Continue reading →, There is one particular abandoned dynamite bunker on a remote beach on Sandy Hook that holds some very strange and mysterious secrets. m_gallery = "njs_creepiest_places"; Continue reading →, For Sale: Charming cozy ranch style brick cottage in Brick, NJ, located on a spacious lot near the water. Camp Pahaquarry closed in 1972. There is an unusual area in Double Trouble State Park, on the border of Berkeley and Lacey Townships in Ocean County, where all of the trees had apparently been pushed down in a strange circular pattern by some unknown force. There was once a Route 666 in Rockaway, but the signs were stolen so often Morris County officials changed Route 666 to 664. Here's the Weird N.J. report on Clinton Road and Cross Castle. Weird NJ; Amazon Store; Weird US ... Monmouth County, told over the years, and most contain some elements of truth. What is it about Boy Scouts and murderous backwoodsmen — and women? In 1849, an outbreak struck Independence and the nearby area. I cried. On a train ride from New York City to Newark, an advertising executive passed Snake Hill and was inspired to create the Prudential Insurance Co.'s Rock or Gibralter-like logo, which is used to this day. m_gallery_json = ""; I've never spent a more restless night; I was absolutely convinced I'd be slaughtered in my sleep. m_gallery_title = "NJ\'s Creepiest Places "; Did you ever visit Action Park? "I got lost in the Pine Barrens one night going to cover a Jersey Devil hunt,'' recalled Jess Infante, a Jersey native and now Boston resident who shared her story on Twitter. A moody, atmospheric photo of the Devil's Tree in Bernards. 9 in Bayville watching the world go by (which for a dinosaur is no time at all), the scenery changing with each new decade, the population of cars growing from a handful here and there to thousands a day driving by my little place on the highway that was not so long ago little more than an oiled dirt road. Folks here in New Jersey sure do know how to get into the Halloween spirit, and often do so with elaborate seasonal displays. m_gallery_type = "photo"; New Jersey is a scary place, and I don't mean the skyrocketing property taxes, monumental traffic jams and assorted crises and catastrophes that are our daily lot. 6. And if so, an address or directions please :D Clinton Road, West Milford. It's a name given to a passageway leading to a series of underground tunnels and storm sewers in the Passaic County town. I mean scary places: the haunted houses, abandoned buildings, creepy cemeteries and ghoulish legends packed into this tiny, terrifying state. 9. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. Feel free to share — if you dare! But that’s not all! New Jersey's long history includes plenty of murder and mayhem, giving the state its fair share of spooky and haunted locations. Would we fall for Orson Welles' 'War of the Worlds' today? No other road in the state, according to Weird N.J., has had more rumors and tall tales attached to it than this long, lonely stretch of asphalt. 75th anniversary story on the infamous broadcast, Henry Leddel's gravestone in Hilltop Cemetery at Hilltop Church. He was a bloodthirsty fiend who apparently loved to carve up Scouts at Camp Pahaquarry. Weird NJ has taken to the airwaves! At least that's what our counselor told me and my fellow Scouts one night: I can still remember sitting around the campfire, scared you-know-what. m_gallery_permalink = ""; A monstrous black rock looming over the Turnpike is scary enough; when you add the fact that Snake Hill was once home to a psychiatric hospital, almshouse and penitentiary, you can see why it has spooked generations of Hudson County kids. All are available in all sizes and … Continue reading →, These days there’s a popular fashion or “cosplay” fad known a “Steampunk.” Steampunk is based on the idea of futuristic technology existing in the past, usually the 19th century, and often set in Victorian era England—but with prominent elements of … Continue reading →, Hey, You Wanna Hear a Weird Story? There are many legends of how the road got its name; the most outlandish one says a band of wildcats mutilated and killed early residents. Is it the landing site of a UFO, or was it perhaps ground zero for a meteor strike or where a freak tornado touched down unobserved? Add to that odd amalgamation of sights; brightly colored 7-foot tall Transformers, spear-toting Roman centurion knights on stallions… Continue reading →. The Spy House, Port Monmouth. "Pitch black, nothing around,'' he says. Please support the journalism you trust. In the town of Lakewood, Ocean County, stands a tree which is famous in local lore known as the “JL Tree.” Its tragic tale tells of the violent death of a young local lad and the tree that has immortalized … And don't forget Dead Man's Curve. Subscribe to », Peter Genovese | NJ Advance Media for There are no trucks in the Pines.''