This is serious business. (Palm Beach Gardens police/Palm Beach County State Attorney). (Police Gardens Police/Palm Beach County State Attorney). In transcripts of police interviews, Johnson’s responses are heavily blacked out because of the exemption for confessions. Sophie Johnson Director Solar Era SL Ltd , Director Africa Growth & Energy Solutuons PLC President Renewable Energy Association SL Sierra Leone 461 connections Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. She also tried to talk to him about God. The boy would lose a kidney. I’ll take care of them. Sicily Sewell (born October 1, 1985) is a former American actress and television producer. [4], Sewell and her mother are co-owners of a soul food restaurant known as Pinky and Red's, in Berkeley, California. Johnson’s friend Kyle Bancroft, the only person in the house who was not stabbed, later would say he and Johnson watched instructional videos by terrorist groups about the best way to kill a man.

What is Whitepages people search? Has tremendous upside, which makes him a potential lottery pick. Sewell's family has a long tradition of skilled cookery.

Sierra Vista. Searching obituaries is a great place to start your family tree research. They let him get a computer, on which he kept gaming with Johnson. “He would just look at me, stare at me,” Simon said.

Just days before the stabbings, the FBI told local authorities that the arrest affidavits would "be coming in the next several weeks. 197 Reviews (231) 946-7720 Website. • An interview with family-law attorney Elaine Simon, the mom at whose Sunset Bay Lane home a sleepover had ended with white tile floors and closet doors spotted red with blood.

© Gannett Co., Inc. 2020. View Alexandra Sierra's business profile as Quality Engineering Technician at Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.. Find contact's direct phone number, email address, work history, and more. The Palm Beach Post ~ 2751 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL 33405 ~ Do Not Sell My Personal Information ~ Cookie Policy ~ Do Not Sell My Personal Information ~ Privacy Policy ~ Terms Of Service ~ Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy, Eliot Kleinberg @eliotkpbpSarah Peters @Speters09, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. In a video, when a city detective asks Elaine Simon if she ever had reason to fear her son’s friend, she says, without hesitation, “I didn’t like him.”. Yuma. One at 5:05 a.m. of Dane asleep on an air mattress. That night, Kyle said, Johnson had in his backpack a large knife he'd bought earlier in the day. ", Elaine Simon shows Palm Beach Gardens police where she says Corey Johnson stabbed her. No. On March 11, Sierra celebrated his 13th birthday a day early with a round of paintball with friends and then a meal at an Italian restaurant. Has a nose for the ball and the length to be a dangerous rebounder. He then realized it was officers shouting at him from inside the home.

She thought it was a good step when Kyle and Johnson started going for long walks, getting away from computer screens, and when Johnson got a job at a Winn-Dixie store. She told detectives in the video that she asked what was going on and why they were so loud. ", He says Johnson, who still is in the house, is a friend. She said he continued stabbing her, eventually knifing her foot and causing her to fall. 21.9k Followers, 2,227 Following, 321 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sicily (@sicilysierra) Has good athleticism and a natural feel for the game. Among the items found on Johnson: a Winn-Dixie name tag, saying "Corey" and “Associate in Training.”. And the man who in May 2017 blew himself up, killing 22, as people left a Manchester, England, concert by Boca Raton-native Ariana Grande. Don’t worry. Tucson. Johnson's pivot point in the murders was Kyle Bancroft. After 20 minutes, Dane said, Kyle asked Johnson to turn them off.

Reports do say Johnson confessed to police that he stabbed Jovanni after Dane said he and Jovanni had “made fun of” Johnson’s professed Islamic faith. In his 17 years, Johnson already had moved halfway across the country, suffered through a parental divorce fight, lost his father to a drug overdose and withdrawn from William T. Dwyer High School. Simon explained she was trying to get Kyle to spend less time on his computer so that he could improve his social skills. Vail.

Kyle: "He might have a knife if he stabbed someone.". Simon would tell police she was awakened at about 5:45 a.m. "by commotion upstairs," where the boys' bedrooms were. What Johnson, now 18, had scrawled in his multipage note — part of more than 3,000 documents collected by prosecutors and obtained by The Palm Beach Post through a public-records inquiry — suggests that a teen from a broken home had found a calling in extremism.

Search for new mugshots by state, county and date to find out who was arrested and when. He didn’t know where Jovanni was. Kyle later would tell The Palm Beach Post Johnson was on antidepressants but had stopped taking them about a week before the attack. [7], Please help to establish notability by citing. Wickenburg. He said the war was between mankind and unbelievers, and that it that had worsened in the past few decades. Sierra Motel 230 Munson Ave Traverse City MI 49686. Window Rock. In 2016, his younger sister told her teachers she had been sleeping with a pocketknife for protection. • Written descriptions of images found on Johnson's cellphone, time-stamped fewer than 30 minutes before the attacks, of him holding the knife and of two of his three victims sleeping. He told police, recording him in the street with a body camera, that he opened his door to find Simon “slouched over, bleeding from her head.”, He told the detective, “She was in bad shape. After the answer, the officer asks, "What did the kid do? On Jovanni's phone, police found he'd watched the earth-and-the-galaxy video at 4:43 a.m. On Johnson's phone, police would find a photo, time-stamped at 5 a.m., of Johnson holding the knife. An officer asks if police "should be afraid of any bombs or anything," Kyle says no. (Palm Beach Gardens police/Palm Beach County State Attorney). • And video interviews with the parents of Jovanni Sierra, cut 49 times in the early hours of his 13th birthday.

