While there are currently no mass-market Wi-Fi connected devices capable of receiving Gig speeds over Wi-Fi, those devices are coming. It also comes in a nice-looking new white — the previous generation came in black. Config: I have my Arris XB6 in BRIDGE mode and the Velop in GATEWAY, all is fine on the WIFI side including my Rogers TV boxes which I have moved to the Velop mesh WIFI with no issues (this was easy actually). That says to me that you are using atleast one coaxial splitter in that room, which makes the signal atleast half as strong as the other outlet. Comcast also announced that its xFi Advanced Cybersecurity, which offers additional security protections for your network, will be available to customers who lease an xFi gateway at no extra charge. Code §1798.135: Do Not Sell My Info. That all said, I think the WIFI rebuild is good. Cal. Have lots of residential devices now on the Velop mesh and working well. In addition to Wi-Fi 6, Comcast says the new router has four dual-band antennas that support both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, one 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port, three 1 Gbps Ethernet ports (the previous version had two), and Bluetooth LE and Zigbee radios to connect to IoT devices. Since launching xFi in May, we’ve made it available to more than 10 million homes. This new version has support for Wi-Fi 6, which is optimized for faster speeds and to better handle the ever-growing number of networked devices we have in our homes. If you had any problems, you would have to the modem to Gateway mode for troubleshooting purposes with Rogers techs. No question is too small, but please be sure to read the rules and [posting guidelines](https://www.reddit.com/r/HomeNetworking/comments/3hvyg0/rhomenetworking_posting_guidelines_and_helpful/) before asking for help. Once online, in addition to ultra-fast Wi-Fi speeds, customers will have access to unprecedented control over their home Wi-Fi network, with the ability to set profiles for every member of the household, assign devices and decide what devices connect and when. Try logging into the gateway at Http:// with username: admin and password: password unless you or the ISP changed it. It includes a 160 MHz-capable 8x8 antenna array, Mu-MiMo (Multi-user, Multi-input, Multi-output) technology. In our labs, we’ve actually tested Wi-Fi speeds faster than 1.5 Gbps, and the xFi Advanced Gateway is capable of going even faster, as Internet speeds increase and Wi-Fi devices become more powerful. In the meantime, the power of the xFi Advanced Gateway delivers ultimate performance to your connected home. I ended up moving the unit back to the main coax line in the other room and ran a cat6 back to my desktop. With xFi, setting up an xFi Advanced Gateway is as simple as plugging it in, scanning a QR code with our xFi app, and clicking through a few simple prompts. From some googling I found that the blinking orange light on this modem router means "downstream registration". This is the result. This includes 1 Gig, which is now available in 26 of our markets, with more coming all the time. Comcast says the now-free service will be rolling out to customers over the coming weeks, and new Xfinity customers will have the service turned on by default. I'm not sure what to interpret from that. Comcast is launching a new Wi-Fi 6 gateway, but you’ll have to be on one of Comcast’s plans with speeds of 300 Mbps or more per month to be able to … Comcast now has a Wi-Fi 6 router for its high-speed customers, Samsung’s fast, small T7 USB-C SSDs are cheaper than ever at several retailers, If you want fast transfer speeds in a very portable size, check out this model, Best Buy’s three-day sale on OLED TVs, headphones, and more ends Saturday, But there are plenty of other great deals, Woot is selling refurbished Pixelbook Go laptops that don’t have Google branding, This weird ‘debranded’ Pixelbook Go is kind of amazing, Sign up for the If so, you're just impatient (not tryna jump to conclusions) Also, is there a service outage in your area? Appreciate the replies everyone. Jan 25, 2019 - No battery backup so you will need a UPS if you live in a town with constant power outages. But if you are on one of those plans, the new gateway will cost the same to lease as what you’re already paying today, Comcast’s VP of xFi and Digital Security Dave Puckett told The Verge in an interview. If the cable guy tested the coax port and successfully made a connection with his equipment, shouldn't that mean the modem router can connect just fine? Press J to jump to the feed. As you can see, there is a blinking orange light and a blinking coax light. newsletter, Comcast’s Xfinity xFi Advanced Security offers customers better internet protection for $5.99 per month, CES 2020: more show than substance at this year’s concept-heavy event, Ring adds privacy dashboard to app in response to security concerns, Toyota will transform a 175-acre site in Japan into a ‘prototype city of the future’. The device also has VoIP