However, we do feel that Away is a little over-hyped. The fabric and zipper for the expansion look flimsy though, so expand at your own risk. Founded and designed by actress Shay Mitchell, BÉIS quickly became popular when it was launched in 2018. I really can’t believe how much a managed to fit in The Bigger Carry-On.

In addition to DSW linked above, you can purchase the entire 3 piece set for a steal at Macy’s. It’s just a polycarbonite suitcase with a whole lot of branding and advertising (and social media “influencers”!) I was also able to use the weight indicator on the side handle to gauge how much wiggle room I had (the indicator turns red when you hit 50 pounds), which really helped my packing process, because I don't have a scale at home. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. After rolling the carry-on and the check-in rollers between five different cities, checking them onto planes, and dragging them onto trains, I can safely say the BÉIS rolling luggage is well-worth the investment.

It is worth noting though that the material and lining of the Away looks and feels more durable than the BÉIS’. In some instances, you may be asked to remove the battery from your Away– or other smart bag– during security, or prior to boarding, but the batteries are allowed on board. Between each of these destinations was a flight (except for the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm after the stop in Åhus), and I checked both bags for each of the flights. At Roam, you can completely customize the colors of your suitcase, right down to the hue of the zipper pulls! If you were to purchase it again would you purchase the same one?

2019-09-12T16:34:19Z The letter F. An envelope. I only experienced this once and had to go inside the bag to manually dislodge the battery pack. We have the latest news on the travel gadgets needed for your next vacation. The BÉIS has more pockets and dividers while the Away has better lining material. My month-long trip included stops in Tampa, Florida; Paris; London; Åhus, Sweden; and Stockholm. The best travel gear and accessories for the modern traveler. The line is available in checked and carry on sizes, and comes in at under $150 for the carry on.

However, once I removed a few items from my bag it was no longer an issue and ejected with ease. On the other hand, the BÉIS only has two choices: beige and black. Those of you who have Away, do you have any regrets? UPDATE: There’s now even more reason to seek out an alternative to Away. I'm the biggest sucker for trendy-looking luggage. Plus as many, Away’s 100-day trial period and lifetime warranty, BROWSE THE AWAY LUGGAGE COLLECTION FOR YOURSELF. There’s so many Away alternatives available now that it pays to take a hard look at the features you really want in a bag. This BEIS Luggage Product Review Will Convince You These Trendy Bags Are Must-Haves. But it’s a policy many other luggage brands would do well to emulate. If your suitcase is broken, they’ll replace it, something that’s cheap for them to do because that plastic case really doesn’t cost them much.

Learn more. It indicates the ability to send an email. Lulu Chang. The Bigger Carry On is designed with two compartments — one side for clothes and the other for shoes and toiletries.

Away also has attractive return and warranty policies. To play it safe, I would remove the battery pack before arriving at the airport to avoid any mishaps. Yes, Away luggage can be carried on a plane. This can be useful for women who carry a smaller purse or cosmetic bag. What about those who have Beis? The compression pad was a lifesaver, allowing me to squeeze all the extra puff out of my clothes so they packed flat and flush. The hidden nylon laundry bag can be unrolled to separate clean and dirty clothes, and can even be used to store wet clothes. The Bigger Carry On is designed with two compartments — one side for clothes and the other for shoes and toiletries. behind it. You can return the suitcase within 100 days of purchase, given it was not personalized.

With similar design and features, they’re a great alternative– and we’re inclined to call it an elevated interpretation of the design. Prices are higher on average, but you’re getting a completely custom suitcase with a lifetime warranty that covers all non-cosmetic damage–even if it’s from careless baggage handlers. I settled on The Bigger Carry On, Away’s most popular suitcase with nearly 3,000 reviews and the right dimensions (22.7″ x 14.7″ x 9.6″) to be brought on board most major U.S. airlines. While the BÉIS carry-on does not come with a portable charger, it has a weight indicator on its side handle. Apart from the typical zipped divider, its left compartment has two plastic pockets where you can store toiletries that may spill. Rockland cases feature spinner wheels, lightweight construction, and tons of color options–but no power bank. Your pictures, questions, stories, or any good content is welcome. And at just $65, their carry on bags are a steal! If you’re an over-packer who does not have a scale at your disposal, this will come in handy.

However, they’re still a chic, compelling alternative, and one that won’t blend in with the masses of Away cases rolling through airports nowadays. The wheels effortlessly glided through the airports, so I didn't have to exert myself too much, even with the weight of them, and the cushioned handles actually proved to make a huge difference as I brought the luggage around. Clickbait, spam, memes, ads, brochures, classifieds, surveys or self-promotion will be removed. This indicator will turn red when your carry-on weighs 50 lbs or more. The search for the perfect luggage started a few months before my family trip to Europe. As the United States (and really the world) is increasingly shutting down due to Covid-19, there's a lot of talk about... Siren Hotel Review Nordstrom Rack also frequently offers close-out deals on Calpak luggage, so be sure to give them a look before you buy as well. You can comfortably fit around 12to18 articles of clothing, 1 to 2 pairs of shoes, and a few extras, with plenty of room for skin care and beauty bags. All rights reserved. We compare their best-selling suitcases–The Carry-On by Away and The Carry-On Roller by BÉIS–to help you choose your next suitcase. Roam cases are super lightweight, coming in slightly under Away’s carry-on weights, and made with the same strong polycarbonate material. r/travel is a community about exploring the world. The ejectable battery ensures that your phone is always charged without having to fight over airport outlets and can be easily removed to comply with airport security, unlike most smart-bags. I loved the contrast that the beige luggage made against my (usually) monochromatic black outfits.

Search for hip Detroit hotels, and there's one big name that's gotten all the... Airbnb Competitors & Alternatives 2020 Away vs Beis Hi everyone! July 15, 2019. Genius is also lighter than the Away: 6.2 lbs vs 7.6 lbs. The Verge recently broke the news of Away’s toxic work culture and bullying of employees by co-founder Steph Korey. Calpak makes a lot of fun, colorful luggage, with some models that feature those familiar horizontal stripes. The right side is covered by a mesh panel that can be flattened with compression straps, which is perfect for packing clothes. The flap has two small pockets for easy storage, which definitely came in handy when I packed. The side of the BÉIS does not have nubs though, so when you need to put your bag down to unlock it, it can be a little unstable and can cause more scuffs on your carry-on.

BÉIS offers a refund if you return the suitcase unused and without damage within 30 days. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I would definitely recommend an Away suitcase, particularly The Bigger Carry-On, to anyone who’s looking for a quality, functional and fashionable piece of luggage. Away luggage has been so aggressive with online and social media advertising that they can certainly feel special, but what sets them apart from other luggage brands?

We are reader supported. Personal Travel Consultant sharing my travel stories and tips.

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