He didn’t want to go into ‘There is a God,’ ” Simon told the detective. Police would find a receipt for it. He said Johnson chased him back to his room and said something — police redacted it — and that as Dane said, “Please don't hurt me," Johnson attacked him. Johnson sat in the Palm Beach Gardens police headquarters, his soiled clothes replaced by a white jail jumpsuit. So was Jovanni Sierra. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . She woke up at 5:45 Monday morning and sent Jovanni a text message. “Somebody finally tell me where Kyle is. Aggravated Robbery in Plano (16-86086) On 5/9/16 an aggravated robbery occurred during which the victim was stabbed multiple times. And a voice he believed was Allah calling for it. And a utility knife. “I was fighting him, (saying), ‘Corey, stop. The grocery chain confirmed he worked at a now-closed store in Jupiter. • A copy of a grocery-store receipt showing Johnson spent $13.47 on pitted dates and a fruit drink. We don't need to play games today.". The detective also asked if the wounds to Jovanni's arms were defensive. At one point, while he’s in police custody but still at the scene, Johnson starts asking about Kyle, in an exchange recorded on a police body camera. Why are you doing this?’ ”. Kyle told officers he'd overheard other officers saying Johnson had stabbed his brother and mother. In 2016, one threat read, "We have our sights set on you, and by Allah we will kill every single infidel student at this school #McAuleySchoolMassacre." Kyle would tell police Johnson had sympathized with white supremacists and Nazis in the past, but within the last year had begun to follow Islam. After the answer, the officer asks, “Was he 13?” That's the age of both Jovanni and Dane. I want to hang out with my friends.". He saw a boy who he thought was his brother covered in blood. "I could go on and on about the various successful attacks on the crusader coalition," wrote Johnson, whose self-declared Arabic name of Mustafa means “chosen one.”. Johnson nearly was silent the whole time he was stabbing her, she said in the video. Back in Simon’s home, Dane left the room after Johnson had stopped stabbing him, tried to unlock his cellphone to call 911 but his fingers, slippery with blood, couldn't get traction, he told police. • Written descriptions about how Johnson hid in a closet until police forced him out with shotgun-propelled bean bags and canisters of pepper spray. She said he told her, "Mommy, I love you. • Videotape of Johnson being arrested, and of him talking to police, the sound muted because state public-records laws exempt confessions. In her video, made days after the attack, with a crutch alongside her and a healing gash in her forehead, Simon showed a police investigator how she said Johnson struck at her in strategic spots — chin, neck, chest and wrists. I want to give you a hug and a kiss." Agents wanted Kyle to tell them if he noticed anything that would be of interest. [1] She is sometimes credited in film or television as simply with a mononym Sicily. Her legs were bloody.”. That, she said, is when Johnson lunged at her with the knife. He’d been there for three weeks. (Photo provided by the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department).

Receipt for knife with which police say Corey Johnson stabbed three people, two of them fatally. I couldn’t believe it,” she told a city detective in the video, taped soon after the murders. Jovanni Sierra's parents, Karen and Oliver Abreu, talk to Palm Beach Gardens police (Palm Beach Gardens police/Palm Beach County State Attorney). He wouldn’t stop.”. Dane said he then went to a bedroom window and jumped from the second story to the ground. Kyle said he went to sleep at about 1 a.m. Dane told police he and Jovanni had planned to stay up all night but that Dane fell asleep sometime near 3:30 a.m. Simon told police she went to sleep downstairs at about 1:30 a.m. after working on business plans for a few hours following dinner with a friend, also at Downtown at the Gardens, where she knew her boys were. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Fighting the Odds: The Marilyn Gambrell Story, "WhereTheyAtNow: Sicily Sewell-Johnson Reflects On Her Amazing Acting Career And Talks About Her New Career As A Chef! Johnson’s handwritten statement, from a boy at an age where most are trying to skip school or sneak a beer, justified murder as an act of service to a holy cause. She said she went back to her room, but she kept hearing moaning, louder this time. By then, Johnson had returned to the loft and started stabbing him again. Johnson had crawled backward and into a nearby closet when he saw police through a window, one officer reported. The end of the note is redacted, as were other parts of documents that appeared to feature confessions. [5][6] In late 2019 Sewell was hired as the chef of a high-profile restaurant known as Colors, in New York City. When police had approached the home, an officer looked in a window near the front door and saw Johnson lying face down on the floor, a knife in his right hand, a report said.

Has good athleticism and a natural feel for the game. She said she heard what sounded like Jovanni moaning and climbed the stairs to investigate. Please help by adding reliable sources.Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful.

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