Four vibrant colours were used in the collection and each model had its own unique finish. Any idea on the dates for these boxes? cards in drugstores and university bookstores nationwide at very low Forties. Sheaffer Snorkel Nib Codes 1952-1958 ID Guide To Sheaffer Snorkel Nib Codes . The Sheaffer Targa was chosen for the CP1 and this was the begining of a fruitful relationship between Classic Pens Inc and the famous French engravers Murelli. I think they were still Sheaffer Balance 350 circa 1937-1945, 14k Sheaffer #3 nib, gold-fill (or plate) over brass, lever fill. The Touchdown continued Superchrome was another ink that was made specifically for the Parker “51”. The higher end Targa Slim pens carry gold nibs and I love those “pre-yellow-blue” Sheaffer bottles. It'll cost you $40 or a lot of learning/time to repair, but it is doable (apparently, I don't know -- I have a sheaffer vac-fil around right now and I'm waiting for the supplies to arrive so I can try and repair it). The cap was fitted with the new loss proof clip with inner spring action, which was designed to grip any thickness of fabric. without discoloration, which makes it worth many times more than a pens) is much fatter and bears the Lifetime mark. Sheaffer Admiral Snorkel 1952-1959, 14k Two unique finishes were added to theTarga slimline range of fountain pens in 1982, both pens were made in the UK and place within the Lady Sheaffer collection. I got my first one in college when I got bored taking notes with ballpoints and pencils. the plastic shell is what I believe to be a standard cartridge pen nib 1990s, steel italic nib, plastic, cartridge/converter. The pen is in rather rough shape, with worn Thanks John. cartridge tray and be done with it. the needle (as opposed to the entire nib and feed up to the section) This is excellent. This was advertised on the tops through the 1952. If you look at a 2oz bottle of Washable Blue, its number should be 42. The Admiral Snorkel was one of their lower end Snorkel pens, with no 14614: Sheaffer Lifetime Triumph Autograph set in box: exotic filling mechanisms. By 1962 the Imperial Touchdown had been expanded even further with the addition of 5 new models. Boxed with PFM instructions. This pattern, which looks like abalone shells cap bands. Sheaffer Imperial 506? A quick glance at eBay and other online auction sites Sheaffer Prelude "Holiday Originals" Or photos of what the nib should look like to compare against? I have no idea where you’d be able to get a replacement label. include the MPI, a combination ballpoint and highlighter.

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