Paine also criticizes the idea of monarchy and hereditary succession. In Paine’s view, citizens should have the opportunity to choose their leaders as opposed to automatic succession and he regrets that the “original sin and hereditary succession are parallels” (Paine 59). In this case, America is the host, while the British colonial masters are the parasites, who suck nourishment from the America’s rich natural resources. He rues, “The phrase ‘parent’ or ‘mother country’ hath been jesuitically adopted by the king and his parasites with a low papistical design of gaining an unfair bias…” (64). The first outstanding literary element in Common Sense is triad, when Paine posits, “In the following pages, I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense” (61). English 294 In his chef-d’oeuvre literary narrative, Common sense, Thomas Paine dwells on the American independence. Print. As a way of appealing to the Americans’ emotions and logic, Paine notes categorically that the “period of debate is over…and by referring the matter from argument to arms, a new era for politics is struck, a new method of thinking has arisen” (61). In other words, the monarchical form of governance is evil. According to Paine, " Let the assemblies be annual, with a President only. He also uses tone, which is highly confident. I believe that this book had a lot to do with the spark of revolution. This assertion appeals to pathos, as it stirs Americans to reflect on how they have tolerated the undeserved atrocities of the colonial masters without questioning. In this example, there will be representation from all aspects and people, so they can and will be part of the decision-making as well as the President. He was aided with landing the job by Benjamin Franklin, who Paine was in contact with while living in Europe. Such literary device bestows convincing power upon the writer, by making the audience feel obligated to agree with whatever is being said. Print. [2] in Thetford, England, Königreich Großbritannien; 8. Print. Till this day Paine’s writings still have a big influence on society, imagine if there was no Thomas Paine where would society be at if he didn’t come to America. Our world is in a grave and desperate drought of common sense, and the only way to quench this thirst is to reevaluate ourselves, our thoughts, and our practices. According to Merriam-Webster, common sense is defined by having sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts. Paine also provide an insight to having a higher power to run a government. The writing falls in its historical context as it was written at a time when America was living under the oppression of the British colonial powers. Hitchens, C. Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man: A Biography, New York: Grove Press, 2006. will help you with any book or any question. The function of a triad is to emphasize an issue in a bid to make sure that the audience gets it right (Cooper and Nothstine 129) and Paine accomplishes this goal by opening his narrative with such a sentence.

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