Copyright © 2020 Unique Dog Names. Bay - A broad inlet of ocean where the land curves around it. Fin - in the UK, this is the structure on the topside of a submarine. For instance, the Nurse shark is popular, but it usually grows to be too big for most home aquariums (up to 14 feet!). One famous Blue in pop culture is the name of the dog in the critically acclaimed Nickelodeon Jr. television show, Blue's Clues. All Rights Reserved. Just about any dog or any breed, color, or size can find a meaningful name with an ocean theme. For instance, the Nurse shark is popular, but it usually grows to be too big for most home aquariums (up to 14 feet!). (635 kg). Firstl, pick a name that your dog can easily recognise. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. For example, if you have a dog with a big mouth who loves to chew, the names Jaws, Shark, Bruce and Tiger would all be appropriate. Wrong! The rare megamouth shark has long body and large head and mouth. The show was the first of its kind with audience engaged participation, and it ran from 1996 until 2006. We have been curating the most interesting and unique names we have every heard of. The scary look of this shark is due to its long-pointed snout and gray appearance similar to a small great white. Exploring nautical pet names is not only fun, it can be educational. They are identified by their pointed, flatten conical snout, sharp pointed teeth, and large elongated caudal fin. (1,905 kg). If they’re well-known for their hunting abilities, then Quint would work well. These predatory sharks can be found in the warm waters in the Mediterranean, the coasts of Japan and Australia, and along the eastern coasts of North and South America. If you think you have another great name to add to this list, please submit it below. An interesting feature of its mouth is its rubbery lips and small teeth. You can afford to have a swimming pool-sized tank put into your mansion, which is better for taking care of your enemies, à la James Bond villains, anyway.) It is said that more undiscovered species live in the ocean's depths than we have already discovered. Or maybe you just want to look for an unusual dog name. Both the common and scientific names for the oceanic whitetip describe identifying features of this predatory fish. This large species of shark can reach lengths of up to 10 ft. (3.2 m). If you find one that you really love, let us know by clicking on the heart. And why not? The other famous dog in the movie, Pippet, unfortunately falls victim to Jaws himself, which is not an uncommon theme in Spielberg’s movies — he’s actually known to be one of few directors who has the clout and ability to get away with allowing dogs to die in his films, a testament to his knowledge of knowing how to pull at the heartstrings of his audience. Claim the Top Dog Spot! Although the bamboo shark gets along fine with other fish, you probably shouldn't put other fish in the aquarium that are big enough to look like an appetizing treat for the shark. These markings are more pronounced in juvenile species and tend to fade with age. The pointed snout extends above its small mouth. These subthemes will help dog owners identify the best and most meaningful name for their dog. Blue as an ocean-inspired name falls into the subtheme of nature, peace, and tranquility people feel at and on the ocean. The whale shark is the largest shark species alive today with the largest recorded specimen being 62 ft. (18.8 m) long. The bamboo shark family itself contains seven different species, including the brownbanded, spotted, and whitespotted bamboo sharks. My college football team is Auburn so I was thinking Auburn or Aubie? Blue from Blue's Clues is a strongly fixed dog in pop culture, and with the revival of the show, it is sure to stay relevant for years to come. However, Blue was not named after the deep blue ocean though the name still represents a dog in popular culture with an oceanic name. The world's oceans are a wondrous thing covering 71% of the total surface area of planet Earth and containing 97% of the world's water. As its name suggests, this shark has a mega mouth. Harbor -A natural or man-made body of water adjacent to the mainland. Sharks are majestic creatures and need a home they can grow comfortably into. People may be drawn to marine biology and have a deep interest in the life forms that inhabit the oceans or the kinetic forces that power the oceans and shape life and geology in and around the waters.

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