fingers crossed. Il just wait a few more days and test x, Hi Nel no I’m going to do a digi tonight! Got faint lines on frers like yours Friday-Monday but never getting any darker or lighter. I think you'll have a more definite answer in a day or two, maybe try first thing tomorrow morning. @Dollydoo22 No one can say for sure but the hcg need to turn a digital test positive is usually higher than the normal many DPO are u? Maybe, I really thought it would say pregnant after those lines have showed on the other clear blues x, @dollydoo22, maybe just go 2-3 days without testing and then try again. A positive result will last for at least 48 hours. Also, evaps have no colour to them but your line is definitely pink so I wouldn’t have thought evap. - my bad xx, I can see a very faint line. Hi @Cantbelievemyluck thank you for the message. Hi ladies,so I miscarried 23/12 (all clear the wk after when I went for a check up scan) today its been 9 days since we did the deed again (sexy time) and I've just felt a little... different? A false negative result is when a pregnancy test indicates that you are not pregnant but you actually are. Connect one-on-one with an OB-GYN who will answer your question. Good luck with the digital tonight x. Learn all the basics about female fertility, everything a woman should know before or while trying to get pregnant. This mean around 1 in every 250 test results was an evaporation line. Fingers crossed for you for the future x. Those tests aren't known to be bad for evap lines. This is page 4 of 5 (This thread has 108 messages.). Add message | Report. So sorry dolly feel awful, I refreshed and saw your recent post and my message had already gone through. Tonight is 14 days!   Took the First Response Rapid Result 12 dpo and it was a positive! It might be a good idea to see your GP and talk the results through just for clarity. i'm going to call my GP today and ask her advise but I think you're right i'm now just worried something is wrong with me :-( I'm also going to ask for a different hospital this time I went to Hillingdon with my miscarriage and found them appalling. Its nice to hear others opinions as sometimes I feel like my eyes are playing tricks on me!   I'm pretty sure it's left over hormones even though I got negative tests from 8/1 onwards (but not on a frer, regret not checking with one of those at the time).So frustrating and I wish I never took a test, on day 48 and still waiting on a period.Fingers crossed your tests become darker over the next few days! Record your signs and symptoms to discover patterns and help determine your probability of pregnancy! pitzerd 7 years ago I've used First Response brand for my first 2 pregnancies and they were 100% accurate.

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