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If you’re like me, and have a habit of binging on cute pug photos on the internet, chances are you have stumbled across Merle pugs.

Pugs have a very amusing, distinctive look, with their sweet face, Peanut is a sweet playful Merle who carries pied!

Adoption fees start at $1,650 for a fawn pug puppy and top out at $2,700 for a blue-eyed merle. The same pattern can also appear on the pug’s skin.

The Peeing Handstand.

All Rights Reserved. The problem with such selective breeding is that although there are some breeds where the merle occurs naturally, such as in the Cardigan Corgi and the Shetland Sheepdog, in pugs, the merle is not a natural occurrence, according to The Kennel Club of the UK. Yikes! Blue; Blue-Fawn; Merle; Blue-Merle; Chocolate; Panda; Black and Tan; Pink; Chinchilla; Pied; Platinum; While the newer, often flashy, colors are lovely, keep in mind that they are not in a purebred Pug’s bloodline. Princess Willow aka Mariah settled into her new home. Pugs for Sale Pug Puppies for Sale Near Me,, Adopt Danny De Vito a Merle Beagle / Pug / Mixed Dog in Redmond, WA (29486675), Adopt Danny De Vito a Merle Beagle / Pug / Mixed Dog in Redmond, WA,,, Meet Boomer, One of a Kind Rare Merle Pug,,,,,, This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. In order to produce these colors, at some point in time a different breed was added to the mix.

PUG-10 / MALE / BRINDLE carrier BLUE possible choco and tan.

I'm Will and this is my pug Kuma. Mum is a standard fawn. Dad is Fawn Merle carrying choc tan and pied. link to What's the Difference Between Pugs and French Bulldogs. Katara says "I ain't afraid of no ghost"!

We have pug puppies for sale out of our German, British, and AKC Pugs ranging in color from white, brindle, silver, merle, chocolate, pink, albino, and more.

Find merle Pug puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. medianet_crid = "901351172";

Oh my, oh my, looks like Azula might have blue eyes! Tipping Point Farm Pugs For Sale. Copyright © 2005-2020, LLC. Pugs and French Bulldogs are often mistaken for each other. I've been fortunate enough to be his parent for the past 7 years and counting. NAME: DANNY DE VITO AGE/GENDER : 3yrS OLD / MALE BREED: BEAGLE-PUG-TERRIER-MINPIN MIXTURE TEMPERAMENT : Playful, timid, shy WEIGHT: 40lbs HOUSE…, Our Merle female is being bred to our chinchilla male due New Years Day or close to we, This advertiser is not a subscribing member and asks that you upgrade to view the complete puppy profile for this Pug, and to view contact details for…, One of a kind. The Peeing Handstand. You may have seen videos online, or maybe even witnessed this strange phenomenon first hand. I'm passionate about pugs and love sharing everything I learn about them. Merle pugs can have blue eyes but it is also possible for their eyes to be of 2 different colors. Hi! Yes, I am a merle Bugg (1/2 Boston 1/2 Pug), Moody Blue's and Lady Blue's brother Finnegan. Not only are... Hi!

As Elton John sings "Baby's got blue eyes"! Merle pugs have a distinctive coat pattern and color. Bugg Sugar Daddy/Ringo and Logan, his best friend, Jelly Bean is Blue Ridge Pugs first blue merle Bugg, Carli & Zack's Luna, a hetero-chromatic blue merle bugg, April caring for her five and Elsa's four puppies. All of our puppies that are available are listed on our Facebook Page. There are health issues associated with the breeding of pugs with the Merle gene.

Please see any information below and email/call/text us for additional information. Merle Pugs can be distinguished by their appearance; they have distinct ‘Merle’ patterning which consists of patches of lighter colour in the coat.

Introducing our Black Pug, One of a kind Merle Pug!! Mommas dad is a Merle Pug and grandpa had blues eyes.. This is the result of the presence of a Merle gene in their genetics.

Merle Pugs can be distinguished by their appearance; they have distinct ‘Merle’ patterning which consists of patches of lighter colour in the coat. Alabama • Arizona • Arkansas • California • Colorado • Connecticut • Delaware • Florida • Georgia • Idaho • Illinois • Indiana • Iowa • Kansas • Kentucky • Louisiana • Maine • Maryland • Massachusetts • Michigan • Minnesota • Mississippi • Missouri • Montana • Nebraska • Nevada • New Hampshire • New Jersey • New Mexico • New York • North Carolina • North Dakota • Ohio • Oklahoma • Oregon • Pennsylvania • Rhode Island • South Carolina • South Dakota • Tennessee • Texas • Utah • Vermont • Virginia • Washington • West Virginia • Wisconsin • Wyoming. Deposits are not accepted until the puppy is between four and five weeks old; however, we are glad to put a “hold” on a puppy until that time. Pups have been raised, ? A witch and ghost and black cat and bat! Merle Pug Puppies and Dogs From a Breeder Near You by, part of the, LLC group of websites. These include the risk of impaired sight, as well as the risk of impaired hearing.

Is it a muskrat, a beaver?

Precious Pugs Gallery™ Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved Terms of Service | Privacy Policy, Dedicated Server Hosting by Web Servers USA. A $350 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your pug puppy of choice. no complications. medianet_versionId = "3111299"; link to Why Do Pugs Pee Upside Down? medianet_height = "600"; This is the result of the presence of a Merle gene in their genetics. This isn't a huge surprise as for those who aren't extremely familiar with these two breeds, they may be hard to tell apart. This little beauty is BRP's very first produced blue merle! This his pet price if youre looking for him, This little Blue Merle Pug male will steal your heart he is very well socialized up to date. What are Merle Pugs? No, its a Bugg! Why Do Pugs Pee Upside Down? Pug Lovers Guide is the ultimate resource for learning everything about your pug. In this breed, the merle color is due to a gene that causes speckled blue-grey or blueish patches across the dog’s coat. There is widespread controversy around the practices of some breeders, that specifically target the merle gene in order to produce pugs with a merle coloured coat. Jelly Bean is Blue Ridge Pugs first blue merle Bugg Carli & Zack's Luna, a hetero-chromatic blue merle bugg April caring for her five and Elsa's four puppies Princess Willow … back all available puppies french bulldog puppies chihuaha pups dacshund pups merle pug puppies teddy bear pugs colour carrier pug puppies blue pug puppies panda pugs fawn pugs black pugs white pugs new puppy info puppy contract confirmed pregnancys/waiting list Rather than the usual one-leg-up-side-tilt position, or even the all-legs-planted-bums-down position, you... What's the Difference Between Pugs and French Bulldogs? medianet_width = "300"; BRP's 1st blue merle female out of Brenna and Moody Blue. ? - Pug - Male - young adult - Brindle carrier BLUE possible choco and tan - 1000 Since 2013, We have added many new colors to our pug breeding program including: White, Black and Tan, Merle, Silver, Brindle, Apricot, Black, Pink, and much more.

I'm Will and this is my pug Kuma. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. This risk is higher when Merle pugs are selectively bred with each other, in which the offspring will have “double merle” genes, with an even higher risk of being born with hearing or sight impairment. Have you ever seen a blue merle Bugg with 1/3 blue eye? I'm passionate about pugs and love sharing everything I learn about them.

The Controversy Behind Merle Pugs

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