[59] Democrats carried five of Kentucky's ten congressional districts, and Powell was elected as the first Democratic governor since 1834. --Stephen Douglas [23] In October, Breckinridge went to Iowa to close out his business, then returned to Kentucky and formed a law partnership with Samuel Bullock, Thomas's cousin. An entrepreneur who ran ...read more. He was appointed Confederate secretary of war in 1865. [50] Breckinridge was assigned to the House's standing committees on Federal Relations and the Judiciary. [37] During their time in Mexico, over 100 members of the 1,000-man regiment had died of illness. [131] The next morning, he discovered that soldiers under his command had begun killing an estimated 45 to 100 wounded black Union soldiers of the 5th United States Colored Cavalry. https://www.history.com/topics/us-politics/john-c-breckinridge. [47][48], When the House convened, Breckinridge received a plurality of votes for Speaker, but fell at least eight votes short of a majority. My poor Orphans," bringing recognition to the Orphan Brigade. On October 2, 1864 at the First Battle of Saltville, his troops were able to protect critical Confederate salt works from United States forces under Stephen G. Burbridge, despite a lack of resources. It's a slogan. Eyewitness accounts recall him to have said, "Gentlemen, the South has lost its best friend. [26][200] Officials in Louisville tried to block the move, which would break the near-monopoly that the Louisville and Nashville Railroad had on southern trade. [26] This, coupled with his earlier support of manumission and African colonization, balanced his support for slavery; most still considered him a moderate legislator. [53] His only concern with the document was its lack of an amendment process. [155] With a force of about 4,800 men, including 261 cadets from the Virginia Military Institute, he defeated Sigel's 6,300 men at the Battle of New Market on May 15, driving them west across the Shenandoah River. 10107 matching entries found. [185] Traveling down the St. Johns River, they reached Fort Butler on May 29. Commissioned a brigadier general in November 1861, he was placed in command of the so-called “Orphan Brigade,” a Kentucky unit whose troops felt abandoned by their home state. [28], Breckinridge again applied for a military commission after William Owsley, the Governor of Kentucky, called for two additional regiments on August 31, 1847. [129] Nicknamed the Orphan Brigade because its men felt orphaned by Kentucky's Unionist state government, the brigade was in Buckner's 2nd Division of the Army of Mississippi, commanded by General Albert Sidney Johnston. An image is not simply a trademark, a design, a slogan or an easily remembered picture. [118], In an open letter to his constituents dated October 8, 1861, Breckinridge maintained that the Union no longer existed and that Kentucky should be free to choose her own course; he defended his sympathy to the Southern cause and denounced the Unionist state legislature, declaring, "I exchange with proud satisfaction a term of six years in the Senate of the United States for the musket of a soldier. Breckinridge began his political career in 1849, when he won a seat in the Kentucky House of Representatives. [76], In February 1854, the Whig majority in the Kentucky General Assembly passed – over Powell's veto – a reapportionment bill that redrew Breckinridge's district, removing Owen County and replacing it with Harrison and Nicholas counties. [48][109] In the lame duck session following the election, Congress adopted a resolution authored by Lazarus Powell, now in the Senate, calling for a committee of thirteen (Committee of Thirteen on the Disturbed Condition of the Country) "to consider that portion of the President's message relating to the disturbances of the country." After reapportionment in 1854 made his re-election unlikely, he declined to run for another term. [55] A week later, he announced that he would seek election to Congress from Kentucky's Eighth District. He was hailed as the personification of Kentucky chivalry. New condom slogan: Wrap it in latex or she's going to get your paychecks. [127], On the recommendation of Simon Bolivar Buckner, the former commander of the Kentucky State Militia who had also joined the Army of the Confederate States, Breckinridge was commissioned as a brigadier general in the Confederate Army on November 2, 1861.

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