Balckjack bermuda grass is easily established from seed. Rated one of the top varieties in the independent NTEP trials. Oasis is a blend of improved turf type bermuda grasses, selected for increased genetic diversity and a broader spectrum of adaptation when compared to an individual variety. After establishment, less frequent deep watering is preferred on a "as needed" basis. Herb Seeds, Princess and Riviera are often used for putting greens, Yukon is often used in colder transitional regions, and Laprima and Laprima XD are used for lawn grasses. Grow a Blackjack Bermuda grass lawn and enjoy the unsurpassed dark green color in a seeded Bermuda grass. It is known for its elite quality and texture. Maya Turf Bermuda grass. Being a seeded variety Maya will establish into a superior bermudagrass turf and has a wide range of adaptation. Blackjack bermuda grass seed is commonly used for a southern climate lawn, turf, park, recreation and many other application areas in the warm climates. Blackjack Bermuda grass gives best results when less than 3 inches in length. Rated one of the top varieties in the independent NTEP trials. In the NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) trial (2007 - 2012) Maya scored exceptionally well for Common Bermuda Grass Seed **Unhulled Raw Seeds - 30 Lbs. Maya performs best in full sun.. Maya has early spring green-up and excellent fall color retention. Blackjack is a very drought tolerant Bermuda grass as well as being bred for resistance to disease unlike many lessor Bermudas. Maya has great spring green-up, and is resistant dead spots caused by some lawn diseases. This is a new generation cold-tolerant turf-type seeded bermuda grass produced by Johnston Seed Company. This vigorous, fine bladed cultivar adds color and density to any warm-season blend throughout the hottest summer months. To prevent plant scalping when mowing, never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade per mowing.

During March and again in early May apply a fertiliser high in potassium. Herb Seeds, No Comments. In spring a high N fertiliser can be used to encourage the couch out of winter dormancy. Warranty/Returns In a few weeks I’ll be putting in a yard in a newly constructed home in the Fort Worth TX area, ON a wooded acre. A two clone intraspecific hybrid that provides a more uniform turf compared to other seeded cultivars! This top notch bermuda seed blend can be used on golf course fairways and tees, sporting fields, parks, home lawns and commercial sites where full sun turf applications are desired. Grass Seed For more specific details, just click here: bermuda grass.

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