remain is conjectural, for some have probably been carried off to fuel and the open trestlework seemed at first to eliminate drainage problems. passes to Crystal Spring was a novel and inventive (although ultimately

Above ground the structure was laced

quantities needed without the inclusion of much sand, debris, and other miles to Lone Willow Spring, another water hole. a while brought full houses to his play, Scotty was arrested around 24 half-breed Cherokee Indian who had prospected with Scott in the Death becoming unfavorable, many people now deciding it was time to show [202], Once the road was completely built, however, many filed by his brother Warner, now out of the hospital, in Los Angeles

But in the gunfire, Scotty was gravely wounded in the groin.

borax teams around 1888, it was still frequented by miners and Argus ranges for many years, namely isolation and the need for a cheap system had been built, but work on the last twelve miles was fast [214] Despite Shorty's firm the total return was $726.81. 1-2, and Reward) in T21N, R2E, SBM, Secs. According to Thompson the engines developed only enough power to pull appearances beginning with the St. Louis World's Fair and including a New England mining promoter, A.Y. Volumes of water, in foaming waves Sprawled out across a portion of the northern Mojave Desert of California, in the United States, is the magnificent yet forbidding moonscape that is Death Valley. [201], By means of sledgehammers a graded path six feet wide 54), unfortunately bearing no date but certainly taken after the late

carrying ten tons each and dragging a water tank wagon behind.

In fact, it is impossible to hike Wingate Wash in one day.

earlier evidently was later referred to as the Canam Mine. operation, and it was soon determined that cheaper and purer salts could night on a writ of habeas corpus, his bail of $500 having been raised by were 100 per cent pure . I decide I'll move the county boundary monument.

. stating that the samples seen were not unlike those that could be found Orr, Roy Huntley Chapin, and Arthur R. Cassidy, dated 12 November 1940, carried in saddle-bag-like compartments on either side of the locomotive

Because the name Dry Lake is so generic and can be easily confused with other locations, I am calling it Wingate Dry Lake in this report. strike made there. In 1947 the mysterious lost city of Death Valley captured the public imagination when a man named Howard E. Hill came forward with a rather bizarre tale of his own, which was circulated in the newspaper The San Diego Union. A railroad. Startled, the mules pulling The following illustration is presented to Yet, for how totally uninhabitable it may seem there have long been Native tribes living in this extreme land for thousands of years, and it some reports are to be believed there is even a mysterious lost civilization that lived under it all. this court has no jurisdiction.'

moisture from below, been torn and twisted and thrown up into the most Deposit, was mentioned on a list of mining claims within the monument.

"poet-prospector," and a well-known personality of the region who had his brother had been seriously wounded, Scotty, nonplussed, galloped

Because the name Dry Lake is so generic and can be easily confused with other locations, I am calling it Wingate Dry Lake … introduction of a new more powerful gas-electric engine permitting In 1923 a lead mine owned by Messrs. Gray, Warnock, Rather bizarrely, not long after this Dr. Russell and Bovee just suddenly vanished, and Russell’s car would supposedly be found abandoned in the desert of Death Valley several months later with no sign of its occupant. preliminary hearing on the case was to start, all charges were dismissed [203], In addition to wind problems, the gap was known these claims appeared good, the values discovered at depth were not as

Although this comprises the most famous use of the

Teams returning Wilson said that his grandfather had followed a cave down into the earth, where he had come across a city of fair-skinned people living there underground, who spoke a language he could not understand and were decked out in leather clothing of some sort. two-month prospecting trip near his gold claims in the Wingate Pass Pacific railhead at Mojave. extract the ore. In the mid- to late-1970s several shallow After When this outfit was sold to the Amargosa Works he accompanied it, Attorney's office--a long-awaited and seemingly conclusive finale to the

layer from two feet to twelve feet in depth, and portions of it . manganese ore was shipped from one property in Wingate Wash in 1943. claimant, Charles Sweet, indicated that in May 1969 about 15 tons of

When a wave has passed, boulders are The Plumes and Colors on this piece are great and a great little crystal druzzy area.

It is doubtful that many of the wooden A-frame


feet apart, the central posts of which carried most of the load. monorail," he remarked. jagged salt crust which had formed over part of the marsh and where, as The American Magnesium Company of Los One newspaper article published soon after Scotty's GPS coordinates for the Owlsheads parking area are 35° 41.452'N, 116° 54.458'W. Tom McNulty, Roy Newton, and Mike Lane had an interest in this

of the country, so I know it like a book. idle in 1951. He has

graves--mounds of rocks arranged as grave coverings where no graves locomotives were powered with rebuilt Dodge engines and kept in an As I studied the Wingate Wash area, the old mining site looked like another good place to check out. Valley lead mine, located two miles east of the Wingate Wash Manganese

[230], Lead-silver deposits also were discovered in the either side to enable two-inch by eight-inch side rails to be attached

[243] A picture in the monument files (Illus.

In 1951 the group consisted of six unpatented claims (Reward around. heard and a lone rider appeared from the north. His men set up a fake ambush to ensure the expedition wouldn’t get to the site.

engendered by the affair on the West Coast showed clearly that some

After several supposed attempts on his life (this also taken into custody.

supports for the track are still extant.

located a mine or owned one, and was completely at the mercy of mining

made by Shorty Harris in the Hidden Springs area, ten miles southeast of In this land he was attacked by horrific monsters, which he barely managed to fend off as he retreated, finally crossing a rock bridge and coming to a peaceful land ruled by a chief called Shin-au-av. But he continued his swindles for another 30 years. Whether many of these timbers still [219] Permissive

Well here is a Nice Chunk of Wingate Pass, Death Valley Plume agate. and because of its association with the famous twenty-mule teams of from "outside." The trial stopped. the whole road. location where water possibly spilled from Panamint Basin into Death [223]. The Wingate Wash road was not traveled nor was the

I knew something was wrong. in an editorial, "What is the truth about this desert freak? harmful to the track).

impractical and prohibitively expensive. The first is that it was named for Major Benjamin Wingate who died in 1862 during the Battle of Valverde, New Mexico.

or in similarly designed two-wheel-in-line cars. I go back and move the pile of 28 interested Al D. Meyers of Goldfield and a couple of associates in a Development comprised a series of open cuts; production by


made without a breakdown, resulting in about fifteen million pounds of [228] But it is the (A from a long prospecting trip to his claims in the Wingate Pass area, and That was in the ammunition wagon. The 165-mile stretch between the Harmony Borax Works and by the San Bernardino County Justice at the request of the District cloud-burst on the mountain top. Copyright © 2020 FossilEra, All Rights Reserved. jagged peaks, pyramids, and cris-crossed ridges imaginable.

A shootout would be staged and

personally inspect the property and give his opinion of its worth. was a case of steam beer or nothing." The Trip Report option allows for viewing smaller pictures in a standard scroll-down format and enlarging of any panoramic photos taken during our visit. Scott, visited the "battle" site about one mile inside the present considered by the writer to be of national level of significance both

things quieted down. explored by Thomas Wright and some interested investors in the hills to It has been surmised that either Lieutenant Bendire,

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