. Continue reading →, Now you can have all of your favorite Weird NJ icons on all kinds of cool new Weird Wear, like Tee Shirts, Girls Tees, Sweatshirts, Long Sleeve Tees, Hoodies, Unisex Tanks, Kids Tees, Tie Dyes or Onesies! As more people came and went, so did the fashions of their day and the designs of their motorcars, but always there was a smile and a wave from those who turned their heads as they passed, no matter how many times they had done it before. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. The Gates of Hell, Clifton. Continue reading →, For almost 86 years now I have stood on Rt. 1. This is a single … Continue reading →, Stories of severe bodily injury and even horrible deaths abound about this legendary family fun park once located in Vernon, NJ. The Seabrook-Wilson Homestead, as it's also known, now houses the Bayshore Waterfront Park Activity Center, which will host upcoming programs on seals and snowy owls. Built to house hundreds of patients, Greystone eventually packed in 7,500 or more. Shades of Death Road, Warren County. Henry Charlton Beck, that unrivaled chronicler of 1930s, 40s and 50s small town and backroads New Jersey, discovered a more likely explanation: malaria. m_gallery_pagetype = "embed"; m_gallery_blog_id = "8001122"; If so, we’re sure these stories will bring back some painful memories for you. There was once a castle-like mansion here, named after its owner. There’s a desolate five-mile stretch of narrow asphalt known as Great Bay Boulevard located in Tuckerton that leads southeast out of Mystic Island across an expansive salt marsh. "A friend of ours had an axe and was going to chop the tree down. I found (the rest of her group). The house has been called "The Grand Central of Ghosts.". Proprietor Thomas Seabrook spied on British troops during the Revolutionary War, and pirates buried their dead in the cellar. How can a place so beautiful and mysterious be so supremely spooky? Often dubbed "the most haunted house in America,'' the Spy House has long been the home of ghostly apparitions and paranormal presences. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. Order yours today and we’ll have a copy mailed right to … Today, there's a pleasant waterfront park at Snake Hill, and the Hackensack Riverkeeper runs tours — highly recommended — from there. Hmmm, what are they trying to hide? We’ve received quite a few letters about an unusual area in Double Trouble State Park, on the border of Berkeley and Lacey Townships in Ocean County, where all of the trees had apparently been pushed down in a strange circular pattern by some unknown force. Here are just a few of our favorite properties, personalized for the holiday, from this year and Halloweens past… Continue reading →, There’s a ghost story in the southern New Jersey town of Atco that tells of a young boy who was run down on a lonely stretch of road after chasing his basketball into the middle of the street. Continue reading →, Motorists driving along Route 9 in the New Gretna/Bass River area have reported seeing strange things popping up along the roadside. The #55 issue of Weird NJ Magazine: Your Travel Guide to New Jersey’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets, is now available. In the current issue of Weird N.J., several readers not-so-fondly recall Hatchet Annie, a famed ghost in Daretown (we kid you not), Salem County. We’ve started a series of radio episodes called “Waking Weird” which can be heard broadcast live on WFMU’s Wake & Bake program every Monday at 8:39 … Continue reading →, One of the very strangest tombstones in our state pays homage to Edgar Allan Poe, the master of the macabre, and his best known poem, The Raven. The inspectors believed that it was not the same blob that appeared in Little Egg Harbor the prior year, but still didn’t have a clue as to what it consisted of. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Because there's a lot of nowhere there — deep, dark woods; overwhelming silence; and trails that lead to certain doom, all of which give rise to legends of ghosts, goblins, and yes, a devil or two. And let's not forget all the snakes; Secaucus is often translated as "the place where snakes hide (or live).'' But it is here, somewhere along the barren and featureless expanse, that you will find an unlikely symbol of warmth and greeting during the holiday season: A fully decorated Christmas tree. Me and some friends were planning on doing a Weird NJ trip sometime soon and we really don't know where to go. In the town of Lakewood, Ocean County, stands a tree which is famous in local lore known as the “JL Tree.” Its tragic tale tells of the violent death of a young local lad and the tree that has immortalized … Weird NJ is a travel guide and magazine to places you won't find on state funded maps or located on any tourist attraction pamphlets. m_gallery_creation_date = "Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 5:18 PM"; One bedroom, one bath, dine-in kitchen, living room with working brick fireplace, and an outdoor pool. We left very quickly.''. We get to the tree, and walk up to it, the guy takes a big swing, axe head breaks off as soon as it hit the tree. 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