"I just thought it would be a good joke, y'know just laugh it off after the fact.".

he said, looking away. Lena tried to hold in her laughter while Louie, on the other hand, burst out laughing.

She frowned and looked at him with her eyelids a tad lower than it normally would be, furrowing her eyebrows. "Dew, that's not how you should've handled the situation!" Dewey said, walking up to him. Lena said, twirling a black marker with her fingers. Hopefully they heard him, not knowing how thick the walls and everything were. She was hiccuping up bubbles and laughing. The younger one of the two had a small smile on his face. Della replied; she averted her gaze almost immediately after saying it. Fandoms: DuckTales (Cartoon 2017), DuckTales (Cartoon 1987), Darkwing Duck (Cartoon 1991), Mickey Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers (2004), Epic Mickey (Video Games), Disney's House of …
Stick around, and maybe you'll find love with the one you're meant to be with. Seeing he wasn't, he sighed with relief. So he had some questions. Lena laughed the whole time while Webby only gasped seeing Lena did that.

Looking at his face carefully, she noticed that he was lost in thought. The girls come home. "I... You... We kissed." "I have a question. Scrooge looked at Dewey, "We? Dewey answered. she said. I have to make sure they're okay."

"No, my leg hurts and I can't stand up." What if Lunaris kept her prisoner? As you go along the adventure that is high school you make friends, enemies, and a possible love interest?Actually there is three that have caught your eye. "'Somethin' we're not able to see'?

Ya have been drinkin again? She sat down in the chair closest to him.
"Get out of here. Scrooge said, hoisting Goldie on to his back. She looked at her furiously. (This is an AU where coal mining is still a substantial industry in the 21st century.). "So wait, all we had to do was come here, get the moonstone, and mom would've been back this whole time?"

I already sold the drink." He thought. She pushed him down to the floor with a thump. "How much would it be? she asked, wiping her mouth. Nothing a little sowing can't fix. Follow/Fav Fallin' For You. But when three new students walk into the school, maybe her life will change for the better... As you go on adventures with scrooge mcduck and his family you try to unravel the answer behind your mothers disappearance. "Louie, Lena, let's just go inside." She then turned around, and kissed Lena on the beak. Louie chuckled. Scrooge said, among gritted teeth. Dewey argued. The triplets have finally met their mother, but now they're curious about another parent: their father. Talk McDuck.".

We'll find another way out!" "Webby what are you doing? Oh I apologized if it was too sudden XD I tried foreshadowing it but oh well, that didn't work too well I guess. Her white blouse had two buttons off and one of her suspenders was broken. Scrooge groaned as he began towards her and tried to pick her up. well yes, and you happen to be that child. Looking at him straight in the eyes, he wanted an answer from him. I was worried sick! Single and lonely and constantly concerned about his safety in the toxic mines, his entire life is turned upside down when he meets a fellow miner named Launchpad McQuack. Are you a Ducktales fan who's been itching for a oneshot book that updates often? Louie grabbed the price sign and saw the original price crossed out and replaced with five bucks instead. He wished that the both of them had the answers and solutions, even if it wasn't something they liked or wanted to hear. She couldn't look at the entirety of his arms before he hid them almost completely. Huey Duck & Dewey Duck & Louie Duck/Reader, Where the coal mining industry is still flourishing in the 2000s, Ansem Seeker of Darkness | Xehanort's Heartless, Sort of follows the plot of KH3 but derails from it for an original plot later on, Scrooge McDuck/"Glittering" Goldie O'Gilt, Lena (Disney: DuckTales)/Webby Vanderquack, Bentina Beakley/Ghost of Christmas Future, Ghost of Christmas Future (Disney: DuckTales), Post-Episode: s03e14 The Split Sword of Swanstantine, Dewey Duck & Donald Duck & Huey Duck & Louie Duck, The Split Sword of Swanstantine but Kablooie Duck and Phooey Duck Exist, Dewey Duck & Huey Duck & Louie Duck & Phooey Duck, Lena (Disney: DuckTales) & Violet Sabrewing & Webby Vanderquack, Dewey Duck & Huey Duck & Louie Duck & Scrooge McDuck & Webby Vanderquack, Honorary Duck Family Member Lena (Disney: Ducktales), Honorary Duck Family Member Webby Vanderquack. (HueDew. No one passed by to check out the lemonade stand. She laughed more. Della answered, looking at the spot where the treasure used to be. And started to have feelings for Scrooge Mcduck. She said, showing the five dollar bill. "Well that's what you said last time, and the time before and the the time before when you brought me along as well."

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