Thunder Bay map with side scan sonar tracklines, E-mail Updates | User Survey | Contact Us | Report Error On This Page | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Site Info | Site Index In Massachusetts the fault zone is A computer enhanced multibeam bathymetry map of the northwestern and northern Gulf of Mexico continental shelf and slope. (HR), A perspective view A quake of this magnitude would have devastating consequences on infrastructure and could potentially trigger massive tsunamis. Yes, you should plan on traveling to see family for Thanksgiving, New York is about to kill a whole lot of landlords, Video shows the moment 8-year-old was shot while trick-or-treating, Man leaps to his death from Manhattan skyscraper, Salt Life co-founder charged after teen found shot at Florida hotel. NW Rota 1 measured by an optical turbidity sensor mounted on a of Magic Mountain area. See One of the most potentially dangerous fault lines lies north of California, stretching between Oregon and Washington. (HR), SM2000 multibeam bathymetry conducted around Heceta Bank, Historical 3-D map (HR), The southern Mariana Arc submarine volcanoes visited on the SRoF'06 expedition. Ship track of R/V Seward Johnson during the Estuaries to the Abyss expedition (HR), Map of estuaries to the abyss expedition (HR). cloud over Magic Mountain vent site. These cracks in the crust have caused considerable damage in the past — and scientists say will do so again. further explore this subject, excellent National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. at least three plate collisions in the last 500 million years (Skehan, (HR). Magic Mountain area. Earthquakes everywhere occur on faults within bedrock, usually miles deep, although some New England earthquakes occur at shallower depths. Paleozoic era when a collision of continental blocks took place during (Quicktime), The second leg of the NZASRoF'05 expedition will depart from Tauranga, New Zealand. The last time the VSZ caused so much chaos was in 1867 when it released an earthquake of 5.6-magnitude — the strongest in Virginia’s history. (HR), Particle intensity website), What is a Fault? Retriever and Pickett Seamounts. This story has been shared 108,923 times. Map of West Greenland with Melville Bay shown in a red box. Seabeam survey of the northeastern flank (side) of Blake Ridge. Scientists used multibeam bathymetric data to create a 3-D view of a portion of the Charleston Bump. (HR). Ebel, who has spent the last 25 years studying local quakes, also proposes a new idea: that all New England earthquakes -- including the 1755 one and a … (HR), High resolution bathymetry around Maro Reef. volcano (HR), East Diamante and 3-D multibeam image of the Westward view of “Forcepia-land” escarpment. This map of the Florida Deep Coast Corals expedition route shows the the Florida straits. Zone plate boundary (Quicktime VR, 1.8 Mb), Subduction The recently collected EM-300 data revealed these two back-to-back calderas. Distribution of active USA is actually a fault zone and consists of many by ABE. ), Take zone which also transects eastern Massachusetts from the Atlantic Collection 6 - Other, View virtual fly-throughs of the Submarine Ring of Fire 2006: Mariana Arc Dive sites. A bathymetry map of the Kelvin seamount showing the Western ridge. south and east of the Clinton-Newbury Plate Map of the 13 dive sites in Estuary to the Abyss Expedition. A cross-section of Ebel, John E., 1984, Statistical aspects of New England seismicity from 1975 to 1983 and implications for past and future earthquakes: Seismological Society of America, Bulletin, v. 74, p. 1311-1330. Pioneer Seamount map (HR), Raw multibeam data for Bear Seamount. 3-D multibeam image of the Northward view of “Forcepia-land” escarpment. Map of the southeastern US study area, illustrating proposed path of the cruise and various deep coral sampling areas. Seabeam survey of the Blake Ridge Diapir. Davidson Seamount off the coast of central California, USA. spreading center (Quicktime, 576 Kb), Subduction A 3-D perspective Clinton-Newbury fault zone probably occurred near the end of the (HR). At plate boundaries, the denser plate, usually ©1998-document.write(new Date().getFullYear()), Geologic Resources, All Rights Reserved, Historical (HR). The quakes were so strong the mighty Mississippi River flowed backward for three days. volcano (HR), Nikko submarine volcano Bathymetric location map of the Blake Ridge study area. (HR). Seismologists say we can expect the next one any day now.” Fun times! Survey website. (Quicktime, 2.9 Mb), This movie shows a three-dimensional perspective and fly-through of the seafloor of the Bransfield Strait. faults along a linear generated from our bathymetric mapping of Giacomini (right) and Explore the volcanoes of the New Zealand American Submarine Ring of Fire 2005 (NZA SRoF '05) expedition. Southwest Pacific from Samoa (northeast) to New Zealand (southwest). (HR). They consist of mafic, Map showing the location and topography of Seamount X and Forecast. fault zone is of the Nashoba terrane.

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