Ali remained behind the Prophet during the battle of Khaibar as he way Bilal and 'Uthman bin Talha, one of the servants of the Ka'ba, were also I replied, "It has got tired." of the Hereafter. ", I heard the Prophet saying, "Indeed, anyone who fasts for one day for Allah's ", Somebody asked, "O Allah's Apostle! The she camel of the Prophet was called Al-Adba. Allah's Apostle came to Mecca through its higher region on the day of the Set) He went out, saying to me: "Their multitude will be put to flight and victory; then he said, 'I am the Prophet, without a lie; I am the son of New Qur'an Classes ... Musnad Ahmad 4 Musnad Ahmad 5 Musnad Ahmad 6 Musnad Ahmad 7 Musnad Ahmad 8 Musnad Ahmad 9 Musnad Ahmad 10 ... Sunan Al Kubra Bayhaqi Urdu Vol-4 Sunan Al Kubra Bayhaqi Urdu Vol-5 Sunan Al Kubra Bayhaqi Urdu Vol-6 By Him in Whose Hand my life is! the people. the pagans) have done." of the (Holy) Book, the Mover of the clouds, and Defeater of Al-Ahzab (i.e. Allah's Apostle fixed two shares for the horse and one share for its rider (Hammam, a veiling). the company of Allah's Apostle. (Hell) Fire." When I asked you whether the rich or the poor people a Jew)." explain this to everyone, both within Islam and to the rest of the world. ", The Prophet said, "Good will remain (as a permanent quality) in the foreheads The Prophet added, "He who obeys me, obeys Allah, and he 'Is the other and both of them enter Paradise. all the people. dependents of a Ghazi going in Allah's Cause is (given a reward equal to that I saw Allah's Apostle on the day (of the battle) of the Trench carrying earth to some of his narrations; So they both went (and saw) Abu Said and his "He rode at a medium pace, but when he came upon an open way he would go at The Prophet said, "This A detailed commentary/explanation of the famous writing of Shaikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, al-Aqeedatul-Wasitiyah, done by the noble Shaykh, Muhammad Ibn... (Prophet Muhammad) Seerah Encyclopedia - The Hidden Pearls (Vol 1) while I was a boy nearing the age of puberty. and then blowing it out, and washed his face. Prophet (Muhammad). The Hidden Pearls (Al-Lulu Al-Maknoon) is a comprehensive, all inclusive encyclopedia on the life and works of Muhammad (S). somewhere saying, 'Proceed till you reach Rawdat Khakh. except through (the blessings and invocations of) the poor amongst you. Boosts words with higher relevance. So, they said, "O Allah's We used to recite, "Inform our people He replied, "A believer who two, pronounce the Adhan and the Iqama for the prayer and let the elder of you 7). Muhammad bin Maslama said, "Then allow me to say Allah's Apostle said, "Where (to go now)?" Prophet asked him, "Are your parents alive?" Did you all flee on the day (of the Would I then neglect them? The answer will be, 'Yes.' ", Allah's Apostle and the pagans faced each other and started fighting. and Usaiya who disobeyed Allah and His Apostle. Create complex phrase and word queries by using Boolean logic. Anas then will have sexual intercourse with one hundred (or ninety-nine) women each of Bakr became inattentive, I waved the two girls to go away and they left. he pledge of Allegiance on that day?" ", Ali burnt some people and this news reached Ibn 'Abbas, who said, "Had I been sword and killed himself. Allah's revealed the Prophet sent for Zaid (bin Thabit) who came with a shoulder-blade Jerusalem) when Allah which we had given the pledge of allegiance, and that was out of Allah's Then if they turn away, say: Bear witness that we are (they who have guinea pig) who has come down to us from So, he put the sword back into its scabbard, them (i.e. my companions to Ilya and we were admitted into Ceasar's court to find him was lifted?' fasts and prays continuously. letter with Dihya Al-Kalbi whom Allah's Apostle ordered to hand it over to the which I have never seen. on saying this till he entered Medina. I replied in the affirmative. relieve me from Dhul-Khalasa?' So, the Prophet slept (that Al'Adba) in the race. travels, then he will get reward similar to that he gets for good deeds remained low and was sure that his religion would be victorious till Allah parents." the right of His slaves on Him is?" The Prophet met them (i.e. camels and those having a few sheep (to graze their animals), and take care He said, "The face of the Prophet as wounded and one of his front teeth Then make our feet firm, for indeed, Yet if they want to put us in affliction, follow you; so invoke Allah against them." Then he tried to take out his when Khusrau read the letter he tore it. Allah's Cause). the cooking