Basically, they washed their hands of it and did say that if they had replaced the relay and it still stopped working there would be no guarantees. Are you holding the button until it is complete?If I stop mine before it completes the cycle I have trouble getting it to go again. Since last week, I tried putting the top down today, but the green light above the close button lights up in green, only front two windows go down, so I put the back … Check the wiring and plug connections for damage and repair where required. Bringing the BMW community together. mow here in Charlotte NC.At 1st they told me it was The first generation of the BMW 1 Series consists of the BMW E81 (3-door hatchback), BMW E82 (coupe), BMW E87 (5-door hatchback) and BMW E88 (convertible) compact cars.The E81/E82/E87/E88 generation was produced from 2004 to 2013 and is sometimes collectively referred to as the E8x. Check the wiring and plug connections for damage and repair where required.

Goes about halfway down then stops. I will Presented with fault code P049B-00, this affects Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles as well as any vehicle fitted with the 2.0 diesel ingenium engine. some time work complete and some time not ( this will require removing some interior panels)

You can also check the Hall sensors with a magnet by moving the magnet across the sensors. I have a problem with my roof. And who wants a convertible whose roof doesn't go down?!? They did not try to fix it, but they did look at it ($100.00 later!) IVS 360 support offers live repair guidance and remote programming services to help workshops fix complex vehicles safely and fast. © 2020 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Check the live data with the AssistPlus and make sure the readings are changing when the roof is being operated or moved manually. Read the latest article from the IVS 360 Land Rover technicians as they provide the step by step guidance on how to repair a 2L Diesel Ingenium Engine that is experience restricted performance, Low Pressure and an Exhaust Valve Cooler Blockage. Repeat the steps for the second set of rollover bars. Then I have to raise it entirely before it will go down. Weird!!!! I put the top back down to remove the box and when I went to go put the top back up I had to manually put the ... MY ROOF LEAKS WHEN IT RAINS RIGHT WHERE THE ROOF MEETS THE WINDSHIELD ON THE PASSENGER SIDE.

all data in the shop manual or you can call the dealer and talk to a technician. I've recently purchased a BMW

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Once you have located a microswitch or Hall sensor, check it for damage and repair as necessary. Top worked when I purchased but broke about a month later Had the 2 motors(if there is any).
parts. When the faults are rectified there are no calibration or resetting procedures needed, and the roof should function as normal. Release the reset button after the rollover bars are fully retracted.

It does it when engine is either on or off and hot and cold weather. The one replaced some sort of relay (located in the trunk).

Opus IVS are pleased to announce that a new software update for BMW has been released on DrivePro, AssistPlus and Blue Box. Last Note: When we first got the car my husband was cleaning it and stopped the roof halfway down (don't have any idea why!!!) Press down on the panel until it snaps into place. Asked by traceyusc Mar 06, 2012 at 06:05 PM about the 2005 BMW 3 Series 325Ci Coupe RWD. September 16th, 2016 bmw z4 e89 convertible roof. Some BMW convertible-top vehicles are equipped with rollover bars that extend from behind the back-seat headrests when built-in sensors detect that a rollover accident may take place.

Push down on the top of the rollover bars to move them back into the bar compartment. With the top down I push the button

But when you have to put the roof back up then try a day or week later it does not work again. I have a 2010 Bmw 120d convertible.

I expect there is an interlock requiring all windows down before the retraction cycle will start.

Symptoms The customer complaint is that the convertible roof has either got stuck, or is not opening all the way. Fault code A691 refers to the Hall sensor, which is also situated in the same area as the microswitches, but is connected directly to the hydraulic ram. with my 325ci convertible.I have it at the dealership

It will also not start to go down unless it is completely up and latched. informed me that he had tried to and if you decided to take it to a dealer or shop for diagnostic only and get estimate. September 16th, 2016 bmw z4 e89 convertible roof. They are so over rated................ there is two actuators and two hydraulic cylinder's to open and same for closing when you push the switch you activate the first one and the actuator activate the first cylinder (that's half the way up) in the end of first cylinder stroke the second actuator start work and activate the second cylinder (complete open) then start the folding and closing the trunk in the same principle
So, I'd try to determine why the one window isn't going down.

Best to start with the little stuff.

In some cases, minor accidents can cause the rollover bars to extend. They too said there would be no guarantees.

Rotate the screwdriver back and forth to cause the plastic panel to pop up. waiting to speak with the sales rep I've been dealing

They said if it was an hydraulic problem then it would not work at all. good lock. Symptoms The customer complaint is that the convertible roof has either got stuck, or is not opening all the way. Possible fault codes logged • A690 microswitch, rear-end module closed, left. lock the bonnet manually with the

List Come join the discussion about Bimmerfest events, production numbers, programming, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. The smallest car in BMW's line up but still packs a punch. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. Share what the repair orders listed as to what they fixed. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. IT DOES NOT LEAK IN THE TOUCHLESS CAR WASH. Once you have located a microswitch or Hall sensor, check it for damage and repair as necessary.

Sorry, I do not have a part number. 2- check for hydraulic pump and see if putting enough pressure Access BMW CC-ID codes in E87, E90, E60, E63, X5 E70 to check reasons for warning and fault messages on your instrument cluster. never buy another BMW again. Took it to a 3rd garage for price comparison. Sorry to say but BMW Z4is35 are nice to look at but the electronics are very, very poor. If the windows go down when you start the roof down retraction sequence, that would seem to indicate the computer sees the conditions necessary to permit roof retraction; e.g. have turned the locking mechanism... CarGurus has 20,053 nationwide 3 Series listings starting at $1,200. 2004 325ci convertible. The rollover bars should be reset so they can properly extend when needed. Thank you again for any help/advice you can give me.

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