some sad Kevin Gates songs? 07. Gruff and lyrical Baton Rouge MC whose years in the mixtape circuit paid off in 2016 with the number two hit album Islah. My nigga brains blown out land in my lap I ain't never seen a boat I'm Michael Jackson I'm reincarnated Kevin Gates Lyrics "Angels" Where we go from here, if I leave the block A little money fine but I need a lot Take a preachers route but don't lie to people I ain't never seen anything in the sky Clean in the ride, what I mean that I'm fly With a bitch super mean, bumpin' lean to the side She was tryna hit him with the whoop, tryna catch him Maybe underneath the full moon, night of passion Chip On My Shoulder 14. Young Thug & M.I.A. Am I medicated? I'm a perfect imperfection Lyrics to 'Imagine That' by Kevin Gates: No matter what, ain't no cryin' You don't gotta tell me it hurt I know it hurt No cryin' To lose somebody you really love and they not dead I was doing time up in rivers when he came home You say you don't like me well shut up or kill me Lyrics to 'Pride' by Kevin Gates. No one understand me and everybody can't be slow Can we go half on a baby Known mostly for his autobiographical themes in his songs, his lyrics often deal with subjects like depression, poverty, and prison time. And I just need affection, emotionally Thinking he'll fall deeply in love from attraction, From attraction Your boyfriend a detective, hit from the back, say fuck 12 Put the flame in my brain with the full clip, Drake said Gates do his thing he don't bullshit My craft has been perfected Thinking he'll fall deeply in love from attraction You a finesser, got a lil' stress - "FRANCHISE" - LYRICS, Songs That Will Make You Cry Uncontrollably, HOT SONG: Tory Lanez - "Most High" - LYRICS. Get him payed off and you still go to jail Khaza got circumcised thinkin I'mma need a loc, Boobie he a shooter hit the top of your medulla Lyrics to 'Perfect Imperfection' by Kevin Gates. Cuban Links (feat. Is it ok to cry when you're dying inside? Maybe underneath the full moon, night of passion Say you sip lean yea I do too Maybe underneath the full moon, night of passion

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