American Indians in Children's Literature. 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Start with her article, (link: Is it a specific person in a tribal nation? Guidelines for Evaluating American Indian websites, Tribally-owned Websites (marked with drum), "We Are Still Here": An Interview with Debbie Reese, "'I' is for Inclusion," by Naomi Caldwell, Gabriella Kaye, and Lisa A. Mitten, "A Demand for Excellence in Books for children," by Jan LaBonty, "American Indians in Children's Literature", "Authenticity and Sensitivity: Goals for writing and reviewing books with Native American themes," by Debbie Reese, "Examining Multicultural Picture Books for the Early Childhood Classroom: Possibilities and Pitfalls," by Jean Mendoza and Debbie Reese. We acknowledge that the BC Humanist Association’s work is primarily performed on unceded Indigenous land belonging to Sḵwx̱wú7mesh and hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ speaking people in Vancouver and Burnaby, Guide to Acknowledging First Peoples & Traditional Territory, Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Calls to Justice of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, British Columbia First Nations A-Z Listing, Pronunciation Guide to First Nations in British Columbia. "The Voices of Power and the Power of Voices: Teaching with Native American Literature", Taylor (5th grader) questions what she was taught, A reader writes about THE BERENSTAIN BEARS GIVE THANKS, Debbie's essay on the power of basal readers, A Teacher Reconsiders Virginia Grossman's TEN LITTLE RABBITS, On LITTLE HOUSE: "Oh, mom, you would hate it...", Eighth Graders Analyze SIGN OF THE BEAVER, Some Thoughts on Teaching about Native Americans, by John A. 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This post on Land Acknowledgements is long over-due. And follow her on Twitter. I really appreciate both having it pointed out how the good intentions are lacking and the concrete suggestions you've made for how to help breathe life into it and make it more meaningful. 18) Most of you have a lifetime of unlearning to do. You're not in church! Land Acknowledgement. Thanks again. 5) If you do one because you think you should, but that's as far as you go with it in your own thinking or what you impart to others, you're just doing it as a box-checked sort of thing that is no good. This is so incredibly helpful! Tell them how they can support that nation's work. Whether spoken at municipal functions, art exhibits or non-profit organizations, it has become an increasingly popular way to open events. 10) Find out what the nation(s) you are naming in your acknowledgement are doing, today. Land Acknowledgement. by Debbie Reese, A Native Blogger in Pursuit of Educating about American Indians, by Debbie Reese, "Critical Indigenous Literacies: Selecting and Using Children's Books about Indigenous Peoples" by Debbie Reese, Albert Marrin's "Sitting Bull and His World" - Review by Doris Seale and Beverly Slapin, Cynthia Leitich Smith (Interview at, Doris Seale's review essay of Elizabeth George Speare's "The Sign of the Beaver". But you know that people want their kids to read! 16) And when you speak those words... don't do it in a somber tone. ", To start or add to your collection, visit the. How, you might wonder, can you 'get it right' (or close to right)? Territorial Acknowledgement. Land acknowledgements aren’t just scripted words you recite, but one common convention is to use the words “traditional, ancestral and unceded territory” when referring to the land. They can flail about as they've done for hundreds of years, or they can take a look at the, 22) Do you listen to podcasts as you drive, walk, or exercise?

We do land acknowledgements to show our respect for the land, a tradition that dates back centuries for Indigenous people. Give your audience a task. Thanks so much. Land acknowledgements have been adopted as a common practice in civic and community spaces across Canada–a small but important step towards reconciliation. In your Land Acknowledgement, recommend a book by a Native writer! Review Essay of Anne Rinaldi's My Heart is on the Ground: The diary of Nannie Little Rose, a Sioux Girl, by Atleo et al.

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