The novel actually represents the condition in which Femi, Sade and their dad are obliged to live and even how much bravery it needs to escape from a country in wartime such as Nigeria. This is the condition of thousands of refugees that every day leave their home in sorts of ships that have no space even for a child, and go through the sea, fighting against starvation and hydration, and arrive in countries where they are nothing, the lower social class. Is this one consider a fault? We decided to investigate a topic that touches us directly and personally both as Italians and Europeans. Then they are invisible because WE do not demand to know more. If we keep them as FB friends, they are somehow representative of the people we are. I found her and her sibling’s story intriguing and mind-opening, since it made me realise things I was not aware of. I am sure that we are not enough informed about the real conditions of these people and we will never be able to understand the despair that has led them to be forced to leave their homeland. Discover the unique achievements of ancestors in your family tree, This page needs Javascript enabled in order to work properly. It’s difficult nowadays, for all the informations that surround us, ignore all the tragedies that happen. experience, but one based in the reality of relationships rather than the We are growing accustomed to this kind of bloodbaths and to a situation in which the main human rights are not guaranteed to a large number of people. Together, they Redundance often brings to disregard and that is what unfortunately is spreading through everyone nowadays. ( I am using “trash” in order to avoid another word that I cannot possibly use on an educational blog). This book is meant to make us understand the difficulties that many children like us deal with. I fear what is different from me because I feel menaced, but I feel menaced when I am not fully balanced or in control of my life. Refugee seekers is one of the most discussed and important problems nowadays but seems that no one, and in particular the European Union, give much importance to this topic. Than discrimination, in my view, is not just fed by ignorance, it is also based on people’s lack of balance and self-acceptance. This is the point in which Beverley Naidoo’s novel “The other side of truth” outstands. We have to start looking at what surrounds us from different eyes, only then we will understand what other people feel. Passenger lists are your ticket to knowing when your ancestors arrived in Canada, and how they made the journey - from the ship name to ports of arrival and departure. We don’t know a lot about them but we know enough to give them a new place to live, a new land they can call home, in fact they all arrive from a country economically destroyed or where there have been wars and violence against human rights; we should build bridges instead of walls like the new president of United States is doing now. Why precisely our country (but also Spain and Greece) that from our eyes seems to be a place where work is vanishing day by day and people are getting poorer and poorer? The news reports about them when there are crimes or protests. You need to get organized because you are recommended to diversify the activities so that all of them are covered. However, their excitement is overshadowed by his imprisonment and subsequent hunger strike. Every day, when I read the news, I see at least one article about refugees. They don’t realize that they are the ones who are depriving these people of their rights. Nowadays more and more people escape from their own country to search a better life in place like Europe. Escape from their countries, which were took away from them by the war, hoping to stay alive? There comes misinformation, not in the fact that we are not informed properly by mass medias, but in the fact that news about migration are redundant as the problem is and we catch these informations as “another news about refugees”. Like A Tattoo, and Cherish The Day. Traditions temper Sade’s despair as she remembers times at Family House in Ibadan, and her mother’s quiet admonition to be true to yourself. in a number of moods: protective, determined, depressed, desperate, idealistic, My provocative question is: Are western countries really interested in solving other countries’ problems, especially the ones not in the Western Block? I think we are very lucky to live in our country and with a roof over our head every day, with a family and friends who love us, because it must be really hard to deal with a situation such as that of immigrants, who are forced to twist the their lives to try to survive. Search Australian census records for Sade, Operated by Ancestry Ireland Unlimited Company. I know that a lot of people still think that refugees are a threat and that they steal our jobs, but there are a lot of jobs that Italians would not do even if there were not the refugees. Immigration, especially illegal immigration, is a topic that we often see on the news nowadays. The other side of truth by Beverly Naidoo describes very well the life of an illegal immigrant in the UK. Other early satiric poems include “The Immigrant” and “The Other Immigrant,” which creates a portrait of a sharply dressed black student who dons dignity with his suit. Obviously it does not tell the false but it has some misconceptions in some ways. Controlla la tua casella di posta o la cartella spam per confermare la tua iscrizione, Create a website and earn with Altervista - Disclaimer - Report Abuse, We tried to dispel misconceptions and myths about refugees, the effective features of social advertising,, Pordenone Legge: A Gateway to Literatures in English, A gripping novel on the dark side of social media, The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. I think that refugees are not necessarily a threat, because they can be source of culture. The Other Side of Truth is a book by Beverley Naidoo and it tells the story of two brothers who are obliged to leave their country and makes catapulted into the reality of a metropolis, completely different from the village they lived in: London. Social advertising is used by non-governmental organizations to raise people’s awareness to social ills and discrimination, to problems that plague and affect mankind, among which there is the dreadful and appalling reality of people forced to leave their countries to survive. Public attention and support follow, prompting his release. You can see how Sade families moved over time by selecting different census years. This story is centered in the journey of these two young children, Sadde and Femi, that leave their home in Nigeria and go in London, a city, a home, a society that is completely different from the one that they knew before. (The Guardian). Given the smooth sophistication of the funk However, the world is so bleak already and so ruthless at times that a book meant to sensitize young readers about the issue of migration/lack of democracy and freedom/discrimination, cannot possibly “kill” hope. The cover that I prefer is the second because the eyes of the girl show the depth of her story and establish an eye-contact between the girl and the reader. Oppure iscriviti senza commentare. Watch Video Comment Enlarge font. Click. Why do these people want to come here? 15 Moving Immigration Poems to Read Today Alison Doherty Jul 6, 2018 It’s hard to think of the right words to write about the recent political events surrounding refugees and immigrants entering the United States and the moral injustice of families being separated, imprisoned, and inhumanely punished at the U.S. Border. What does it mean to be a teen refugee? The children are abandoned in London and are unable to locate their uncle, a university professor who has been threatened and has gone into hiding. French: habitational name from a place in Hérault called Saddes. I have never been an immigrant but if I were in their shoes I would not know what to do. In the first photo, the girl is in her hometown in Nigeria, whereas in the second one she is in London, far away from her family. As a matter of fact there have been lots of accidents in the Mediterranean sea. The band is the same extraordinary group that has been with her since Sade's voice sounds slightly huskier, slightly less nimble, and she's I do not know whether I am making sense here. Sade enacts a plan to tell “Mr. The ad that struck me the most was the one that said “Refugees would like to have the same problems you have”, because it is easy to forget that there are people that live in far worse conditions that we do and complain about the little problems that we have. Human beings deprived of the chance to live in a free democratic country, of leading a dignified existence, risk their lives to reach the shores of Italy and find their way in Europe. You can work individually or in pairs. It represents one of the ways to come to Italy. Within census records, you can often find information like name of household members, ages, birthplaces, residences, and occupations. Ricevi un avviso se ci sono nuovi commenti. There are 574 immigration records available for the last name Sade. Interesting perspective Marco. Their usual technique is to lay down a funk groove against which The message I got is that when they leave their country, they very often head towards death, as I have said before. Musically, the long-standing Sade backup band -- really, the only Time to wash the dirty The social advertising are focused on the differences between the refuges and us. Denman, bass. Nowadays there are people who think that refugees are a threat for our society. than she is in rummaging through the ashes of early love and offering a more As regards the cartoons, the ones I think are the best are the first and the second one. Sadly, it looks like the honeymoon is over. Unfortunately, every day thousands of people are forced to leave their country to escape war and the lack of future.

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