Report everything to Ludgren and he'll give you a recomendation. Before heading out to Zeiss Region, head to Jenis Royal Academy and speak to Purity in the Material Archives room in the clubhouse to get Looking at the map, you need to go to an area where the He'll give you Grancel Sewer Key B. With everything you have done so far, you should have 147/198. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. those arts in front of your carefully placed allies, most of your foes will go down very quickly. Then head upstairs at the Orbal Factory and talk to Nial On the 2nd area, go left at the intersection. to skip his turns. BUT, if the pink penguins are too far from their allies, they'll cower in fear and forfit their turn as a result. causing the most problem. His S-Crafts, Disable and Aural Blast all do severe damage against his foes. Also, if you kill him at close range, he'll self destruct; causing huge damage against the surrounding areas. He will give you Father Divine's Letter. Head right and The two attack Dobermann are there to act support while the two Solid Dozers will With all five Recommendations, you are now promoted. With the six missions posted on the bulletin board, plus the three hidden He can also charge up and fire his laser. After what Nial has to say, he'll join your party. From there, the mission is finished and report your findings. This is a very important item because it relates to the Stolen Ring sidequest. This battle is very easy. However, it's quite sporatic. His move is a similar fashion to Estelle's Hurricane. Also, she uses 8-Leaf Blitz to do Kenshiro-Esque attack. Afterwards, head to the elevator. Thunder Quake has a large HP. Wait until later and head over to the drawbridge. These guys might give you a hard time if you are not prepared. Be sure to find the Black Notebook while you are in the Sky Bandits Hideout. the bridge on Elize Highway to fight you. Then Head over to move around much to deal damage. version since the content is mainly the same. want to make Tita decent. But don't be complacent though because it can still unleash Death Rage. This is a mandatory boss battle. On the 3rd floor, move right then go forward. Amalthea and Special Ops Soldiers x2. Get out of to go straight forward at the end of the path. Once you have vanquished your enemies. This formation is useful against bosses with powerful arts, or with attacks that make a tanking unit obsolete. Go to Tratt Plains and go to the place where you got the Sapphire Talisman. There's a Teara Balm nearby. By the time you unleash your art, you can unleash it without any problems. Lastly, head over to the harbor in the south block. Once you get this treasure, you'll notice that the intersection splits into four paths. I suggest to get rid From there, go on the second floor and head to the northwestern room. So, what you do is that you go to the door near the top-left corner and you'll encounter another set of Soldiers on the lounge. Once you have filed the papers, there's no turning back. to the next floor. Now, you explored every part of the area in this side, you get to fight along side with Agate. Sien Weapon & Guards. It just tells you what to do, in what order, to 100% the game. Having Earth Guard is a must in this battle because Reverie is going to pull all stops to do significant damage on your allies. Celestial Balms. Keep a balance between upgrading your slots and selling them for money. There should be another monster chest nearby. Unfortunately, there's really isn't anything noteworthy in this area. So instead, stand in front the coffee shop and wait until you see a huge gap; like that pic below. You will receive Work Helmet and Gladiator Headband from Vogt. There's the northern path that has the two torches in-between and the eastern path along with it. Along the way, you'll find 2 more Teara Balms on those individual rooms. Anyway, after the banquet and the talk with Colonel Richard. Now head over to Lavantar Casino & Bar on the second Then go east and head over to the 3rd floor. one the battle is over, you get Mind 3 Quartz. ^l5| Wow, it's well hidden! have, the higher your rank will be. At the southern part of Ruan, examine the Warehouse and go straight up. Also, you can bypass the turn order by using S-Break. It contains a Calalier Killer. Facing north, head left and pull the lever and ride the cart. Moving on, Talk to Jimmy at the Ruan Chapel. Boss: Duke Dunan and 2 Heavily Armed Soldiers x2. at the school cafeteria and take him to the social studies room. Go to the pump shed which is the northernmost part of the town. They'll fight in numbers You really can't go wrong with diverse arts as well as Utilitarian However, there's a red treasure box and you will have to fight 4 Wisdoms before taking Water and Wind attack. Once you have all three volumes, present it to Logic and your mission is over. groups of three. Servais Leaf. Success rate of running from battle increases by 10% per every failure. Head back to the inn and The biggest drawback is that he has low HP, low Defense and limited movement. Interestingly, his moveset is surprisingly diverse and useful. So, there's no need to place your movement towards your enemy and For all of the CP you those slots, you must have the adequate amount of Sepiths. magical damage. To be honest, there's really not much change in their battle style other than they have a really high HP and most of their Then go right at the intersection and continue to go forward. Rolent Landing Port and talk to the receptionist as well. restoration or you are occupying all the critical bonus slots. Then go next door on the right. Defeat it and you'll get Cestus. Also, this move can revive fallen allies as well. monster will short Circuit itself and it'll hit itself as well as confuse. 25% of the game. Then talk to Lloyd who is at the pier west of the lodge. This lets you use your S-Craft without it being your turn. Josette and Kyle will do the same tactics from their respective battles. Again this battle isn't hard. Quartz will raise your status attributes and will generate an orbment output. info on arts. 3 Monster Trappers. Field maps consists of mainly monster roaming around, which on touch will engage into combat screen. With her low HP, you can knock her out very quickly with buffed attacks. Even the most minor Now, you got the book, Show items tagged with all of the selected terms: Click here to learn more about Steam Guides. So, before you Her availability time pretty much occupies Go back to that intersection and go to the left path. Before entering the room in the center, continue to move west. However, on the second round, there's eight more coming. There should be a monument west of the intersection near Trails in the Sky the 3rd is the sequel to Trails in the Sky FC and SC, and as such is it recommended you play those two first. She deals long-ranged attack with her Orbal Gun as well as casting Soulful Roar which is a Strength buff on all allies on the field. There, you'll go to your next destination, Mistwald. Finally, You are going have to work extra hard if you Be sure to examine the cabbage patch, the cow stable and the greenhouse. You still have enough time to get those done.... At the base of the tower, you'll fight 5 Attack Dobermanns in battle. to Joshua. It be a little further east from the the Cronociders during Tratt Plains Monster. It also does Donkey Missle and Atomic Smash to annoy you. Be sure to talk to Private Harold before you enter the gate because he will give you Carnelia: Chapter 2. Open that treasure and you'll fight monster inside. for total BP is 111. you have everything you need, it's time to cross bridge. To Ravan for correcting this guide and making it better than it is. extra BP. His first move can hit the opponent twice. So, you should be facing east. Since Amalthea only those moves, shes Afterwards, you can now go to the Mayor's you enter the sewer, you should have the map for Grancel Sewers. After the group split, it's time for you to go to Liberl News Service and In this level, the path will branch out even further so watch where you are going. There's a Tear-all Balm. After you have learned that something is up at the Mayor's house, it's time for you to investigate on what's happening. See Gull Seaway for more details... Talk to Harg at the pier west of Aqua Rossa Bar. Go to Ritter Road. Afterwards, go to the Roenbaum hotel and the receptionist will give you a room key. Once the battle is over, head back to the guild and report to Aina. Use really good arts such as Hell's Gate or other crowd control techniques to defeat them. Josette on the other hand has several moves up her sleeves. So, talk to Olivier at the bar inside Grancel Castle. Head over to Ruan and go to Hotel Blanche. Go to the left and you'll get an Arc Rod. Not your items, not your quartz, not your weapons or Carnelia chapters and not your recipes. Finally, her Radiant Plash has the largest healing range out of However, the pacing is still Turn-based at heart.

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