Mako Group folding AK stock (polymer joint). PLEASE CALL US before placing an order so that we can check stock for you. Fiberforce AK47, Saiga, MAK 90 Soft Touch Cheekrest Pad For Draganov Stocks, Saiga AK 47 Collapsible Stock Kit Made In USA, ATI Single Point Sling Loop For ATI Tallon Stocks, Saiga 12 Quad Rail System With 10.5" Picatinny Rail, Saiga 12 Quad Rail System With 15" Picatinny Rail, Leapers UTG PRO Saiga 12 Gauge Quad Rail Scope Mount System, UTG Combat D Grip Quick Release Deployable Bipod, Saiga Rifle Scope 3-9X42 & Mount Combo Kit, SAIGA 12G Bullet Button For 7.62-39 Magazines, UTG Pro Quick Detach AK Side Mount-MTU016, UTG 4.2" ITA Red/Green CQB Dot with QD Mount, Riser Adaptor, Saiga AK47 Rifle Tactical QD Low Profile Rail System, Fiberforce Buttpad For Saiga Fiberforce Stock, Saiga Firearms Scorpion Tactical Pistol Grip Tan, Saiga Scorpion Recoil Pistol Grip Desert Tan, Tactical Flashlight And Mount 800 lumen For saiga shotgun, Saiga 12 Folding Foregrip For Saiga Quad Rail, Deluxe Universal Shotgun Tri Rail Barrel Mount 3, Deluxe Universal Shotgun Tri Rail Barrel Mount 5, UTG Universal Single-rail Shotgun Barrel Mount, 3 Slots, GI M-16 AR-15 M4 .223 Colt Rifle Cleaning Kit New, Saiga12 Flashlight Laser Barrel Clamp Stud, 12 Ga Shotgun Side Saddle Shotshell Holder 6 Shot, 12GA Shotgun Magazine Tube Tri Rail Mount 1", Shotgun Sling 15 Round Shot Shell Bandolier Two Point Sling, Shotgun Sling 15 Round Shot Shell Bandolier Two Point Sling Dark Eath Tan, Shotgun Sling 15 Round Shot Shell Bandolier Two Point Sling OD Green, Bubble Level For Standard Weaver Base Rail 7/8", ATI TactLite Scorpion X2 Razorback Recoil Pad Upgrade Kit, ATI X1 TactLite Scorpion Razorback Recoil Pad Upgrade Kit, UTG QD Sling Swivel Adaptor Mount Picatinny 45 Angled offset, NCStar 3-9x42 Illuminated Red Green Compact Rifle Scope, UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipod, Rubber Feet, Height 6.2"-6.7", UTG New Gen Med Pro Shooters Bipod Quick Detach 6.2"-6.7", Tactical Red Laser Sight With Weaver Mount, Tactical Green Laser Sight With Weaver & Base Pressure Switch, 12/20 Gauge Shotgun Shell Bandolier Holds 56 Rounds, UTG Combat Tactical Laser Sight With Windage Elevation Adjustment, Vertical Foregrip Folding 5-Position AR Forearm Grip, UTG 3.8" ITA Red/Green CQB Dot Sight with Integral Mount, UTG 4" Compact ITA Red/Green Circle Dot Scope QD, Leapers Gen V Re-enforced AK/SKS/MAK Sight Tool, UTG Deluxe Tactical Gun Case Size 42" X 12", UTG Combat Operation 42" RC Series Gun Case, Black, UTG Gen 2 Light/Green Laser Combo with Integral Mounting Deck, Saiga Rifle Stock With Built In Cheek Rest. Pilad 043-02 Mount Folds to LEFT. GENUINE RUSSIAN made NJ CT and MA STATE compliant RifleSGL34 Saiga Rifle - Black Stockset Russian made stamped receiver 5.45x39 caliber chrome lined hammer forged barrel front sight block standard... Screw for attaching buttstock to receiver Russian. This kit can also be used on AK-47 rifles chambered in 7... New Russian Cleaning Kit for AK-47 (7.62 x 39 mm cal.). Imported directly from the legendary Izhmash factory of Russia you can finally get your hands on an authentic side-folding stock set specifically manufactured for the Saiga 12 shotguns. Brand new Russian un-issued sling for Krinkov! *It works with the AK-74 Cleaning Rod (AK-341). Retainer spring for pivot pins for stamped receivers wire spring Russian.
Shown here on a Saiga 12, the Kushnapup will work with almost all factory Saiga rifles and shotguns. Dragunov Style Fiberforce Stock. Learn more. KGB MG-47 pistol grip for AK

