In order for the fish to be healthy, it needs to be given bloodworms occasionally, as well as make the diet as diverse as possible, focusing on plant foods. Also Mollies love to hide and play so keep plenty of plants , rocks , slate , caves what have you depending on your size. If the water temperature is higher, then the fish may lose their ability to reproduce. However, fish of the same species have been found in coastal sea waters, brackish swamps and freshwater streams, living and breeding. From the breeding of mollies to maintenance and care will not be difficult. I’m an Aquarium Keeper from the past 5+ years and here to let you know about your favorite fishes I hope you will enjoy my posts and share with like-minded fish keepers. The molly is a very attractive tropical fish that comes in many different colors such as orange, green and black. and many hiding and plants.

Texas Cichlid (Rio Grande Cichlid) – Care, Size, Breeding, Tank Mates & Details! Mollies prefer to be kept in groups of at least three, otherwise they'll become stressed and skittish. Gourami Fish – Care, Tank Mates, Types, Habitat & Details! A similar property in a female can last up to six months and is due to the fact that after the bulk of the “babies” have already been born, she continues to bear the rest of the fry.

Due to the structural features of the body, the species is very susceptible to various diseases of the internal organs.

hai, so if you have this blue gourami, you would be over crowd especially if you got two of them. On the plus size, this hasn't overwhelmed my filter as far as having clean water. Make sure to use some sorts of stress coat when doing water change and be very careful in temp. Did my fish just blink at me I'm sure it blinked at me but did it blink ? Balloon molly babies are tiny, they are about 3-4 mm in size, but are ready to swim and eat right after birth. So, the minimum tank size should be 20 gallons(75.70 in liters). Life Span: How long do Balloon Mollies live? Your email address will not be published.

They can go weeks without food as long as they have water. That tank size recommendation is suitable enough for up to four mollies, although a larger tank is always appreciated if you have some extra space. Siamese Algae Eater – Care, Feeding, Tank Mates & Details You Need!

If it is impossible to keep fry, then fish should be placed in the dwelling more floating plants in which the fry can hide. [url=][img][/img][/url] Adham Nabulsi - Meshta2... 5 Benefits of Fish Keeping At Home & Its Brings Wealth Too! You can keep these plants in the aquarium: For soil, you can use medium-sized gravel.

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