The AeroVee engine kit also includes the AeroConversions AeroInjector. A constant thread throughout my articles is the human factor in homebuilding. In this article I’m addressing the survivors. As we have done with the 3300 Jabiru-powered Sonex Aircraft Family, we have increased the gross weight by 50 lbs using the AeroVee Turbo being much more comfortable with the power-to-weight Ratio…especially at higher-altitudes and/or on high density altitude days. Some survive, others don’t. Surely an argument can be made that a certified engine is more reliable than a non-certified engine; they’re branded “certified” by the government and that must stand for something In simplified terms “certified” means the engine meets the FAA’s criteria (see 14 CFR, Part 33) for parts and systems reliability, performance, endurance, and the necessary support documentation for installation, maintenance and repair of the engine has been developed. The tightest fit is in the Onex Tri-Gear, and a unique version of the exhaust is used for this application. In time you’ll get to know what is normal for your engine.

Both of these airframes have the same engine, yet they have different cowl openings. Order Now! From a weight and balance perspective, the impact is minimized due to most of the weight being added very close to the firewall, so there is very little moment arm on it and thus does not impact the baggage or fuel capacity or pilot/passenger weights. Designed with simplicity in-mind, the AeroVee Turbo is intended for use with fixed pitch, or ground-adjustable propellers, keeping the package Sport Pilot Eligible by not requiring a constant-speed propeller, and with sea level cruise just under the Sport Pilot maximum speed at 135mph TAS. Majority of the components are machined in Southern Queensland in a network of small companies. Los motores son de accionamiento directo y están equipados con alternadores, silenciadores, bombas de vacío y sistemas de doble encendido. RAMAIR ducts are available for tractor or pusher configurations. Typical firewall-forward kit components include the cowling, engine mount, battery box, air filter, cabin & carburetor heat, propeller, and spinner. AeroVee Fence Baffle Laser-Cut Baffle Kit, See More Great Products and Accessories at, Sonex/Jabiru Cooling Baffle Kit and Installation Guide, Jabiru Universal Baffle Kit & Sonex/Jabiru Installation Guide, Rotax Engine Mounts for Legacy Sonex Aircraft. Con rods are machined from 4130 alloy steel, the 45mm big end bearings are of the automotive slipper type.An integral alternator using rare earth magnets, provides alternating current for battery charging and electrical accessory drive. Thrust bearings are located for and aft of the front double bearing allowing either tractor or pusher installation.Pistons are Jabiru designed. Any customer choosing to use an unsupported engine installations are true "experimenters". See our propeller order form for the two recommended propellers...a "climb prop" that optimizes climb performance and a “cruise prop” that optimizes fuel economy cruise and top-end speed.

I recall my flight instructor doing this with his Cessna 150 after the engine had been rebuilt.

Trust and follow the engine manufacturer’s break-in instructions. 48mm main bearings are also of the automotive slipper type. Sonex staff have been involved in the aircraft and engine business for over 40 years and we are constantly watching the engine market for emerging products. The Dawn Patrol helps build an S.E.5a for a movie. Yes.

A certified engine on a certified aircraft fell victim to a certified mechanic who failed to tighten a hose clamp on an intake manifold. The engine is fitted with a 1.2 kw starter motor. With the success of the first four-cylinder 65-hp engine, it became an obvious choice for other aircraft manufacturers and kitplane builders to fill the need for a reliable alternative to automotive conversions and 2-stroke engines.

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