Jedipedia ist eine Fandom-Filme-Community. Karga demanded that Djarin hand over the bounty, ordering him to place the infant in a speeder so that they could discuss terms. databank.

Then, Djarin opened fire, and Karga and Dune took cover as the Client was killed and the stormtroopers returned fire.

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On his expedition to claim the bounty on a Mythrol on the planet Maldo Kreis, he used the taser function on a Ravinak that attacked his ship, the Razor Crest.

When Djarin discovered that Jawas had stripped his ship for parts, he fired on them from a distance, disintegrating several members of their group.


However, after crossing the Client, Greef Karga and members of the Bounty Hunters' Guild came after him, ambushing him in the middle to the street.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Trotzdem war er mit seinem Blaster treffsicher. Hell...even I'm rich. Greef Karga was a human male and former disgraced magistrate before becoming an agent of the Bounty Hunters' Guild following the collapse of the Galactic Empire.


Da der Mandalorianer nun einige Kopfgeldjäger erschoss, suchten auch die anderen Deckung. Der Mandalorianer kam zu ihm an den Tisch und fragte ihn sofort ob die anderen in der Cantina auch Peilgeräte für Mandos letztes Ziel hatten. Am Stadteingang verlangten zwei Wachen den ID-Code von ihnen. Home In around 9 ABY, he met with the bounty hunter named Din Djarin in a cantina to accept four bounties the hunter had captured.

Greef Karga is portrayed by Carl Weathers in the The Mandalorian. Star Wars Black Series Mandalorian Custom Greef Karga with Blasters. Haarfarbe, Karga understands Huttese, the native language of the. Bringing along the pram carrying the Child, the Imperials would not know the Child was safe in the ship. Karga bot ihm an, dass wenn er das Kind abgeben würde, würden sie ihn vielleicht entkommen lassen. Greef Karga erkannte schnell, dass sie diesen Kampf verlieren und floh, um das Kind anderweitig zurückzubekommen.

Despite Dune's willingness to kill Karga, Djarin lowered his weapon and agreed with Karga's assessment.

However, Gideon was defeated by Djarin and Karga offered him a place in the Guild again.

Shortly after the collapse of the Galactic Empire, the human male Greef Karga operated as an agent of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. The Star Wars Retro Collection features design and detailing inspired by the original 1970s Star Wars figures, The Star Wars Retro Collection 3.75-inch-scale figures feature classic Kenner branding, as well as packaging treated with a weathered look (Each sold separately.

flash charge.

He explained that after being healed by the Child, he changed his mind.

Gemeinsam schafften sie es die Vögel zu vertreiben, aber Karga wurde bei dem Angriff schwer verletzt. He's a middle-man, a connector between clients and bounty hunters.

With the Child out of Imperial hands, the bounty fobs for the infant reactivated, including the one held by Karga. Paraphernalia

Karga congratulates Mando on his victory and states that with the vermin gone, Nevarro is finally once again a respectable place just for Mando to clarify that it is only for bounty hunters.

[3], Der Mandalorianer schlug daher einen neuen Plan vor.

Die anschließenden Schüsse töteten die meisten imperialen Soldaten in der Cantina, während Karga sich mit seinen Verbündeten rechtzeitig Deckung gesucht hatte. )The 3.75-inch-scale Retro Collection figure is detailed to look like the Greef Karga character from The Mandalorian live-action series on Disney Plus, featuring design and detailing inspired by 1970s Star Wars figures.

Djarin stumbled across a group of helmets showing the Empire's defeat of the group. Dabei nutzte er auch Hinterhalte, um an sein Ziel zu kommen.[2].

Mando ends up defeating Gideon by hanging a bomb on the wing of his TIE which explodes in flight.

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David Benioff and D.B. When Djarin was forced to retrieve a mudhorn egg in return for parts to repair his ship, he used the weapon without great effect on the large creature.

The angered Client captured Karga's city in retaliation for losing his prize. After facing a gun battle, Karga escaped to the lava flats where he was once again attacked by Gideon.

