Then I started running arrows through the bow at a pillow target hanging in my basement closet. Taking it one step further, I set up a Halon 6 this week and spent a half-day at the range getting it tuned up and dialed in. Any harshness you might expect from a "speed" bow was absent.

Bowhunter Equipment Editor Tony J. Peterson spot-and-stalks hogs and whitetails in Texas. After pulling the all-new Halon out of the box I decided to take it to Spain and, since I planned to pack just one bow for that trip, that speaks to my trust in Mathews bows. The folks at Salvaforcaza near Morella, Spain put me in front of a beautiful ibex and the Mathews Halon finished the job. I even tested it without a stabilizer and still couldn’t detect any annoyances. Log in. That's pretty fast for an arrow that is 136 grains heavier than the IBO standard of 350 grains (which, in my opinion, is too light of an arrow for big game hunting). Free shipping for many products!

Yes, this was with the letoff set at 85 percent, but even when I changed things up (can’t hunt in Colorado with a letoff greater than 80 percent) before my Centennial State turkey hunt, the ultra-smooth nature of this bow was evident. Mathews takes compact and turns it lethal. To be honest, I did not have to touch the arrow rest on my Mathews Halon. Curt Wells can't pass up this opportunity to hunt mountain caribou in the Northwest Territories. I continue to be amazed with how quiet today's compound bows have become. During my first year afield with that rig, I anchored my first pronghorn, deer and turkey. I shot the bow out to a distance of 80 yards with field points, mechanicals and fixed-blade heads. Mathews proudly featured the all-new Halon 6 at the 2016 ATA Show. Subscribe to the email newsletter and receive a copy of the Hunting pack list that is provided to hunters by Randy Johnson of High Desert Wild Sheep Guides as they embark on the hunt of a lifetime! The chronograph read 285.5 fps per second.

At the shot, the Halon 6 produces no noticeable jump, noise or vibration. Chalk this up not only to the perfect marriage of the cams, limbs and riser, but also to the Mathews Harmonic Damper, Harmonic Stabilizer Lite and dual Monkey Tails on the top and bottom of the Zebra string.

|   At 60, 70 and 80 yards, my fixed-blade heads grouped ¾-inches low and ½-inch to the right of my field points and mechanicals.
The Mathews Halon is a crossover bow that has no rival. You can check out all the technical details of the three versions at, but I've seen enough in my Mathews Halon 6 to know this is a great bow and one that I can trust. Once things settled in, the visual alignment of the arrow rest and sight looked "normal" for my shooting style, and my arrows were hitting where they're supposed to at 5 yards, I headed for the range. Danny Farris and Doyle Worbington of J&D Outfitters are hunting turkeys in Colorado. My only wish, and it’s probably just me, is that the FlatBack Grip wasn’t so slick on the backside. See how Jace Basuerman grades out Mathews' 2016 flagship bow.

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