Good luck and God Bless.

If it seems like this is just the sort of tool a terrorist might use to plot an attack, Wellerstein has an answer.

The best way to survive a nuclear attack is to avoid one in the first place.

This map represents targets for an all-out attack on the US's fixed nuclear infrastructure, weapons, and command-and-control centers, but even a massive strike like this wouldn't guarantee anything. (There have been server issues with the site, but you can also access it here).

That is to say - enough nuclear armaments to eliminate from fallout all human life on earth (four or five times over) if …

This is the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s proposed 20-mile radius (40 miles diameter) Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) – an area where states may elect to distribute just a few tablets of potassium iodide to residents in case of exposure to radioactive iodine. Of course the old Canadian Forces Base Downsview and Hamilton's International Airport would also be removed. natural nuclear shelters in the US that are absolutely free. Note to readers: please click the share buttons above Note: 7 years after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, we bring to the attention of our readers this piece originally published in October 2013. The process of annexing Canada began in 2059, as the Anchorage Front Line was established in Alaska to protect its natural resources, especially the crude oil fields, from the People's Republic of China. Learn not to burn.

The warmongers are determined to actually start WWIII. The wind effect is not factored in. Most of the major hospitals will be destroyed. You'll be on your own to deal with massive traumas and serious burns. Everybody laughed.

Everything within is a burn victim potential. A bomb as small as the "Little Boy" weapon used on Hiroshima would cause nearly 400,000 casualties if dropped near the CN tower in Toronto, according to the program. The website allows you to select the size of the bomb, from the 15-kiloton weapon dropped on Hiroshima to the 50-megaton behemoth Tsar Bomba tested by the Russians in 1961. When you consider the population densities millions of deaths and serious injuries would ensue.

Below you can see a visualization of what a two kiloton blast (1/10 the size of the Nagasaki bomb) would do to downtown Toronto. This map provides you with the location and type of nuclear facility.

Hydro-Québec Gentilly-2 Bécancour, QCCNSC information on Bécancour nuclear generating station Hydro-Québec (external link)Hydro-Québec – Gentilly-2 (external link), NB Power Point Lepreau Lepreau, NB Nuclear Power Plants in CanadaNB Power – Point Lepreau refurbishment (external link), OPG Bruce A & B Tiverton, ON Nuclear Power Plants in CanadaBruce Power (external link), OPG Darlington Bowmanville, ONNuclear Power Plants in CanadaOPG – Darlington nuclear (external link)OPG – Darlington new build (external link), OPG Pickering A & B Pickering, ON Nuclear Power Plants in CanadaOPG – Pickering nuclear (external link), the list of addresses found below the map, CNSC information on Bécancour nuclear generating station. The fringes of the large circle would be first degree burns.

DAY AFTER DISASTER HISTORY CHANNEL NUKES WASHINGTON, Categories: New World Order, Economy, Environment, Conspiracy, alternative news, history, intelligence agencies, Nukemap3D Shows What Nuclear Bombs Would Do To Canada's Cities. About midway would be 50% fatal. The face will be slapped; the glove is dropped; the weapons will be thermo nuclear. | Nukemap3D, Posted: 07/23/2013 1:55 pm EDT Updated: 09/22/2013 5:12 am EDT. This is a more realistic scenario for Southern Ontario. By clicking on the facility icon, information about the facility will appear. If you've ever stayed up late in bed worrying what a nuclear bomb would do to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or Ottawa, now you can find out.

Don’t live or near in a major city.

The effects would be catastrophic.

The reason terrorists don't currently have nuclear weapons (so far as we know) has nothing to do with them not being aware that nuclear weapons are impressive and devastating.". It’s a bit older (2002), but it still provides relevant visual nuclear threat data.

Though dated, the Russian arsenal has large yield weapons.

In the Toronto area where I am most often that would include Pearson International Airport.

Log in. Understand false flags, propaganda and our leaders longing for war.

If it touches the ground, the amount of radioactive fallout is significantly increased. Wellerstein explains his motivation for creating the website on his blog. Outside of the largest circle in the burn free area. What’s The Best Way To Survive A Nuclear Attack?

I would say that would be the bare minimum the Russians would attack in the area.

It must be understood that any open conflict with Russia could and most likely would accelerate to a full blown nuclear war. I should hope you hold your politician's ass to the flame before yours disappears due to this MADNESS!

Truly, you’ll likely an entire pack of potassium iodide tablets, or more. Third degree burns extend throughout the layers of skin, and are often painless because they destroy the pain nerves. They can cause severe scarring or disablement, and can require amputation. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use Google Maps.

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