is this somehow balances the placement in his fall? German Shepherds rock. They are generally born into a large family, and all those in the family circle are also interested in the large families themselves. I like looking at Orion (or actually Rigel which is in that constellation) & Sirius together as they have a relationship for the Egyptians. Still have questions? Just got an excellent Audio Zap from Mystic and Sirius is in my Tenth House where my Sun + Mercury sit! The bright component of the binary is a blue-white star 23 times as luminous as the Sun, about twice the size, and considerably hotter; its companion was the first white dwarf star discovered.

My mercury/uranus/neptune conjunction on the IC are exactly opposite to the Sirius/MC.

My Mc is at 14’24” Cancer….having Mercury 17 Saturn 23 and the Sun 28 in Cancer holding hands. Our Davidson Saturn is in the 7th house too and both of us have mars in each other’s eighth house. He probably had some kind of major Sirius action in his chart. Great emotional ties are developed so that whatever happens to one affects them all, and all respond with exaggerated emotions.

All these degrees are important personal points for you, and if any of these falls within 2-3 degrees, the most, from a Fixed Star, your fate will be strongly influenced by this star. Interestingly I’ve been considering getting a dog to add to the fur sector of my household, and wolves have always been favoured canines for me. This causes a restriction in the digestive juices in the stomach that leads to bloating. Moon 18° capricorn…4th House (Full BLOOD moon* Total eclipse)

Nice! Does it have big influence on our personality? Just being a bit bratty I guess but I do not need tittles nor miss them but I feel a certain way and others get that vibe of me also…..Anyone else?

I recognize the look people have at you. The Mayans regard the Pleiadian system as home and stay in regular contact . Sirius, Alpha Canis Majoris [], Ascendant conjunct Sirius: Military honors [1], Michael Jordan 0°28′, Albert Einstein 0°46′, Josef Mengele 0°58′, Robert De Niro 2°07′, Steven Spielberg 2°33′, Ascendant conjunct Mars conjunct Sirius: On the Ascendant and with Mars combined, Sirius can be quite dangerous, pushing ahead with too much ambition is then seen, resulting in dangers by injuries or attempts on the native’s life. . Of course, these people have their Sun conjunct Sirius. [2], Midheaven conjunct Sirius: High office under Government giving great profit and reputation.

They take care of their children but they do not display warmth in their relationship. I love dobies, had two growing up. My sun and midheaven in conjunction with sirius.

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