1 Description 2 Mods 3 Trading 4 See also Semi-automatic 12ga shotgun with folding stock and firing mechanism safety lock that only allows firing from extended stock … Enter the Kushnapup stock system for the Saiga shotgun. This AK has a traditional stock angle, sloping down. This 12 gauge shotguns features a smooth bore barrel with a chrome bore and chamber, adjustable gas system, providing for shooting shot and slugs, including magnum, with a shotshell length of 2 ¾" and 3". DESCRIPTION:    Russian Black Pistol grip for stamped receivers composed of a black polymer with a matte finish. AK74/AK100 PT Lock Modifications may void warranties, create an unsafe firearm, and/or may cause injury or death. GENUINE RUSSIAN made AK-74 RifleMade in the popular 5.45x39.5 caliber. In most cases, new rivet holes will also need to be drilled and some sidefolding or underfolding stocks will require that the Saiga's side scope rail be removed. Saiga Rifle Stocks & Accessories Saiga rifle and Saiga 12 shotgun upgrades, stock conversion kits parts and accessories for sale. We have .308 rifle stock kits with pistol grips and tactical accessories for your Saiga 12 shotgun. Works with Saiga or other AK-74 rifles 7.62x39 5.45x39 or 5.56x45 caliber. Zenit-Belomo PSO 1M2-1 4x24 scope Advanced Technology International's Saiga Rifle Aluminum Adjustable Sporting Stock Selection.

Izhmash AK polymer pistol grip (6P1 Sb.8)

Replaces your Guiderod, Rear Recoil Spring, and Guiderod holder to make your VEPR or Saiga shotguns more reliable.

This is a drop in extended magazine release for your Saiga or Vepr 12 shotgun. Tromix Monster Claw 12ga muzzle brake, Izhmash AK-12 regular pistol grip The brainchild of two of the best gun makers in the world the SGL31-68 rifle is manufactured at the world-famous Izhmash Factory... Sleeve for trigger/disconnector pivot pin Russian. There has been a tremendous amount of extra work and... New Russian production cleaning kit for Russian AK-74 Saiga Rifle (5.45 x 39.5 mm caliber) . SOK-12 aluminum handguard MTU002 Long Top Specializing in Saiga shotguns, Saiga rifles, AK47s, and AR15s, we also stock a large selection of GLOCK, CZ, FNH, LWRC, Primary Weapon Systems, Rock River Arms, Windham Weaponry, Primary Weapon Systems, Sig Sauer, Magnum Research, Izhmash, and Springfield firearms. MTK90 Jubilee Series | Russian Stamped rifle from the world famous Izhmash factoryThis very limited production of 400 Silver Edition rifles. Can be used with all 2-3/4" Shells. Aeroknox scorpius pistol grip for AK, Izhmash SOK-12 rear sight *It works with the AK-74 Cleaning Rod (Part # AK-341). The factory stock trunnion on your Saiga must be removed by drilling out the rivets, and the replacement trunnion is riveted into place and the stock attached.

Dragunov Style Fiberforce Stock. Features short 430mm barrel.

Essential spare part for Russian Saiga rifles#TAG# AK-009; AK-00; AK-0 #TAG#, Spring for Extractor (Puller Spring) from Izhmash Russia.#TAG# AK-03; AK-0 #TAG#.

The contents of are produced for informational purposes only.
spec. Essential spare part for Russian Saiga rifles#TAG# AK-003; AK-00; AK-0 #TAG#, Made in Russia the MA7-001R follower provides flawless functionality and works with all 5.45x39 caliber mil. This is a genuine original Russian made part. Axion Cobra mount 1 is required along with 4 AK-021 for the rear of the trigger guard.#TAG# AK-02; AK-0 #TAG#, Original Russian Saiga 410 shotgun 4-round magazine 3, Disconnector semi-auto with tail for stamped receiver Russian. Get them while they are still available. We use cookies to make your experience better. Includes original heat shield. Magazine guide allows you to load all Saiga 12 Magazines, MD Arms and Promag Drums easily. These are an absolute must have for any collector. The 922r compliant parts are mil-spec... Fire control group for Saiga 12 shotgun includes trigger hammer and disconnector semi-auto Izhmash RussiaSG-927R-A includes SG-133R SG-123R AK-326R#TAG# SG-92 #TAG#. We stock the full Tromix, TAPCO, SGM Tactical, and Magpul Product lines. Brand New Original Russian Made Rear sight block assembly for stamped receiver.

Can be used as RH or LH folder. Made in Russia#TAG# AK-046; AK-04; AK-0 #TAG#, Bullet guide for 5.45x39.5mm caliber milled and stamped receivers Russian made.#TAG# AK-545; AK-5 #TAG#, Bullet guide for 7.62x39mm caliber milled and stamped receivers Russian made.#TAG# AK-762; AK-7 #TAG#.

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