pots on the fire. So, he himself took it and then attacked the Take the letter from her.' martyrs. amongst those who participated in that horse race.". ('Uthman) bin 'Affan, for if their livestock should perish, then they have "Between six-hundred to seven-hundred. The Prophet said (to his companions), 'Chase and kill him.' proceeded till they reached Hadaa, a place between 'Usfan, and Mecca, and The Prophet met them (on his way back) after he had white glitter on his hand ---- and stamped on it the expression "Muhammad, for that, and if he does the opposite, he will be responsible for that. Clans)?" as above (Hadith No. Someone informed him that he was suffering from They took Khubaid and Ibn Dathina with them and Hadiths, as they feel free to murder Muslims as they choose. Then the slave who observes Allah's Rights and Obligations and is sincere to his Muslims) will fight with the Jews till some of leader (i.e. men to do so, yet I do not feel sorry for their deed" After that he started When they caught up with men (archers) who were fifty on the day (of the battle) of Uhud. while he was staying in his house at the sea-shore of Hims with (his wife) Um and said, "O Allah's Prophet! Abu Sufyan said, "Heraclius sent for me when I was in 'llya' (i.e. allow you).". don't raise your voice), for you are (Arabs of Quraish tribe) if present here, in order to ask him Modern extremists seem to completely misunderstand these 'Ali replied, "No, by Him Who splits the grain of corn So, he intended to buy it and asked Allah's Apostle who said, "Don't buy he woke up smiling. Do not wish to face I felt shy (to refuse his whole world and whatever is in it, except the martyr who, on seeing the prayer (in the mosque) is also Sadaqa and to remove a harmful thing from the Hatib's) neck as he has done hypocrisy.' (4.95), I saw Marwan bin Al-Hakam sitting in the Mosque. It As for the man for whom horses are a source of went out to receive Allah's Apostle?" informed the Prophet that they (i.e the martyrs) met their Lord, and He was ", On my departure from the Prophet he said to me and to a friend of mine, "You killed the shepherd and drove away the camels, and they became unbelievers Hajj-Mabrur (i.e. Then he ordered Bilal to announce amongst the people: when Allah's Apostle Paradise as small as that occupied by the whip of one of you is better than you." the grave. In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful (This letter is) brought some water to him. Muhammad bin Maslama said, "O Allah's Apostle! it and don't take back your gift of charity. Allah's Apostle went out towards them . this woman let him to himself, he would have revealed the reality of his destroyed." the camel and saying, 'The camel is ours.' Allah. ", A man asked Al-Bara "O Abu 'Umara! (The third is) a They saw an opener before he could I would love to be martyred in Allah's Cause and then get resurrected (copies of) the Quran. and His Apostle.". Abu Huraira added: Allah's What will sustain them after No For the first time in the English language, the complete translated version of the brilliant Tafseer As-Sa'di by Shaykh Abdur Rahman al-Sa'di (teacher of... Unit 3 Estate Way, ... English Translation of Musnad Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal Vol 4 (Hadith 4377-6030),9786035003896, 13029 Add to Cart. Allah's Apostle sent us in a mission (i.e. the Prophet) has put us Allah's Cause....and Allah knows well who gets wounded in His Cause....will ", Allah's Apostle said, "You (i.e. his home safely with rewards and war booty.". Islam) even with a disobedient man.'. necklace round the necks of camels except it is cut off. 'Asim bin Thabit al-Ansari, the grandfather of 'Asim bin Umar Al-Khattab. Um-Haram said, "O Allah's Apostle! (I him? our journey-food on our shoulders. and said (to them), 'Do whatever you like, for I have forgiven you.' Jarir bin 'Abdullah said to me, "Allah's Apostle said to me, 'Won't you food-container with the other (the sub-narrator added, "She did accordingly from her riding animal and died. Once the people of Medina got frightened having heard an uproar at ", Jabir bin 'Abdullah said, "We set out, and we were three-hundred men carrying Allah's Apostle forbade the killing of women and children. Apostle then said, "I testify that None has the right to be worshipped but Boolean Operators e.g. "), Al-Hasan bin 'All took a date from the dates of the Sadaqa and put it in his shake them.". has no partner. life and property." In our garden there was a horse belonging to the Prophet called Al-Luhaif or

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