phone jacks, so if you need phone service and need to rent a gateway, ask for the XB6-T it has a Broadcom chipset and not the Puma 5 or 6 chips the battery back up older Xfinity gateways do. Cookies help us deliver our Services. As the name implies, every xFi Advanced Gateway comes packaged with xFi – our personalized Wi-Fi experience that provides a simple digital dashboard for customers to set up their home Wi-Fi network, find their password, see what devices are connected, troubleshoot issues, set parental controls and even pause Wi-Fi access on their home network during dinner or bedtime. Or am I being impatient? Meet the World’s Most Advanced Wireless Gateway Device. The company is also making its security service free if you lease an xFi router. Once it has rolled out to you, you can manage the service through the xFi mobile app. I believe the first time you try to use the hub it needs some extra time to get itself ready. Only thing I can assume is that the connection wasn't solid enough for the modem to reliably pick it up. XFi Advanced Cybersecurity was announced at CES last year as a $5.99-per-month subscription on top of what customers were already paying for internet and to lease the router from Comcast. To deliver that performance, the xFi Advanced Gateway is packed with the most advanced Wi-Fi technology we’ve ever put into a device, including a 160 MHz-capable 8x8 antenna array, Mu-MiMo (Multi-user, Multi-input, Multi-output) technology, and a combination of specialized Internet of Things radios. If we’re going to ask you to put the xFi Advanced Gateway in a central location, we couldn’t have it flashing all day and night, so we replaced the traditional array of bright flashing lights with a single, soft and steady light that you’ll quickly forget is even there. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. From some googling I found that the blinking orange light on this modem router means "downstream registration". That’s why design was such a key focus for us in making the xFi Advanced Gateway. It's a FULLY supported setup from a Rogers perspective and you won't have any problems getting help should you run into any technical difficulties in the future. And if you use Comcast’s xFi Pods to make a mesh Wi-Fi network at your home, Comcast says those Pods will still work with the new Advanced Gateway. The design elements that define the look and feel of the xFi Advanced Gateway are drawn from our Xfinity Design Language that we’ve used to create a consistent look and feel across our latest generation of devices and products. Or is the modem connected to a splitter then to the cable line itself? Technicolor has been tapped for the 'XB7,' a new, speedier DOCSIS 3.1 gateway with 802.11ax (WiFi 6), MoCA 2.0 and IoT radios that's a big leap over the current-gen XB6 D3.1 gateway. There are a lot of things that make the xFi Advanced Gateway a better device to see and feel, but one that might not be obvious is the gateway’s single soft blue light. And while the xFi Advanced Gateway is powerful enough to blanket the vast majority of homes in ultra-fast Wi-Fi, we aren’t stopping there. This is the result. Today, that device is available across the country in every market where we offer Xfinity Gigabit Internet. There are a lot of things that make the xFi Advanced Gateway a better device to see and feel, but one that might not be obvious is the gateway’s single soft blue light. Any possibility you can swap for a stand alone modem and buy your own router? Great digital experiences begin and end with great Wi-Fi, so when we set out to design our xFi Advanced Gateway, our goal was to create the fastest, smartest and most powerful Wi-Fi device on the planet. From there there should be some area with your DOCSIS signal levels, measured in dB. Civ. Starting with the basics, the xFi Advanced Gateway is designed to support Gigabit speeds over Wi-Fi. Is the orange light on the port top/bottom or left/right side of the port? Later this month, we’ll begin offering a Wi-Fi mesh option with our forthcoming pods, for homes where a gateway alone is not enough. I waited about 45 minutes before moving it back to the main line... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HomeNetworking community. The soft touch materials and neutral colors are designed to easily blend in to most homes. The xFi Advanced Gateway’s sleek design are eight antennas to transmit Wi-Fi signals and another eight to receive them. We don’t want you hiding all that power behind your desk, so we set out to make a device that we would be proud to display in our own living rooms. Comcast tells The Verge the gateway will start rolling out in January. If the Rogers XB6 + Pods are working well for you, then great; go with that. The xFi Advanced Gateway includes Bluetooth LE, Zigbee and Thread radios capable of connecting to virtually any IoT device. I've waited about 15-20 minutes with these blinking lights and have also tried power cycling the modem.

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