With all the uncertainty regarding the exam right now, I’m more than happy to answer any questions regarding how I prepared for the test, my strategy taking it, or anything else about it. Some people say The UWash bioethics page is helpful, but I personally didn't find it useful because it is all bioethics, and CASPER really tested on normal ethics and conflict resolution. New York Medical College (Valhalla, New York), 11.) Someone is trying to make a quick buck off you, you don't need it. For instance, if you apply to 3 CASPER schools, it will cost you (base test fee)+(school fee) = $12 + ($12*3) = $48. CASPer totally slipped my mind while I was adding schools to my application. So they may have 20 responses to grade, but they will all be the #2 scenario. Go to here and follow the instructions. Anyone have advice on taking this test? Always be understanding in your responses. It should be correct now, thanks :), C) not really reflective of any quality you may possess. Have a baseline understanding of how to resolve conflict, mediate problems, and find solutions while being ethical. I THOUGHT THIS WAS ONLY AN EXAM FOR CANADIANS FOR SOME REASON.

Now I gotta shell out more money for a test whose results may not mean anything in the long run. You have an optional 15-minute break in the middle Each situation will have three questions that you must type out an answer in 5 minutes. They do this so if you have a lousy answer, it doesn't predispose the grader to thinking you're a dumbass for the rest of the test.

How messy was your typing? Casper is $12 to take it, and $12 each to send it to each school. There are several helpful posts on this subreddit about it, but I personally liked this one here. I would still check it out though!

Please join us in our suffering, some schools won't look at your secondaries until you have it. University of Illinois College of Medicine (Chicago, Illinois), 20.) Take some typing tests, and practice. In your situation, is Becky being a rude chica? Still haven’t gotten results or an official invite yet but I guess it just depends on the school. You cannot watch the video or see the prompt again, so make sure you pay attention to names and remember the situation. My favorite piece of advice from the poster I linked above is PPRDJ, which stands for "problem, perspective, responsibility, decide, justify".
This is a subreddit for all pre-physician assistant students seeking help with their applications. This section is more of my personal advice than anything I've really, really seen. Edit: Thank God for this post and bless you OP. Either way, just do well on it. Drexel University College of Medicine (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 6.) The average typer is 40 wpm, my friend is an average typer and he found it hard to answer all of the questions to the best of his ability with his typing. Tulane University School of Medicine (New Orleans, Louisiana) ("suggested"), 18.) You could’ve added it later too.

Thanks Canada /s, Your CASPer blog link leads to a mattress store lol, LMAO I didn't even realize! Update (7/26/2018): u/limeguydr made a really cool guide to solving most ethical problems encountered on CASPER, the link is here . Chicago Medical School (Rosalind Franklin University), 5.) WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY RESULTS BACK FOR CASPER? Meaning that if you live in the North East US then you will have graders from that area. CASPer is a test used by medical schools to evaluate how you respond to hypothetical scenarios. Yep. Also, is the sample test supposed to cost money? How do they use percentiles if it's a free response? Um. Wow, I see some texas schools jumped in on the CASPER bandwagon too. Wait.

Each grader only gets assigned one question to grade.

I doubt they'll call me a racist when I have no idea how to identify them. Texas Tech School of Medicine (Lubbock, Texas), 17.) This person found out a lot about CASPER via an adcom at their school, and I would strongly recommend to read it. Note: This list is made by comments and hearsay, I have not checked DO schools myself so please look into it if you plan on applying DO as well.

5) DO NOT ASSUME. Lo siento but you still need to shell out the dinero and do it. I have scoured the dark depths of the internet to no avail. Don’t be fooled by the hysteria. Take the practice CASPER exam on the CASPER website.

You can also add schools after you take the test. 7/2/18 Update: Apparently Miami Miller added it today, 26.) The advice I got was to answer as: State your Responsibility in the Situation. I know in Canada, applicants with top MCAT scores are rejected because of their CASPer results.

If you see this post in future cycles, please check for an updated list: 1.) Last year when I asked this question, I got mocked by a mod for asking something that can be so easily googled. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I didn't realize 4 of them require it. They look for what you expect, thorough contemplation of both sides of the situation, an openness to ideas, a course of action to what you believe is best and the justification for it. It says that it takes 5 weeks to send the test and the schools I applied to that said they require it won’t look at your application until they receive the results. I went on that site by accident before finding the real one, and I probably copied the wrong one! Update (6/23/2018): A fellow Redditer has given this information after watching a CASPER webinar here: "The grading is done regionally. no, she might have [insert sad problem]. This is discussed in later sections, BUT IT TAKES UP TO A MONTH TO SEND OUT YOUR TEST RESULTS TO SCHOOLS, SO KEEP THAT IN MIND WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR A TEST DATE. You do not have time to backtrack here. CASPER is taken online, approximately an hour and a half long, and is comprised of 12 situations, some of them videos, some of them word prompts. Make a decision and run with it. I didn't but I'm sure you can. The grading is done regionally. But honestly, the videos are so short IMHO I think taking notes won't help you. A computer with a web-cam/camera that can run CASPER (see full technical requirements on the CASPER website, you can also check if your computer can run it there). So they may have 20 responses to grade, but they will all be the #2 scenario. I am a complete noob regarding CASper...what exactly does it test and what’s the score based on? Some of us think it's a screening test to make sure you aren't a waste of space for an interview, some of us think medical schools have no clue how to use it and just like making our lives more miserable, I personally think both are correct. They expect a 7th grade reading/writing comprehension without factoring minor spelling/grammatical errors. Reddit's home for wholesome discussion related to pre-medical studies. Generally, June is a good month, but I think July is fine as well. Remember, CASPer is meant to test your professionalism – so all you need to do is show that you can make common sense decisions and come up with rational decisions that cause as little harm to others as possible. 7/21/19 Update: University of North Dakota, 35.)

:) thanks! Who ever decided to damn this is commitment.

and choose your answer based on that. should you assume that she is being a rude chica?

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.
Basically, it is an online test that asks Multiple-Mini Interview (MMI) questions via the internet, where you have to watch videos/read a prompt and respond to the questions. 7/21/19 Update: University of Missouri. I'm pretty sure several CASPER people read your responses, grade them for different aspects (how well you solve the actual problem, how empathetic are you, how much you think about other people's perspectives, etc.) Central Michigan University (Saginaw, Michigan) (optional), 3.) Just sign up for the earliest time you're available. 7/21/19 Update: University of Nevada, 36.) Quillen College of Medicine (East Tennessee State University), 12.) Like what values did you use to make your judgment? They can be located on the sidebar or at the pinned post titled "START HERE". I got halfway through a question, realized it got too political, then thought "I'm a bad bitch you can't kill me" and continued typing it. Long School of Medicine (San Antonio, Texas), 7.) Please read our FAQs before submitting questions. They just added another test you need to study hundreds of hours for. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Here's a free practice test - remember, don't ever pay for CASPER prep! Come up with answers to situations, or personal anecdotes of times: -Where you confronted an authority figure -Where you had a group project and it wasn't going well -When someone treated you unfairly -When you saw [insert unethical situation] and what you did. Aight so none of us know. It can take up to 3 weeks from what I understand.

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