Haplogroup T is rare almost everywhere in Europe and reveals older gene flow (40 thousand years ago). A Kazakhstani paper published in 2017 found haplogroup R1b-M478 Y-DNA in 3.17% (41/1294) of a sample of Kazakhs from Kazakhstan, with this haplogroup being observed with greater than average frequency among members of the Qypshaq (12/29 = 41.4%), Ysty (6/57 = 10.5%), Qongyrat (8/95 = 8.4%), Oshaqty (2/29 = 6.9%), Kerey (1/28 = 3.6%), and Jetyru (3/86 = 3.5%) tribes. The table below shows the human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroups, based on relevant studies, for various ethnic and other notable groups from Europe.The samples are taken from individuals identified with the ethnic and linguistic designations shown in the first two columns; the third column gives the sample size studied; and the other columns … Comparative overview of distribution of Y-DNA haplogroups in … R1b1a1a2 (R-M269) was previously R1b1a2, From 2003 to 2005, what is now R1b1a2 was designated R1b3. K-M2313*, which as yet has no phylogenetic name, has been documented in two living individuals, who have ethnic ties to India and South East Asia. The origin of all ancestors is determined according to regions and percentages. – The U.S. Population Lines Subclades of R-M269 (R1b1a1a2; previously R1b1a2) are now extremely common throughout Western Europe, but are also found at lower levels in many other parts of Western Eurasia and the Mediterranean. [3][4][5], Analysis of ancient Y-DNA from the remains from early Neolithic Central and North European Linear Pottery culture settlements have not yet found males belonging to haplogroup R1b-M269. [77], R1b1a2a is a sub-clade of R-V88, which is defined by the presence of SNP marker M18. The above map, in particular, is based on Y-DNA haplogroups. Cruciani et al. R-M207 is therefore a secondary branch of K2b (P331), and a direct descendant of K2 (M526). [48] Apart from individuals in southern Europe and Western Asia, the majority of R-V88 was found in the Sahel, especially among populations speaking Afroasiatic languages of the Chadic branch. [45], R1b subclades have also been found in Han Chinese from Shandong, Heilongjiang and Gansu provinces.[46]. "[52][34][53] However, the assignment of these Hazaras' Y-DNA to the "PQR2" category by Behar et al.

It remains a possibility that some, or even most of these cases, may be R-L278* (R1b1*), R-L389* (R1b1a1*), R-P297* (R1b1a1a*), R-V1636 (R1b1a1b), R-PH155 (R1b1b), R1b* (R-M343*), R1a* (R-M420*), an otherwise undocumented branch of R1 (R-M173), and/or back-mutations of a marker, from a positive to a negative ancestral state,[47] and hence constitute undocumented subclades of R1b.

The farther north you go in Europe, the harder it is to detect Haplogroup J1 (Jewish, Arabic). Haplogroup A0-T is also known as A-L1085 (and previously as A0'1'2'3'4). The Germanic Peoples were an Indo-European people of ancient times who originally came from the northern part of Germany and adjacent regions. West Germany is the Rhineland, Hesse and Saarland. [34] However, more recently, a large study of Y-chromosome variation in Iran, revealed R-M343(xV88,M73,M269) as high as 4.3% among Iranian sub-populations. The rest of Human DNA is AUTOSOMAL DNA, which would form a completely different map than this one. Haplogroup LT (L298/P326) is also known as Haplogroup K1. Genetically speaking, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are extremely similar. Genomic structure in Europeans dating back at least 36,200 years", "Phylogeographic Refinement and Large Scale Genotyping of Human Y Chromosome Haplogroup E Provide New Insights into the Dispersal of Early Pastoralists in the African Continent", "The phylogenetic and geographic structure of Y-chromosome haplogroup R1a", "Genetic evidence of an East Asian origin and paleolithic northward migration of Y-chromosome haplogroup N", "Phylogeography of Y-chromosome haplogroup I reveals distinct domains of prehistoric gene flow in europe", "Tracing past human male movements in northern/eastern Africa and western Eurasia: new clues from Y-chromosomal haplogroups E-M78 and J-M12", "The Indian origin of paternal haplogroup R1a1* substantiates the autochthonous origin of Brahmins and the caste system", "The Evatt Clan: A Worldwide Historical Review of the Evatt Family Surname", "Upper Palaeolithic genomes reveal deep roots of modern Eurasians", "Wave-of-advance models of the diffusion of the Y chromosome haplogroup R1b1b2 in Europe", "Y-DNA Ethnographic and Genographic Atlas and Open-Source Data Compilation", Y-chromosome haplogroups in populations of the world, List of haplogroups of historical and famous figures, List of Y-DNA single-nucleotide polymorphisms, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Y-DNA_haplogroups_in_populations_of_Europe&oldid=984434121, Human Y-DNA haplogroup population frequencies, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from December 2013, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from October 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 02:20. [34] (This Bashkir population is also notable for its high level of R-M73 (R1b1a1a1), at 23.4%.

[51] Three of these six Kumandins share an identical 15-loci Y-STR haplotype, and another two differ only at the DYS458 locus, having DYS458=18 instead of DYS458=17. The maps on this page represents the distribution of Human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) This cluster's most distinctive Y-STR value is DYS390=19.[34]. Germanic Tribes Examples may also exist in ancient DNA, though due to poor quality it is often impossible to tell whether or not the ancients carried the mutations that define subclades. [68] In western Asia, R-M269 has been reported in 40% of Armenian males.

(2012) found R-M73 in 35.3% (6/17) of a sample of the Kumandin of the Altai Republic in Russia. Turkey is the only country that includes a sizeable percentage of Asian and African haplogroups not listed in this table (A, ExE1b1b, C, H, L, O, R2) representing 8.5% of the total. The most common Ashkenazi Jewish Y chromosomal haplogroups are R1a1 and R1b. From 2008 to 2011, it was R1b1b2. [34]) Five individuals out of 110 tested in the Ararat Valley of Armenia belonged to R-M269(xL23) and 36 to R-L23*, with none belonging to known subclades of L23. Ordered by 16% of customers for an origins analysis. K is believed to have originated in Asia (as is the case with an even earlier ancestral haplogroup, F (F-M89). For the state highway in Michigan, see, Most frequently occurring paternal lineage in Western Europe. Vikings

Statistics was made using 23-marker collections only, all from “Purps et al, 2014”. suggested that Sengupta et al. Haplogroup R1b (R-M343), also known as Hg1 and Eu18, is a human Y-chromosome haplogroup. (2014), which "likely occurred in Southeast Asia, with subsequent westward expansions of the ancestors of haplogroups R and Q". Haplogroup I2a1 >> M423 in Europe.

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