Your browser either does not have JavaScript enabled or does not appear to support enough features of JavaScript to be used well on this site. They are located under the timer display. According to your specific model, you may have the “Bread proving” setting. We recommend using this in combination with the grill only setting to brown your dishes extra fast. This will avoid rapid browning of foods and can be used for slow cooking. Smeg Oven Troubleshooting. Dolce Sil Novo oven that has control knobs and an LCD screen- 1. For instance, proper usage along with regular oven valeting will ensure that your appliance will last you a few extra years after your warranty expires. Tray rack (on some models only) The tray rack has to be inserted into the tray. Just set the desired temperature, turn the knob, and your oven will preheat in no time. This feature indicates that your oven has a dedicated system that maintains safe surface temperatures even when you use the appliance for prolonged periods of time. For example , the symbol for convection cooking indicates that the top and bottom element will operate; the fan assisted symbol indicates that the top and bottom element is operating along with the fan; the fan-forced symbol  indicates that the rear element and fan is operating. How do I select a cooking function on my oven? Through line and small arcs at the ends with full arc of dashes above and a full arc line on top. All rights reserved. Select the required cooking function. 5. The damp stone must not be used for a least 8 hours after the end of the cleaning procedures. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a30cc38d907d2649b521f7c973f6c0ef" );document.getElementById("b41b40e369").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Fresh touch symbol: If you see this on your oven, then your SMEG model uses the so-called “cool door” technology. On some models it’s even indicated on the screen whenever the lock is on and it looks something like this “BLOCK” or “BL”. How Do I Turn My Oven On And Select A Cooking Function? Registered Number: 07372621 VAT Number: 843730723. Press in the left knob (temperature knob) and turn the knob to set the temperature. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. In this way fat can be collected separately from the food which is being cooked. Turn the same knob (right knob) to select a function and press in the knob to confirm. 0. +44 (0)844 557 9907 020 3124 1872 Lines closed - email us 3. . With just the bottom heater enabled, you can cook every stew recipe under the sun, as well as pastry dishes and pizza since you don’t run the risk of scorching the top crust anytime soon. Reduced height 90cm. Since the upper heating element is always hotter than the bottom one, this mode is just what you need to roast meats, bake fruit cakes, or try your grandmother’s homemade bread recipe. Touch the display screen and Select the cooking functions icon on the “home screen”.2. This means that the outer space of your oven’s door will not exceed 50°C at all times. Set up this way, the grill will only emanate heat from its centre, making this function suitable for cooking smaller food portions. We want to roast a chicken. They allow you to easily glance at your hot dish without having to grab a pair of heavy duty oven mitts and removing the entire utensil. The Smeg SF478N Single Oven comes in a sleek black colour. The only one I’m now stuck on is a Fan symbol with a bottom element beneath and then 3 water drops below that. Perfect for the swift browning of dishes, as with the full grill, smaller items should be higher, while large dishes should be placed lower down. A E with a circle has appeared on my smeg oven do you know what it means and how do you turn it off. It is also suitable for cooking small to medium meat portions, as well as for browning off the top of lasagne and other irresistible delicacies. The SF478N has an efficient A energy rating. This is not a fault. 3.4 Using the oven Switching on the oven To switch on the oven: 1. Your email address will not be published. If you are a fan of food that features a crispy topping, you need to try this setting ASAP out. 3. 4. My smeg se210x oven won't turn on. I have a SMEG TR4110BL1 Oven and I’m doing some detective work trying to understand what some of the more obscure oven symbols refer to (they are omitted in the instruction manual). For example, if you're cooking a quiche, where you want a crispy base, then the bakers function,  with base element direct heat for the base and fan circulating hot air to gently cook the top, is the one to choose. In fact, you may have already learned this first-hand right after a fresh kitchen installation or total refurbishment since oven manufacturers have the infuriating habit of explaining each function in strings of cryptic letters and symbols within their written instructions. A single fan symbol with an upper and lower arc. is displayed on the display as the oven won’t work if the clock is not set. Smeg Electric Oven Operating and Installation Instructions Manual (SAP112-8) Pdf. Check whether it has been set in “child lock” mode. After the automatic “pyrolysis” cleaning cycle (only on some models) it is not possible to select a function. Book 25 + professional services from GoFantastic app in less than 30 seconds. The SF478N main cavity capacity is 72 litres, which means plenty of space to cook for larger families. 3. Two minutes after the last setting the lock will become active again. This system is recommended for sterilising or for finishing off the cooking of foods which are already well-cooked on the surface, but not inside, which therefore need a little more heat. Like the Pyrolitic setting, only less intense. Using upper & bottom function; 375. If you've ever wondered what the symbols on your SMEG oven mean, take a look at our SMEG Oven Symbols Guide and learn more about your oven. Fan symbol with an arc of dashes at the top. Pros and Cons, I have a sign saying “block” on siege built in cooker what does it mean. 3.. To change the temperature press the screen where the temperature is displayed and then use + and – to adjust the temperature. 6. Utilising only the upper element, this function helps with the browning of dishes such as those topped with cheese or potatoes. Press in the right knob (function knob) to turn on the display. In the manual the icon is named Fan + lower element. Your guide to find the model and serial number on large appliances. For example , the symbol for convection cooking indicates that the top and bottom element will operate; the fan assisted symbol indicates that the top and bottom element is operating along with the fan; the fan-forced symbol indicates that the rear element and fan is operating. The Magna Building, Wyndyke Furlong, Abingdon. This also means that the sides of adjacent furniture will not sustain any heat damage from the oven. You can also manually adjust the cooking time. 60cm. Many thanks will look into child function. Cucina oven that has a digital display & knob controls-, 1.Turn and rotate the oven function knob (right knob) to select an oven function. I have had a SMEG pyrolytic double oven for three months and find the controls for the main oven very confusing. Knowing why your oven behaves the way it does goes beyond the obvious benefit of serving a meal as opposed to a piece of coal. Fan symbol with half an arc of dashes at the top. Allows the rotisserie function to be used for rapid food cooking. This means that the outer space of your oven’s door will not exceed 50°C at all times. To change the temperature press the screen where the temperature is displayed and then use. The steam method is great for loosening deposits found in hard-to-reach areas in your appliance. and towards the oven back. The SF478N main cavity capacity is 72 litres, which means plenty of space to cook for larger families. The door locking device has not properlyattached to the door. Here is how it works – the heat, generated by both heaters, will be “caught” and evenly distributed by the circular element to ensure that your dishes are well cooked, regardless of how big they are or what utensil is used. Works the same as the normal circulaire function but some models will have a more energy efficient function. If the problem has not been resolved or in the case of other types of fault, contact your local technical support centre. All Rights Reserved. Check whether it has been set in “showroom” mode. If you want to have full control over every cooking process, feel free to try this setting out. This allows you to easily grill a variety of meats and other foods. Smeg self cleaning ovens. 6. Functions similarly to the normal fan assisted grill, but this half grill setting suits smaller food items. However, according to the SMEG cooker instructions, running both the gas burners and the rotisserie is completely possible. Hi , My SMEG OVEN has a small “S’ symbol on the side and i cannot get it off and my oven wont start cooking , can you tell me how to get it off ?? Here is what is says, directly from the Smeg pdf document How to Paint IKEA Furniture – DIY Painting Tips and Know-how, What is Flat Pack Furniture? Do leave a comment below if you feel you need more answers! A fan inside a circle with the word “Eco” above.

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