And so Pagé’s death was not scrutinized in the same way.

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And when I worked for a mining company as a field laborer a few years ago, I walked into the lobby of the office on my first day—about to head into the bush for a month, where I would hike alone for eight hours every day—and found a memorial to Jean-François Pagé mounted on the wall. Our whole lives are lived in bear country.

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“It became a judgment over our lifestyle,” said Samson, who has had bears pass through the same backyard where her children play. [Re: derbyacresbob] crapshoot Retired PM Staff Registered: 03/22/02 Posts: 22228 Loc: Henderson,Nevada,USA Looked like momma came back.

The scrutiny was unprecedented.

There had been three previous fatal Yukon bear attacks in recent memory. That kind of thing “helps the families,” she said, “but it also gives media what they need.” It directs their energy away from elementary schools and the Facebook accounts of the grief-stricken while still feeding their need for quotes and copy.

His partner and child were not at the sauna. “There was no indication at all that he wanted to talk or was ready to talk,” Hong said. As Samson notes, while strangers on the internet accused Valérie of being irresponsible for bringing her baby into bear country, every parent in Whitehorse knows that a bear could wander across their driveway or through their yard someday. Months later, that fear is still fresh—when I eventually approached a friend of Val’s for this story, she described the pain of seeing her friend’s picture everywhere in the days after the attack and always surrounded by harsh comments from strangers.

An autopsy confirmed that he died due to a grizzly bear attack. And a hiker visiting from British Columbia, Christine Courtney, was mauled to death in Kluane National Park in 1996. The bear collapsed, shot fatally through the head. For people outside bear country, was reading about this tragedy really anything more than voyeurism? [6][7], "Fan Question: What's the story behind Al Gore and ManBearPig? Découvrez comment nous utilisons vos informations dans notre Politique relative à la vie privée et notre Politique relative aux cookies.

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