The cons: He's unemployed and not looking for work. This point is counterbalanced against Con #1 where there’s quite a dance between what is negotiable and what is non-negotiable. No matter what decision you’re making in life, if it is one that’ll affect the way you do things or if it’s a decision that’s important then you must always weigh out the pros and cons before making any moves. Would rather hang out with friends than me. While making a huge decision like this, you must do your recon beforehand. It’s not just Girlfriend magazine that has tackled this question before. And what happens when you’re in a relationship with one of these guys? A lot of us have the view that “I’ll know it when I see it”. Doesn't even touch me … So, don’t give up, if it didn’t work out with just this one. Having a boyfriend can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you, but for some, also the worst. Okay, fine, I’ll admit, when you’re single and you see other couples around you be it celebrities, or influencers, your parents, you family, and even your friends there’s a reason why we act as if we’re annoyed or nauseous and just want to get out of there. The question remains, do you want a boyfriend or not? None of them make this decision any easier. A boyfriend will always be there for you, support you, and wish you the best. "Is this what I want going forward? They might not be able to see what you see in him, and you might not be able to see what they do. A big one in the Christian community is “I want to marry a pastor”, and yet their lifestyle does not reflect this in anyway. Click here to read more about the greatest romantic gestures of all time in film. icytales Consider this a red flag in most cases. The reverse is also true, where someone’s charm or beauty or friendliness was a distraction from how fundamentally different they were. But if you believe he is different than what they say. Will you? 1. We were in a shared bus on the way to a leadership training day we were running as school prefects, and we saw her magazine just sitting outside of her bag. It’s also possible that he found someone else. Sometimes they’ve been repulsed by the potential interest of a man or a woman in themselves, but after revisiting what they’re looking for, they saw that there was something really worthwhile in giving it a shot. I love hearing sometimes the things that people list as what they want in their ideal partner regarding what they want to do with their life. "It was a lot of, What type of lifestyle do I want? Similarly with friends – the search for love is often made all the more lonely because people have no one in their life who they talk to, no close friends, don’t talk to their family, and no one who really knows what’s going on.

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