In your complaint letter to the Ombudsman, you must provide the following information:(i) Your name & address(ii) The name and address of the bank branch of the bank against which the complaint is made(iii) The facts which gave rise to the complaint(iv) The type of the loss and the relief sought by you. The staff too mentioned that the ATM did give problems. I have enquired jetairways on this but no ticket is booked, they said me to ask in bank. Now imagine the nightmarish experience of not getting the full amount from the machine of what you requested. Every bank also has a grievance cell that looks into the matter with utmost priority. This article explains what to do when an ATM transaction fails due to a faulty ATM machine and how to write a letter to the bank/banking ombudsman to get refund of money not given by the ATM. 10,000 only (Rs. google_ad_host = "ca-host-pub-4797889710020333"; But if the auto-credit does not happen, then you need to take any of the steps mentioned below. I registered complain in pocket app. Recently, as I went to update my passbook, I found the amount was debited on the same day via ATM. The Bank branch staff refused to give a refund of Rs.400, stating that they would check their records. – Escalate: If it is still not done, you need to escalate the issue to the branch manager where you hold the account. In such a case, your first and immediate step is to fill a complaint form and submit it to the nearest branch of the Bank. Please look into this matter as soon as possible.Hoping for an early redress to my complaint,Regards,(your signature here)[your name, surname][your address][your contact Phone Number(s)][your email ID]Photo Copies attached:(i) Complaint to Bank branch in prescribed form(ii) Response from Bank branch(iii) Copy of the Passbook page showing debited amount