However, Karga had his own goals: to liberate the city, as well as exacting his revenge on Djarin and return the Child to the Empire. Djarin eventually returned to Nevarro with the former shock trooper Cara Dune, reprogrammed assassin droid IG-11, the Ugnaught Kuiil and his three blurrgs, and the Child.

The plan began to go south when the Client asked Karga to see the baby. could no longer bring it about.

Navigating the river of lava, the group discovers an ambush of Stormtroopers at the exit of the sewers. While completely surrounded, other Mandalorians hiding on Nevarro come to the aid of their comrades, causing the Bounty Hunters to retreat. © 2020 Hasbro.

Karga freed Djarin, who had been in cuffs, and slipped him his blaster. Er vermittelte 9 NSY einen Auftrag an den „Mandalorianer“ und arbeitete auch mit Cara Dune zusammen.

In "The Reckoning", Greef contacts Mando to inform him at the same time of his miraculous survival and also that after the skirmish, the Client and his forces have seized power over the town of Nevarro. Greef Karga erkannte in Dune eine Schocksoldatin und schlug daher vor, dass diese das Schiff bewachen soll. Unfortunately for Mando, Karga had inflicted the Razor Crest and hid under the upper deck to ambush Mando and took aim at him with his blaster but Mando foiled him by activating the carbonic device, blinding Karga and allowing Mando shot him and threw him out of his ship. Karga invited Djarin back, plotting to double-cross him with a group of allies. Er vermittelte 9 NSY einen Auftrag an den „Mandalorianer“ und arbeitete auch mit Cara Dune zusammen. Once Djarin entered the hold, Karga confronted him at blaster point, but the bounty hunter managed to activate his carbonite freezing apparatus with his whipcord thrower, creating a cloud of gas that hid him from view. Karga compliments Mando while informing him that all the other bounty hunters now hate him for succeeding where they all failed. Er verriet den anderen, dass sie eigentlich geplant hatten sie zu töten und das Kind zurück zum Auftraggeber zu bringen.

Thinking quickly, he shot the two bounty hunters and revealed that he had planned to lure Djarin back to Nevarro to kill him, returning the Child to the Empire. Reaching the Mandalorian covert, the party only find a discarded pile of armor. Physical description


Greef Karga war Mittelsmann der Kopfgeldjägergilde, der von Nevarro aus operierte.

After IG-11 sacrificed himself for them by killing the stormtroopers surrounding the exit to the lava flats of Nevarro, Moff Gideon attacked with a TIE fighter. Spezies

The Empire, Let someone betray the guild code.

Da das Kind ihm aber in der Nacht davor das Leben rettete, schlug sich Karga nun auf die Seite von dem Mandalorianer.

[5], While defending a human tribe's village on Sorgan, Djarin used the weapon against an invading Klatooinian tribe.

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Greef Karga was a human who was the head of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. The group eventually emerged in the area that once housed the Mandalorian covert. The Amban phase-pulse blaster, also known as an Amban sniper rifle, was a type of disruptor sniper rifle used by the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin. Minions Daher zeigte er ihm mögliche neue Aufträge und ließ ihn einen aussuchen.

Mando questions Karga about what the Client plans to do with the Child, but Karga ignores him because he has not requested it due to the guild code before telling Mando that even though the Client and his factions are former members of the Empire, it didn't mean anything anymore since the Empire fell apart.

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As all seems over, Gideon attacks the trio aboard a TIE fighters safe from their blasters.

[2] Karga war nicht wichtig, ob alle Aufträge erfüllt werden konnten.

Djarin met with Karga in a cantina to hand over the four tracking fobs, and once he had confirmation that the hunter had the bounties, Karga signaled to one of his men to go and collect the bounties—who had been encased in carbonite—from Djarin's starship, the Razor Crest. Mando nahm den besten Puck und fragte ihn noch bevor er ging, was der Auftraggeber mit dem Kind vorhatte.

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