Im constantly surprised by the number of people that will stop me in a public place to ask what the beautiful fragrance is im wearing....I even had a bus driver ask me, as he wanted to buy it for his wife! I think that its closest companion is Byredo's La Tulipe, which has the greenest, stemmiest, waxy quality. The spice is not cloying, but balances the juicy, sweet fruit with warmth and depth. Generous and full of amber-lit love and warmth, like sucking sweets on a warmer than usual spring day with a hand picked bouquet of spring daffodils and dirt on your knees, grass stains on your summer frock. 3 generous spritz and it lasts all day and out did all the curry smells in the lunch room at work. Even though I remembered that I had not used it that much. I bought this tonight, and did ONE spray on my wrist and I could only tolerate it for about 4 minutes before I had to (try to) rinse it off with water. Even though it is strong, it doesn't wear you - you wear it. Pleasant, romantic, not obsolete, as some ladies described it. It's really pleasant :) It's sweet but not in a sickly way. Just bought this and i am very glad i did. I absolutely love this! La Nariz detrás de esta fragrancia es IFF. This is one of my top favorites as being a perfume lover as well as a flower lover. I prefer it for winter, early spring/late fall, possibly on breezy summer can get cloying and smell like air freshener in the heat, so watch out. It is hard to improve a perfect daffodil, but this beauty pulls it off. floral but sweet. But Narcisse is far smoother, spicier and creamier than ToD. The heady top notes still kind of give me that ooooff-heady feeling, but my goodness the middle and base of this scent is sooo gorgeous. Spicy peaches and cloves good right from the opening and lasts and lasts! Love the bottle. I hate it when you love a scent and you can't smell it on yourself, whats the point I say? It is sweet, spicy, and decadently floral. Strong peachy narcisse with a soapy touch.Funny perfume! In juxtaposition, Narcisse evokes the moist petals of daffodils, and the peppery crispness of carnation along with the snap of stems. Anyways I used to wear this one in my 20s and it seems I haven't outgrown it, I still love it to death. It brings back so many wonderful memories. If you have the patience to wait for half an hour, it first starts turning into a honey scent - I even thought it would go in the direction of Lancome Poeme. maybe not the nicest description but this is how i imagined it. When I did an open air spray after opening, it actually has a nice smell. I walked out of the chemist with a 30mL bottle in my hand, my wrists out all ready to spray. ), I think.. Somebody once said this "suited me", whatever that meant. I see some reviews that talk about how powerful this fragrance is but I can't really smell it.

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